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    ArkRP Rules

    These rules are subject to change, please keep yourself up to date on any changes!

    This section of the website will cover the rules for our community both ingame and out. Please make sure to familiarise yourself with the rules and read them carefully before applying for the whitelist. If you are unsure about any part please feel free to contact a staff member - we are here to help! Also note that the lore page contains rules pertaining to the lore so be sure to check those as well! The whitelist will question your knowledge of these rules and the lore rules. Failure to adhere to them once accepting will result in warning points, bans, and eventually permanent removal. You have been warned.

    PSA Specific Rules

    These rules are special rules, added in and changed frequently to respond to modded items and constant changes that as of their posting BREAK server rules. Please pay extra attention to these rules.
    • High level tames - Added: 4/12/2017
    • Armor/Weapon values - Updated: 11/17/2018
      • You may not use any weapon with damage above 200%.
      • You may not use any armor with armor value above 300.
      • You may not use any saddle with armor value above 75.
      • If you get gear that surpasses the above values it is to be destroyed not kept in anyway.
      • Titans cannot be summoned
      • Meks are not to be crafted

    Community Rules

    This section of the rules will cover the community rules. These rules affect both ingame and out of game on our website, teamspeak, discord, game servers, twitter and more.

    These rules exist to help keep the community a friendly and welcoming place for players of any origin. They are integral to keeping the server running and will be strictly enforced.

    Be Mature and Respectful

    • Act maturely when talking to others. No flaming, raging, hate, abusive language racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, or any other insult / harassment that is meant to bring another person down.
    • IC (In Character) means to be in character, you are not to take IC interactions OOC (Out of Character).

    No Cheating/Glitching/Griefing or Abusing game mechanics

    • Do not abuse loopholes in the rules.
    • Do not use exploits to level up

    Be Respectful Of Staff

    • Remember communication is key, we do not always know what is wrong unless you tell us.
    • Do not impersonate staff.
    • Do not spread rumors or misinformation.
    • Respect staff decisions.
    • You are expected be honest when addressing a staff member, or participating in anything.


    • Do not advertise, solicit or recruit for any rp (roleplay) communities that fall outside of the Roleplay Evolved network on any medium (TS, discord, forums, etc.)

    Forum Accounts

    • Usernames must not be offensive or explicit. This also applies to teamspeak, discord and elsewhere.
    • Your avatar and signature must NOT be animated (unless you have the donor perk to allow gif avatars).
    • Profile content must not be offensive. This includes signature, character page, description and more.
    • Players are allowed only one forum account. Anyone found with multiple accounts will be questioned and alternate accounts banned.

    Tribe threads

    • Tribes with more than 5 people in must make a tribe forum thread. This must include links to all the members forum accounts.
    • The thread must also be linked in your TeamSpeak channel description.
    • You MUST keep this up to date by following the tribe forum rules.

    General PvP Rules

    This section of the rules will cover all rules relating to player vs player combat and roleplay. It does not cover specific instances like wars, base attack or such - they can be found in their own sections..

    Please remember that when participating in PVP on our server the focus should always be on roleplay first.

    Initiating PVP Actions

    • In order to initiate PVP actions on another player or players you must do the following:
      • You must state a clear demand that is reasonable for them to meet and would not be overly detrimental to their gameplay experience.
      • You must allow them a minimum of 10 seconds to comply or not.
      • Your demand must be done in person face to face, demands via radios, signs or any other medium are not permitted.
      • If a player or a group of players chooses to not comply to your demand, or you are initiated on, you gain attack rights for 2 hours.
      • If a player or group are not present for the original initiation you must re-initiate to take part in the PvP.
    • Initiating as a GROUP:
      • For an initiation to count as a group initiation all involved must be able to hear or respond to the original initiation.
      • Overwatch is allowed, however for overwatch to be utilized the victim or aggressor must radio the individual on overwatch before any attack rights can be assumed.

    Active PVP Situations

    • During any PvP situation, roleplay must be provided by both sides, that drives roleplay beyond that specific situation.
    • If a player is forcefully subdued (knocked out, disarmed etc) or voluntarily surrenders you are not allowed to attack them. However you may take them hostage.
    • Logging out (Combat logging) during roleplay or PvP is not allowed. Please note disconnections do not count as combat logging.
    • Sleeping(offline) players cannot be stolen from, killed, injured or moved unless for their own safety. Additionally nothing can be removed from a player’s inventory, or taken as IC information without clear confirmation that it is okay from the sleeping player.

    Hostages & Kidnapping

    • Once a player is subdued or surrenders then the victor(s) may take them hostage for up to 3 hour(s).
    • Players who are prisoner/hostage must be interacted with the entire time and must not be neglected.
    • Whilst you have a player hostage/prisoner any tribe mates or allies of that player have rights to attack you or your tribe. Once the player is set free and no longer under your care these attack rights end.

