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  1. Thanks! I hope that I get to meet up with many new people once everyone begins to RP. I'm also going to continue her story when I have time.
  2. [align=center]Neo (Neon), The Child of the Shayde Criminals[/align] The Shayde Family. Amber on the left, Neo (Neon) in the middle, and Cardin on the right. (Do keep in mind that this is my first time writing a story for a character. If it is not the greatest, I'm deeply sorry.) The Beginning The cry of a newborn echoed within the house, a mother and a father smiled proudly at their child. When the child opened her eyes, the parents had the widest smiles on their faces. “What should we name her?” “Seeing as how she has bright blue eyes, and orange hair, I think Neon would fit her perfectly.” The child looked at her parents and let out a squeal, almost as if it were a response to the name given to her. The mother held her child close, feeling tears of pure happiness stream from her eyes. “That name is perfect. Welcome to the world, Neon Shayde.” The father looked down at his beautiful wife and child, nothing but pure happiness in his dark heart. He picked Neon up, a stray tear fell from his eye. “What do you think we should do when she grows up, Amber? I don’t think she’d like the life we live.” “We’ll have to think about it, Cardin. We’ll let her decide as she grows up. If she wants to live a life like ours, then we’ll help her. If she doesn’t, I don’t know what to do.” Cardin held his daughter tightly, kneeling next to Amber. Amber moved her arms to guide Cardin’s arms toward her, so their child would be between them. Neon’s Decision Thirteen years have passed, and Neon had been walking around the house, thinking about what she was going to do. Amber and Cardin watched her, secretly hoping that she would decide to live a life like theirs. As Neon rounded a corner to look at the basement stairs, she froze as she had a flashback. She remembered how her parents would drag her down the basement and abuse her if she did something wrong. “What should I do? Should I stay with my parents or leave them behind?” Neon would ask herself, torn between her two choices. Cardin and Amber looked at each other before they walked up to Neon. Neon turned to them, her gaze filled with anxiety as she looked like she were about to speak. “Good-” Before Neon could finish her word, Cardin walked up and slapped her as hard as he could, sending Neon to the ground. Amber looked down at her daughter, a gaze of pure disgrace eminent. “You are not leaving us, Neon. Your skills are useful to our operations.” “If you do leave us, Neon, we won’t be hesitant to fight. If you think you can find a new family, then good. It will be less of a chore for us.” “What will it be, brat? Are you staying with your mother and I? Or are you going to abandon us for a new family? Either way, your choice affects us all.” While tears streamed down her cheeks, Neon stood up and looked at her parents. She had a gaze of pure hatred toward them as she wiped her tears. Her parents stood there looking at her, trying to influence her to stay. Amber looked to Cardin and whispered something in his ear. He nodded to his wife then took a step toward Neon, one hand clenched in a fist. “Neon. Get over here. Now.” “No! I’m sick and tired of this! Every single time I do something that isn’t what you two like I get abused! Why can’t you two raise me like a normal child?! Why?! Parents are supposed to be there as someone their children can look up to, not grow to hate. You two think that just because you’re wanted criminals makes it okay to abuse me if things don’t go as planned, well you’re wrong! Why do you two think I spend more time with friends? It’s because I hate both of you! I never want to see both of you again!” Neon punched her father before she ran out of the house with tears of pure anger in her eyes. Cardin stumbled back a bit then watched Neon run. Amber looked over her husband, making sure he was okay. “I’ll admit that I did deserve that, but she better be happy with her decision. She will regret leaving us, Amber. For now, we stay focused on our work. She’ll come crawling back to us. I know it.” “She was actually right about us though. We were probably a bit too harsh with her. Well, just think about it, we won’t have to deal with her dragging us down anymore.”
  3. It seems to me that you were unsuccessful in summoning her. Can we try summoning the great @"Penelope" again?
  4. Welcome Nick! I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you! :3
  5. What I was originally intending with this post was a discussion among everyone to see if the idea of the XP gain to be bumped up some would be beneficial to RP since some things are only available once you are a high enough level. Thank you everyone who has been discussing this suggestion on the thread.
  6. I just recently had a thought, and I think that the XP gain for players should be bumped up. Since this is an RP server, we kind of need to be at a high level in order to make certain things for roleplay purposes.
  7. ...the rexes decided to
  8. I decided to try my luck at a female human Sans the Skeleton from Undertale.
  9. Thank you for giving me the courage to join the community.
  10. Hello everyone! I'm Yellowfang213, but I mostly go by Yellowfang. I'm 17 and looking forward to having a great deal of fun with everyone! Hope to see you all in game!
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