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  1. ^^^ I will upvote this to Hell and back, would be amazing! Link too, just in case http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1091147617
  2. Character name: Paige Evans Character Age: Legal on all islands General estimated activity this volume: More than is healthy Extra (IDK maybe you wanna say something and I would love to listen): She's a sweet little cinnamon bun who wants to meet people through her job, but she does want to know what the pay rate is. Also, I plan to try voice RP this season if I don't chicken out.
  3. Thanks you awesome Panda!
  4. I'm curious if, with the removal of S+, what the possibility is of removing collision for this coming Volume is. I think it would help a lot. Even with the Keep mod having no collision that still leaves A LOT of building materials that would be difficult to maneuver around and, in the case of vanilla structures, we'll have to be careful this time around without the demo guns. Lack of collision would make those 'oopsie' moments far fewer I think. But that's just my opinion/suggestion, I've never played on a server with it before but I've liked it in single player.
  5. You win! Your prize is NOTHING, but you wiiiiiin! I'm going to try for the impossible and see if we can get Adak's ass in here!
  6. I'd suggest popping into our Discord, it's on the main page or here: https://discord.gg/rFTR7PN Always someone on who's able to help answer questions quickly for you. And welcome!
  7. I havent got an invite yet, and ill be sure to jump on discord You'll find the Discord link on the main page, this should take you to it as well: https://discord.gg/rFTR7PN
  8. Welcome welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here, I'm looking forward to meeting you in game! Don't hesitate to come into Discord if you haven't already to meet people. Best place to make quick hookups if you're ever lost out there : D
  9. However, Klaus didn't ask for anyone so it defaults to me by default, so you win Felix! I call for an Amphi!
  10. @"Stormborn" Hit this one on my playlist and thought of Raven. [video=youtube]
  11. There's always this risk, however, if someone is feeling burned out or bored with one character they're faced with the choice of completely wiping for a new one or sticking it out. Both can be fairly daunting decisions and I think many people decide it's just not worth the hassle or the fear of regret. They leave, letting their character get the sleeping sickness; we're down a character and a player. In a case like this, I don't think it matters what's fair to others; anyone should be able to have fun RPing at any time and I believe alternates could do this. Yes, sometimes characters would go away, but they go away anyhow and that's just part of the nature of the beast. It's sad, and I've lost great RP partners because of it, but the ability to relax and try new things may make people realize what they love about their main. If it doesn't and they like their new character more, then we haven't lost a player and that's good! For the first point, it wouldn't mean that every character and every alt gets twice as many encounters, no. My view is that more alts mean more encounters for people who stick with one character. Which creates more RP and a wider variety of RP since you could hop on one day and meet three 'new' people rather than the usual crowd. It's more of a chance for your character to grow, change, and experience new things and a chance for you to do the same for others. A more lively 'real' experience. Because, let's face it, we're a low population, close knit, community. It makes it hard to stir things up. Depth also isn't needed for all alts. Some people may play one for a couple of days and go back to their main character, but that still means a net gain of RP for anyone they met and no loss for their main. For the second, I can see where this would be a problem in things like lore events, but parties, PvP get-togethers, or just general fun for all events it could be very useful. It's hard to get a crowd for these at times and I've seen people say quite often 'I have no reason to go to that'. They're interested in it and WANT to go; they want to see what everyone's doing, participate and support, but it isn't in their character's repertoire. This potential problem could be easily enough fixed by a simple 'Mains only' tag, or something to that effect, on lore events. Just the same as they indicate PvP as well as animal types. Conflicts I could see the problems in, yes. Especially if you decide to create two characters and play them both a great deal. In this case, you would most likely have to pick a side and stick to it, at least for the actual conflict itself, or abstain. There's no reason you can't RP a character on each side of a conflict, so long as you aren't OOCly sabotaging. It would be difficult, yes, meta would become the problem, but I believe there are people who have the chops for it. You may be conflicted for which character to play when bodies are needed, but it would essentially be the same as one player not being able to log on at that time. I agree with you, it's an addition that would definitely need adjusting but could lend a great variety to the character types everyone has to interact with.
  12. So, I've been curious what the opinion is on having two characters; whether through uploading to an obelisk to switch or two steam IDs. I know the RULES mind you, this Volume it has been one character, but it hasn't always been this way. Admittedly at first, I didn't care one way or the other, I started during the first Volume of this season and saw no point to it. However, now that I've experienced RP and the community a great deal more this Volume I'm fairly sad it isn't there. It takes a lot of work to build up a character. I've been with Corrie through both Volumes as I know many people have stuck with their characters and I LOVE her. However, she's one person with one particular set of ideals, one mindset, one everything. Sure, sometimes she'll change or go off the deep end, but these are rare occasions that swing her from her standard pattern unless there's a driving force that changes her mindset completely. Which, is all fantastic, I love seeing what happens to her and how she changes others. The point is, she's a known entity. If I get curious one day about the water caves and think 'you know what, I would LOVE to go and explore X, Y, Z and maybe drag a few people along', I can't do that. She's terrified of water, it would make NO sense. Suddenly a fun adventure that someone is willing to hold is cut out. Perhaps someone else has an event, like many PvP events, my character isn't suited for it and then you have one less participant. This is incredibly true when it comes to causing trouble. If you want to cause trouble on the server and I mean valid, RP driven, tension. You really have to weigh from the beginning what sort of character you want for that. You can't have ne'er-do-wells pop in and out as people use a second character for a bit before going back to their daily lives. There are many RP opportunities to be had and excitement if, every so often, you can switch your life for a bit. It would also help the meta of evil/disguised characters a great deal if you could use a separate character. Granted, that would be a murky area for the sake of belongings, but this isn't to discuss sharing items between alts in the least. Just another potential use for alternate characters, a valid disguise for someone who has a second life. I would adore going out as someone else, trying new characters out, stirring up trouble, or just having fun with events that don't suit my main character. It would mean more epic deaths, more fresh faces, and so many more opportunities for RP. Keeps things interesting and changing, which, I think, would entice more people to stay. Some days I don't feel like hopping on and being a redheaded asshole, but I still want to play. I think having the ability to use more than one character could cause a lot of good for interaction and storylines even if it, like absolutely everything in a survival game, has the risk of being abused. I trust far more people on this server than I don't and I think the benefits would far outweigh the potential difficulties. But, I would like to know what others think! I haven't gotten to play on a server where people use alternates frequently, what are your experiences with it? Would you use it? Any ideas for how you would? Or am I just bat-shit crazy?
