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  1. I'll save you! BACK TO YOUR PANDA-Y DEPTHS, FIEND! Is that better, Jynx?
  2. Ragnarok: http://i.imgur.com/Swf8yLi.jpg
  3. [align=Center] Okay I know this picture is a bit of a blizzard, but its all we got [/align]
  4. [align=center] We decided on 30 minute intervals, not 60.. so here is the next clue! Remember, we love you. <3 [/align]
  5. [align=center] Map reveal .. BEGINS NOW! Expect a new image every hour! [/align]
  6. Can - Can I have one instead..? Alistair? Please?
  7. [align=center]Sharing and Caring - Volume 3! Hello, lovelies! With the approach of the new Volume, we are booting up Sharing is Caring once again! So, to start it off, thought we’d update you on our current progress. We have had our final mod discussion and soon we will have our last overview of the mods before they go live. ((Shh - one little tidbit for you all.. We are going to using the Auction House Mod in place of our the current tables! .. and.. We miiight be mulling over the following choices for the map for next Volume.. The Center, Shigo Islands, Iso, Ragnarok, Mortem Tupiu, TheIsland..)) With the help of Tamaster, we have decided what our server’s spec will be for next volume and the purchase is now pending. Thank you everyone who donated - you have helped to make ARKRE better! Another thing on the go currently is working on our final release notes for Volume Three - Oooh, who’s excited? ((SHH! CREATORS OF THE OBELISK'S LORE CONFIRMED!)) Keep an eye out, as tomorrow we will be ‘releasing’ our map choices through.. A very fun way. That’s all for now, folks. Hopefully everyone is getting as excited as we are! Watch this thread, as more updates are coming, promise! Love, Pia and the awesome ARKRE Staff Team! [/align]
  8. No crazy man, only Pia. Amppphhhiii? MY dear sista?
  9. A few screenies from the event! Sorry for the quality of some. Pew Pew Boat vs Alpha Wyverns Alpha Wyverns vc Alpha Rexs in Tek Again Red team C4ing their Piggers Blue's Golems
  10. In for the steal! Amphi, my dear sister, is next!
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