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  1. To help deal with spamming of rolls, it is very possible to make failed rolls more common and increase the amount of resources wasted. Sure, it's still possible to just keep rolling, but it'd be far less automated than just "fill table, press button until you get something you like" it'd also increase upgrade cost per piece
  2. Hey all! My proposal is we limit the upgrade tables to apprentice level for upgrades (journeyman with lucky roll) to better balance the server. The tables themselves more or less already make jouneyman level equipment at mastercraft blueprint quality, and this will reduce the amount of 700% clubs and shotguns that cheese RPvP on the server, as well as reduce the amount of people running around in full sets of nearly impervious armor that never needs to be repaired. This should help keep everything balanced while still giving a definite quality advantage for those willing to farm. Thanks!
  3. Perhaps we should add the advanced rafts mod? It adds in several ship types that are prebuilt and act as one piece, so it should affect the ping MUCH less. It includes a cog and galleon type for the seafarers, a prebuilt Viking style longship for the north, a regular raft with reverse enabled, even a small fast dingy for trader runs. I think that might solve the balance of high ping vs. usable boats and good RP. I can offer up my server to test if you'd like!
  4. submitted an application today, looking forward to wandering this great world you have created
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