    Using Creatures In PVP

    • Creatures which attack you directly in a PvP situation may be attacked or killed until the active situation is over.
    • Creatures whose riders attack you (included mounted turrets) may be attacked or killed until the active situation is over.
    • Picking up other players with flyers in any PvP situation is forbidden.

    Roleplay Rules

    This section of the rules covers the various rules surrounding good and bad roleplay on the server. Roleplay rules are arguably the most important rules of them all so read carefully!

    Roleplay First

    • If consent of ALL parties involved is explicitly obtained you may circumnavigate certain in-game rules in order for roleplay to make sense.
    • The following are rules you MAY overrule as part of roleplay first:
      • The rules in the “General PvP Rules” Section
      • The rules in the “Base Attacks & War Rules” Sections

    Secondary Characters

    • Any secondary character must be applied for using the application format detailed below and submitted through the ticket system.
      • ArkRp Forum Name:
      • What will be your second characters name?
      • What is your current characters name?:
      • Are your second and first character related at all?:
      • Do you understand that your two characters cannot be in the same tribe, share resources, information or anything else?:
      • What is your reason for wanting to play another character?:
      • Do you plan on playing more on your second character, or on your first? (Specify rough time wanting to spend on each character):
      • Can you attest that this is a brand-new character not related to your previous?:
      • Will your two characters have any reason to know about each other?:

    GoodRP & BadRP

    • Good RP:
      • Stay in character at all times.
      • Value your character’s life.
    • Bad RP:
      • Metagaming:
      • Metagaming is strictly forbidden, Metagaming is the act of using information in roleplay and ingame that your character would not have access to.
      • Powergaming:
      • Powergaming is strictly forbidden, and comes in two main forms: The first is via forcing an action or state on another player. The second is by acting out impossible actions for your character
      • Ignoring Roleplay:
      • This does not include OOC emergencies.

    OOC & IC Communication

    • If a player accidentally speaks on the radio it is to be taken as if the character had pressed the radio button by accident and taken IC by those who see/hear it.
    • Players should only speak OOC ingame in situations when it is the only option. This includes explaining glitches, emergency logouts, gameplay problems and such. If you can say something IC instead of OOC do so. OOC talk should be text only and marked with a // in front of it.

    New Life Rule

    • Once your character dies in game during a PVP or RP situation you may either start a new character (see permadeath rules) or respawn. When you respawn you roleplay that you have been injured and not killed. This results in the following rules taking effect:
      • You are not allowed to instigate or be the aggressor in any PVP situation for 3 hours from your respawn.
      • After respawning you may return to the location of your death, but only after any active fighting is over. You may not touch any bodies or players and are only there to roleplay your injury.
    • Players are expected to take a realistic approach to injury role play. When dying in RP players are expected to role play near-fatal, if not fatal injuries. Players must keep track of how many injuries their characters have gotten that would lead to permanent death.

    Perma Death

    • After your character is perma’d, no sharing items, dinos, buildings, information or anything else, that was owned or obtained by this character.

    Forbidden RP

    • Due to the age limit of 16+ on the server there are some restrictions on what can and can't be RP'd. These are hard limits and there is no room for negotiation.
    • Erotic roleplay is not allowed. This includes explicit references to sex or sexual acts, descriptions of sexual acts, sexual nudity, and other sexual-oriented forms of roleplay.
    • Torture is allowed with the express OOC permission of all parties involved, however, detailed descriptions of these acts are not allowed.
    • A good rule to use when asking yourself if something is explicit is: “If someone underage overheard your RP, would it be inappropriate?”. You may also like to follow the ESRB ratings located HERE. Anything up to and including teen is fine for our server, anything MA or above is not.

    War Rules

    This section of the rules will cover the rules regarding wars betweens tribes and or factions. These rules take effect anytime you declare/participate in a war.

    These rules exist to provide a fair and fun playing field for all players and ensure that any wars are done to the satisfaction of both sides and don't ruin any enjoyment.

    Declaring a War

    • To declare a war you must initiate with a demand.
    • For the war to start the demand must be refused.
    • Roleplay pauses if the demand is refused and both parties discuss an appropriate duration for the war. Once a time limit is decided a private messages must be sent between both party leaders. These messages must include the agreed upon time limit and any allies participating.

    Active Wars

    • When a war is ongoing all participating parties gain attack on sight rights for the duration of the war.
    • If you wish to add an ally, you must communicate this to the opposing party leader through private message.
    • Sieges: During an active war you may initiate a siege. This must be done through private message and can be initiated by ANY participating party. Rules surrounding sieges may also be customized, these customized rules must also be included in your initiation private message and must be agreed upon by both parties. Following the initiation, a siege will officially start 72 hours after the siege rules have been decided and agreed upon.

