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  1. Pretty things! Would be awesome to have able to "plant" pretty trees and flowers and mushrooms and.... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=702828089
  2. Gina

    Baby Dino Pictures

    My first Carno baby!
  3. A view from my home.
  4. This is true, and we do have dragon as a boss. If they were to be in game as a tameable creatures like others I would imagine that devs would've added them as such. I know there is now these mods to add them, but it is just my opinion that they do not make any sense. So just an argument and personal opinion, without attacking against anyone.
  5. Dragons for me just doesn't make sense. They are fictional creatures. Of course one can argue that living with dinosaurs is also not so realistic, but at least they did exist at some point
  6. That moment when you see someones wolf being attacked by raptor and you decide to save the poor bloody bastard with your bird... See a nametag on that wolf and that his owners are living near by... fly over there with the wolf to see if anyone is home... there is f**k tons of animals inside and the noise is horrible and before you even realize your bird is being shot by turrets and you get stuck into some of their animals and you and your 229 lvl perfect bird dies. Was last time I will be "playing" a good samaritan :'(
  7. Which one do you prefer?
  8. I agree that taming times could be faster, as AdioLux said its not so much about the difficulty but time sink.
  9. Thank you Frontier for helping to take down this beast with us! <3
  10. It is sad that some people feel the need to destroy other's enjoyment in any possible way, always, no matter what game it is. I have moved so many times in this server already because of similar things. I find almost perfect place to build my little house, under the tree or around it, what ever suits the place, only to find all the trees around my house and inside the walls destroyed couple of days later. It is just, sad.
  11. I was the person with Ptera who spotted you whacking a Stego right in front of our main building. I asked you "Who you are and what you are doing here?", you kept whacking the Stego with your axe. I asked again "Who you are and what you are doing here, this is our Island". You then turned around facing me, can't tell what you were saying or if you said anything, you then turned around again and ran away. I am sorry if I made you sour, but my reaction towards the stranger who I just spotted in our island killing a dino right in front of our main building was justified I think.
  12. Early morning view from my new home.
  13. I agree that before it was like Sunday walk in a park and killing everything with your pet, no matter what level it was or what was the level of your target, but now it's a bit too extreme. Also the main problem is that this new tweaking hits mostly on newer/low level players and definitely to players who wants to RP as a loners. It doesn't have that much effect on old tribes who already have tamed pretty much everything they need, but even their "old" pets will struggle in fights against the wild life. I like challenge and that's why I created a new survivor to start over without tribe's help, but when the challenge becomes almost impossible its not fun anymore. This new "challenge" mixed with random deaths because the ground ate you while sleeping and losing everything what you have managed to craft past few days... yeah it surely is a challenge. No need to even dream of taming anything though with current settings
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