  13. I agree with Chainpulled, a lot of this is worrying about the RP of other people. Which, don't get me wrong, it is important to know what you're getting into but if you focus on your own good RP and find others with a similar style a particular method of play tends to spread. As long as you practice what you preach, more often than not, the results are fabulous. My personal opinion is that I don't see the point of random people grinding up to get the best gear or multiple sets of it because, eventually, it trickles out and everybody gets these sets in time. I.e. could save a lot of trouble if everybody was at base armor with base weapons. HOWEVER, this discussion is taking into account PvP more than against the wild and especially caves so it's a trickier balance than we might think. Do we want to penalize people who don't PvP but solo through the wilds or go cave or ocean diving? Trying to strike fairness between players has to also work with fairness between player and the world. Granted, this is mostly in the case of 'set everything to base', which is still a valid option in my opinion. I would love more risk in playing the game...not that the upped alphas won't do that for us at the start of next Volume But again, you can worry about people RPing or not at drops or you can worry about them RPing or not with babies and it's going to happen how the person wants one way or the other. Everyone has their own way of doing things and, for better or worse, this server is open to any style so long as it abides by rules. My suggestion would be to bring back drops and blueprints because, as Malickay said, it DOES get people out in the world. Yes, you can argue that going out for supplies does the same, but that's within a set area and, honestly, how often do you bother a player who's clearly focused on mining? I rarely do, but perhaps that's just me. I wouldn't say just bring them back and leave it at that, I would say bring it back and make the area around a drop an open PvP zone. Make it risky, make it fun. Not only will it get hearts pounding a bit more when you go for them, but it'll create a hell of a lot of conflict. Just get curious about a green drop and someone decides to tranq you? Yeah, I'd be pretty damn pissed as a character and would be ready to find them. As for the upgrade tables themselves, I don't see them as one hundred percent terrible, as I said, in many cases, you do need good armor and if you're going to face the world of ARK. I do think there are too many though, if it was just a bit more difficult to use them I think there would be less upgrading, could urge people to drops (if they're brought back) and build a bit more RP. If the Traders, or something like them, are around next Volume perhaps they could rent them out. A person would have to travel to get them, negotiate, and then set up their workstation for the time they have it and get to work before returning it. Yes, more complicated, but that's the point. A person would be weighing whether or not they want to take the time to do that, vs. RP a sale with someone who already has the gear vs. go drop hunting. It would also mean they couldn't constantly grind as well and would keep them out in the world RPing more. But, AGAIN, that's restricting a person's play style...which, again, I'm all for restrictions, but that's a personal choice over server style. Finally, this, of course, causes trouble for blacksmiths and a general flow of supplies if the blueprints aren't also a part of the equation. But that's my two cents. TL;DR Drops would be wonderful and fun, should be made into a danger zone to rise up island tensions between people. The upgrade table is useful but so widespread that it makes little sense for many people to use it based on characters and tempts people to grind. BUT it is extremely useful and also an important part of survival in many cases. Finally, fishing drops need to come back because damn fishing is fun and I want to make a fishing hole guys!
  14. Day 800 of X [align=left] I don't want to do this...no, that's wrong, I do. I want to hurt you, I want to hurt you so badly Gabriel. Do you even realize how long I've felt this way? I'm watching you now, sleeping, content. I'm happy too, through all this pain and hate I'm happy. It's why I told you I was staying, you know? For this happiness, a bit more of it. And the sex, the sex is fucking fantastic. Doesn't hold a candle to those moments of joy, though. I'm sorry. I'm sorry and I'm not. Do you even realize how much I love you? How much you hurt me? Maybe I shouldn't have smiled through things for once, maybe it would be different, maybe we would have actually fixed ourselves, maybe the happiness would have been able to last. I wish I could go to Rakis with you, I wish it was the same as it used to be, I wish you never held me on a pedestal, I almost wish for Aeternia again. Wishes do nothing. I'm scared, but I'm determined...stubborn you'd say. Fuck yeah, I'm stubborn. I hate that I started to lose that, I hate that I lost my fight, I hate... We joked about taming each other, I never imagined it was a battle I'd lose. But not anymore. This is an apology you'll never see, a selfish scattering of feelings, tomorrow I'll be gone and I'm sorry. And I hate you. And I love you. I wish I never met you and I wish I had met you sooner and I wish it had all been different. I wish I could wake you up now and cry for once, but I don't think you'd understand. We understood each other so much and so little I- I'm rambling. I don't want to stop writing, I don't want to go to sleep. Tomorrow will come and my stubbornness, my determination, it will see things through. And the happiness will end and I'll... I'll go on. I don't want to, but I will, if only for the new experience of a broken heart. Gabriel... Fuck it, it doesn't matter. There's more to come and you won't be here for it. That's all that matters. [/align]
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