    Ending a War

    • Win Clause: The war ends instantly if the attacking party fulfils their demands
    • Surrender Clause: At any time during the war, the defending party may surrender. This means accepting the original war demands. At this time the war ends instantly. A private message must be sent to the opposing party leader detailing your surrender.
    • End Clause: The war reaches the end of the agreed upon time.

    Creature Rules

    This section of the rules will cover the rules regarding dinosaur limitations as well as rafts and saddles. These rules effect the way you play ingame a lot so be sure to read carefully!

    These rules exist to help keep the server running smooth whilst also allowing the players freedom to create wonderful creatures.

    Creature Amount Limits

    • Each tribe may have the following total dinos depending on their total member count:
    • Solo: 15 dinos
    • 2 players: 30 dinos
    • 3 players: 45 dinos
    • 4 players: 55 dinos
    • 5+ players: 60 dinos
    • Creatures you unclaim still count towards your limits until they are dead or claimed by another.

    Apex Creatures

    Apex creatures cannot be used in PvP. These are: Bronto, Wyverns; Griffins; Giga; Basilisk; Reapers; Quetz; Dragons ,Royasaurus

    Limited: limited creatures count towards the apex ruling, but the only difference is that you are able to initiate a pvp situation on them, unlike the apex creatures.

    • Limited creatures are:Moza; Rockdrakes; Velo; Gacha; Mana; Gasbag; Squid

    Both Apex and limited creatures share a 10 creature limit

    Responsibility for personal creatures

    • Tamed creatures with the ability to fly are not allowed to be left on aggressive.
    • If a player is attacked by an aggressive creature they have every right to kill it or attack it.
    • Players are responsible for all actions their tamed creatures take part in.
    • Creatures which are currently being tamed are not allowed to be touched, injured, or stolen.

    Rafts and Saddle Platforms

    • Each solo player or tribe may have a maximum of 6 rafts or saddle platforms. It is your choice how to split this between rafts or saddles.
    • Buildings on rafts or saddle platforms should be treated the same as any other structure when it comes to combat or RP.
    • Rafts which are abandoned and do not have bases on them may be destroyed.

    Building Rules

    This section of the rules is designed to help and maintain the server's stability whilst letting our players create amazing structures.

    Base Limitations

    • Bases should not be huge. If bases exceed reasonable boundaries based on purpose and tribe size, you may be approached by a member of the staff team about downsizing it.
    • Solo players are allowed 1 outpost in addition to their main base Tribes of 3 players or more are allowed 2 outposts in addition to their main base.This outpost must be smaller than your main base and should be actively used.
    • When claiming land for a base or outpost you must build a structure with at least 4 connected foundations, walls and roofs.
    • Base(s) built on rafts or saddle platforms automatically count as an outpost. (count toward base limits, as either main base or outpost).

    Demolish Allowed Bases

    • Bases which are demolish allowed can be removed by any player.

    Disallowed Locations

    You may not build bases or outposts in or on the following locations

    • Any building that blocks entrance to caves which contain rare resources or supply drops is not allowed. Doors which are left unlocked are allowed.
    • Any building which blocks a large amounts of rare resource or creature spawns.
    • Any bases blocking obelisk terminals or artifact beacons.

    Turret Rules

    • Turrets located inside of structures (without line of sight outside) may be at any settings you wish.
    • Turrets located outside or with a line of sight outside may be set to following options:
      • If set to target wild creatures only they may be set to a maximum of medium range and any timer you wish.
      • If set to target players and/or tamed creatures they may be set to highest possible timer ONLY and lowest range ONLY.

    Base Attacks

    This section of the rules will cover any rules that are specifically revolving around base attacks. Please be mindful of these rules before you preform any sort of attack on a base or structure.

    How To Attack A Base

    • In order to attack a base you must initiate upon it with a demand. Once you received a response, you may act according to the PvP rules.
    • You may only make a maximum of 3 consecutive demands. After these has been fulfilled you must leave the base you are attacking.
    • If multiple groups are attacking a base they must initiate and act as one large group, not multiple smaller ones.

    Rules During Active Base Attacks

    • You may only harm creatures or turrets which are a direct threat to you (ie. Currently attacking you).
    • You should only do as much damage as needed to enter and exit the building & any rooms inside.
    • Any reinforcements for either side MUST initiate with a demand to take any part in any base attack.
    • Assisting in a base attack in any form gives attack rights on you.

    Open Containers and Bases

    • Containers left in the open both inside and outside of bases may be stolen from without following the base attack rules if left unlocked. However if the owner catches you in the act of stealing from a container they gain 2 hours of attack rights on you.

    Attack Limits

    • Each player or tribe may attack each tribe/solo player once every 24 hours (any pvp). If the victim complies, the time increases to 48 hours.
    • If the player decides to retaliate in any way (Combat, trash talking, harassment) this timer is void.

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