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  1. Nope im here to bust up the illegal cookie trade. Solus back me up
  2. WIll you share with me too?? Aliak will you share with me too?
  3. Potato father cannot come, so potato daughter came instead. AZRIA YOU COMING??
  4. Welcome to the server! I hope to see you around!
  5. oh dear god -lowers sunglasses dramatically- LORI SAVE ME
  6. Nope The Jynx has returned from her slumber I SUMMON THEE ARITHEASE
  7. No it is me. Your doom. Potato father Dad Daddykins Solus.
  8. UP-FUCKING-DATED A bit I edited and added and changed some things. She was not born on aeternia. I forgot barriers were a thing when I wrote it at 3 am. Notes of rp encounters is not updated too much to do, so little time
  9. AMPHI is too busy I am here instead POTATO DADDDYYYY SOLUS PLZ
  10. Nope the JYNX is alive <3 I wanna see arithease-senpai
  11. no he must respond to potato daughter you love me more right solus?
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