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  1. As much as the idea of adding content the day before season start makes me cringe, some of that stable stuff looks really really good.
  2. A tattered journal, bound in leather and stained with wine, spilled ink, and other things besides. These pages contain the recorded moments of Brother Castor of the Temple of the Beaver, set out now on his Mission to bring the Way of the Beaver to the godless inhabitants of the many islands of Sa'el or something. Entry One: What is the point of journals? Like, I am gonna remember all of this stuff anyway, so why would I write it down? By the Beaver, I feel so stupid, like I am holding a convesation with a book. Hello there, mister book! How was your day? Oh? Fascinating, do go on, you saucy little t Entry One (Again) For any who are reading this journal, stop snooping in my stuff, you twinkling little shit! Unless I am dead at the time, in which case please pose my body in some sort of dramatic fashion before I stiffen too much; it would be much appreciated. Anyway, yes, putting down my thoughts for posterity (and possibly posterior!) seems like a good idea, so here we go. My name is Castor Bubbins, but people just call me Brother Castor. I am a monk of the Temple of the Beaver, from the island of Mu'stache. I am writing this entry from my cabin on the Woodseeker, as it braves the open ocean on the way to... I dunno, some island. The short of it is that the Elders of my Temple have decided to send me on a Mission! I am to bring the Way of the Beaver to all of the ignorant inhabitants of an island somewhere. Which, you know, is great and all. They assured me that the decision to send me on a boat to uncharted lands has nothing whatsoever to do with any disciplinary actions against me. Besides, most of those are bullshit anyway, right? Like who ~doesn't~ like to do a little gambling every now and again? And those monks from the Order of the Chaste really should have left the party when the drinking games started! Anyway, what is past is past, lets talk about something different! So, some background on the order I belong to: The Temple of the Beaver is one of the many Beast Temples on Mu'stache. Adherents of the Beaver believe that when humanity creates and builds, we are imposing order upon a chaotic world and creating a stable foundation for the advancement of civilization. Plus, I guess there is supposed to be a giant invisible Beaver-god or something? I dunno, I don't really get the whole theological aspect of it. I just like architecture and building stuff. With my hands and magic, I can make magnificent things, which is absurdly satisfying. The Temple of the Beaver was willing to support my interest in this, aaaand maybe joining a Temple also got me out of some legal trouble, so everyone wins! So, right! The Mission! Basically, I am to go to an island, make a new branch Temple, help people build (for the greater glory of the Beaver and my own personal enjoyment), and then.... something. Not quite sure what happens after that. In any case, I am sure that whatever island I go to shall be calm and peaceful. Perhaps I will relax on the beaches and drink fruity drinks, or go adventuring! Maybe I will meet one or more attractive people to form close friendships with! Oh! I wonder if having a gambling hall in a temple would be popular... hmm, I wonder if any of these sailors play cards? Entry Two So, I am writing this entry as my boat approaches its destination. I shall be glad to be on dry land once more, though if truth be told the crew has made this trip much more bearable than it might be otherwise. My deck of cards has gone largely unused, but if there is one thing these men and women enjoy, it is a good roll of the dice! That, and a good roll in the cargo hold. (For the sake of anyone who has stolen this journal, assume that I am winking lecherously at this point, thanks). The Captain of the Woodseeker has promised to drop me off on a beach on the northwest of the island, at which point I am on my own. Some people might balk at the idea of being left on a barely-explored island with nothing to your name, but for us Beavers? Challenge accepted! After all, the ability to take the scattered chaotic natural world and impose order upon it is kinda our thing, if you know what I mean. Every moment a learning experience, every action advancing us one step further along the path to... beaver-ness? I dunno, I sorta skipped most of the classes on that part of our philosophy. Regardless, I have dumped most of my unnecessary supplies and filled my pockets, pouches, and gem with booze won at dice from the crew, so I am ready to go! Lets do this!
  3. I spent a bit logged on, flying around in Spectate like a loon. :sleepy: Ping was showing 20-30 for me the entire time, except when I think I might have been the first person to load an area and all of the dinos spawned and dropped from the sky, when it jumped to 80 for a few seconds then back down to 28. I cannot wait! #WipeHype
  4. Sounds like an interesting system! Lets just hope it does not end with solo players forced to dwell in the swamps or murder snow because everywhere else is purchased by land grabbers who don't want to share.
  5. With Ragnarok upcoming, I have been thinking on mods. Ragnarok is a very large map, and a VERY vertical map, but life is boring if nobody uses ground mounts. So, I want to recommend Bridges. This lets you make a number of excellent looking bridges for crossing gaps and ramping up to higher bases, without spending loads of server resources on elaborate 300-piece constructed ramps or whatever. I use it on my Ragnarok single player, and it makes a tremendous difference, especially when you get into the Grand Canyon or tree platforms. While we are on the subject of Platforms, I would love to see the return of Platforms Plus. One of Ragnarok's lures is the special non-tree locations where platforms can be snapped, like rock pillars and stalagmites. Platforms Plus would make those locations bloody ~amazing~. I would also love to see auction house, reusable grapples/chutes, and Au Natural.
  6. EEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Truly, this is the greatest of things! :heart:
  7. Interesting changes to the magic! Looking forward to seeing how this works out. And as for the idea of eco trees for mystics, that is a neat idea, but pls no, that mod is lag cancer. :dodgy:
  8. Throw in the Naturalism mod while you are at it, and I might also throw a few dollars your way. #winkwink #nudgenudge
  9. Speed Boat is like 10 items max, Speed ~Hunter~ is like 100 max. You need to put a ceiling at the edge of your foundations, then place a foundation on the bottom of the ceiling, then pick up the ceiling. Leapfrogging like this is how you go beyond 3x3 in the special rafts.
  10. Yeah, I agree! I should be able to build a castle with a moat and a meatery just by snapping my fingers, because nothing says in-character like a person putting in little effort and getting huge results, or castles popping up on a formerly empty island overnight! /sarcasmoff It is expensive because it is the best. Getting the best things requires the most work, and this is just as true in Magic Dinosaur Land as it is in real life. Part of the lore of this island is that we are all newcomers starting from scratch, so if you want to have an amazing house, you have to RP working for it. And, luckily, the game has a built-in system for RPing the construction of a house. You gather materials, assemble the structure, and decorate. Poof, the price of the mod items are justified RP-wise and mechanics wise. As a former Wurm player, I have a counter-proposal: raise the costs on non-Castle and Keep housing to bring it in line with that higher price. Building a house should be an effort of days, or weeks. If you want stuff to be easy and cheap and painless, join a tribe. People working together tends to make stuff go easier.
  11. Since it is the 13th, I figure it is safe to ask this question now, because some of us really need to know: What TIME on the 14th? For those of us who took the day off, it is gonna be sadness if it starts at like 10:00 PM on the 14th.
  12. I am tickled pink that the new season begins on my birthday.
  13. Love me the nerf to flyers. It was harsh, but entirely necessary. A single flyer should not be able to trivialize 90% of all difficulties and challenges. Then again, I would love a no-flyers season even more!
  14. We should not end up with more mods next Volume than we have this one. Before we consider adding anything, I would suggest that we go from this: To this: Aaaand then add Bridges. And Naturalism!
  15. Ooh, I second that request for the demo guns. Question for staff, though: is there absolutely for certain going to be a full map wipe at the end of Volume One? I need to know this before I transfer stuff. If Volume 2 is just gonna continue on an unwiped Valhalla, I will move over my entire base (a process that will literally take me days) from Crasite. But if Valhalla is also going to be wiped in 3 weeks, I will only bring over just what I need to RP.
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