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  1. You can set up a forum's permissions so that certain roles can only reply to threads they've made. You could configure the forum in question so that all user roles had this particular permission turned on and have it turned off for all staff roles so that they could reply to other user's threads. That's if you wanted to hard set it that way anyway. Of course, you can just ask people to not post there and that works also. Figured it would be nicer if they didn't even have the ability to do so and would prevent any accidental posts.
  2. Ayy, actually cleaned my desk... so have a nice picture: Also got rid of one of the TVs. It was taking up too much desk space and I only used it occasionally to stick chat windows and stuff on. You can't quite see it because of how fucking dark the image is but there is another monitor in the darkness to the left that I have hooked up for when I need it.
  3. One 48" 4k TV on the wall, two 24" 1080p monitors, and a 37" 1080p TV on the left. I'd take a picture of the desk itself but it's covered in shit right now. Maybe in a day or two once I've cleaned it... Have some battlestation specs in the meantime: Keyboard: CM Storm Quickfire TK - Cherry MX Browns Mouse: Razer Naga CPU: i7 4770k @ 4.5GHz/5GHz boost GPU: Palit GTX 1070 8GB RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Dominator 2400 MHz Various other shit that I can't quite remember such as a high end soundcard (massive audiophile) And have a picture of most of the setup:
  4. Getting paid next week and then I'm off work for a full week after that so I'm going to be picking up Legion... Then I'll probably play it solid for a week and never play it again as per usual
  5. You can download APKPure or APK Installer and then download Pokemon Go from there. It's the way us Dutchies use to play it. not on ios ;( When it comes to iOS, the only thing you have to do is to log out of the Apple store, choose a country where Pokemon Go is officially released in, then create a new account and use real information (Zip code is the most important) After that, you can just download it. What you need to do is log out of the Apple store. Then turn the phone off... Proceed to sell it on eBay or the easiest method of sale you prefer, and then buy yourself a real phone with an real operating system. Problem solved
  6. For those who don't already know, I'm no longer part of the staff team here. This happened a little bit ago now but I figured I'd stick around in the community anyway... Alas, I figured a proper farewell is due. I haven't actually played ARK for months and the only reason I stuck around was because I occasionally got to tinker with stuff and had the occasional project to work on. I also have met a lot of great people here; heck, I've even formed a number of intimate relationships... But, there's no real point me sticking around anymore. I hop in TS occasionally but seen as though I no longer have my rank I can't channel hop and harass you all like usual. The channels that I do join, everyone is off playing ARK together and I tend to just be sat there joining in with the occasional conversation. I hope you all enjoy your time here and you're all more than welcome to contact me via other means. Your best bet is to add me on Skype (Username: 'dablackdevil1' - Yes I know, I was like 11, leave me alone). I wish Tamaster good luck with this community and it looks like it won't just dwindle like the many other communities I've witnessed pop up over the past couple years. [align=center][/align]
  7. You'll have to check with Tam/Poseidon if this thread is even relevant anymore. Since I'm no longer part of staff, the website I was working on has been scrapped. Thank you all for your wonderful images. I'm sure plenty of people have enjoyed seeing them either way
  8. The pooch grew a bit since the last picture...
  9. Battleye is useful, but things like speedhacks are easy for people to get around just look at Arma and Dayz Also, battleeye is not needed for the server as far as I know. You can launch Ark without, one of the options. Not this one, but you can force people to use battleeye in the server options. Tam doesn't want to because it apparently doesn't support Mac users, of which we apparently have a decent number. We'd basically be banning those users until the Mac issue gets fixed.
  10. Igi™

    ARKRP Game Night!

    I'm thinking Overwatch might be a good idea.... Overwatch is pretty good too... ... OH I almost forgot about Overwatch! Got to give that a go!
  11. There's a line? No, no... you see... People do as they're told. If I buy them a drink, they're having a drink. I can see this getting pretty bad if I stick around so I'm just gonna' enjoy my drink and fly away from this thread.
  12. /me clears throat and begins pouring a glass of whisky "Why hello there, Ma'am."
  13. /me clears throat. Why hello there... What drink did you want again?
  14. Just took a look at the whitelist scripts. Issue's fixed. Should be fine after the restart.
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