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  1. Hey man, this was last season not interested in one anymore.
  2. I would like to see people be able to have two characters but I can see a few issues. The major one being the fact that if someone ends up making a new character they kinda forget about the old one. They spend more time on one character than the other and that's not fair to the other players who have ties with character number 1 and not number 2.
  3. Airplanes fly over property all the time, I see the problem if they're almost touching your base, but just flying over shouldn't be wrong.
  4. Can we do some playful things on underwear? Like "Obsidian Bums"
  5. "I was blessed by being kicked by Poseidon"
  6. Haven't met you, but I think that is the funniest reason for someone leaving i've heard yet, best of luck with your company!
  7. Everything I have named ends up Dying or Being killed by a tribe-mate, I have given up on names. -Rip Wiffles (2017-2017)
  8. Im sure it all depends on how developed the map is by the end of the season
  9. Those poor mute Rexes. This is a private server not a trading Forum. Good luck selling those Rexes.
  10. Here is the post with the map on it! http://www.arkrp.com/DNLRP/thread-9393.html?highlight=Faction+Map
  11. If you're looking for the whitelist, go to server-Rules, read the rules a few times then go to "Server-Whitelist" and fill out a form!
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