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  1. I suggest that if you are concerned about a tribes dino limit, contact an admin and I am sure they will happily look into it
  2. Welcome and good luck on your whitelist
  3. Welcome to the community Isiras!
  4. Just going to add my two cents here too. I completely understand the point of view the OP has, the NVFL rule and Bad RP can be a tricky subject. But that is part of the reasoning for not being more specific of constricting with this rule, the other part being, freedom of RP. Some rules need to be like this and dealt with on a case by case basis. How much fear I would expect a person to show would depend on their background, and how long they have been on an island infested with monsters, I would think that would harden some people up over time unless they manage to live sheltered. But in saying that, RP wise I likely wouldn't know these things about a person but I am there for good RP. Encourage them to RP more, say or do things that warrant a reaction/response, make the RP as good as you expect from them, this can help in situations like this. OOC if I felt the RP was bad and from my own pov, they really did not care, I would either talk to them or open a report discussion to get their side of the story. I know it was mentioned earlier that the damage is already done by this point but that is just something that is going to happen in an RP community. I do believe there is a fine line between bravery/heroic and just having NVFL, but I find if you are a brave sort or just react to fear in such a way like being smart or rude, that if you put real effort into your RP in conveying this and still react realistically to things (like perhaps being hit when getting smart with captors, not brushing off the injuries received from a battle with a dino), there won't likely be too much of an issue because people will have enjoyed themselves on all sides. I cannot comment on how people are acting about injuries as I have not been in the game, I do hope people are being creative, that's what RPing is. If you are looking for an answer from admins, go speak to one and direct them to this thread, they dont always know something requires their attention or even go add the subject to the meeting thread and attend the meeting that is coming up.
  5. Welcome to the community, good luck with the dodos
  6. Good luck with the whitelist! Welcome to ARKrp, I think you will find there are plenty of good folks to chill and RP with
  7. Hey! Welcome to the community and also your story sounds like fun! Good luck out there
  8. Luna

    Ushie's sketch dumpster

    Ushie, your work is so beautiful, I love your style! I hope you get time to show us more, I think I speak for all when saying we want more! But seriously, amazing.
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