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  1. Eh *shrugs and looks around* just me here.... Gwen dear? Are you around? <3
  2. haha seems your new seadog is a bit shaken from the waves...that might be them a bit green and sick over the edge there Gladius...let's go hunt something.
  3. Yes Demonicus *she smiles* coming to join the fun?....Hey Felix (Cyrus) how's that empty coin purse suit ya?
  4. oh Hi there Gwen...*distant cries are heard from a tiny little one* no Solus around to wipe your tears...just me, but don't expect much <3 hmmm let's bring out the daddy shall we? Demonicus? Come say hi.
  5. Hello Welcome to the community. Nice to have you with us.
  6. No, but perhaps he will be around later when I ummm "Talk" to you Yetti? are you around? Would you like to settle that craving of yours as well?
  7. YES! I wish, we could take the server with just us but that's not the point of the test I suppose (pouts) lol
  8. *throws up hands* see...again, ok let's make this stop...maybe IF I call for her this trend will stop Chain please, get your beautiful self over here. <3
  9. Now where would the fun be in that *pokes with stick* Ari! come help!
  10. *she sighs and shakes her head* Every time...no again it is I, Azria - perhaps Gladius will join us
  11. People seem to confuse my voice for hers at times but no, it's me, Azria :heart: hmmm I think Yetti should come say hi
  12. Ragnarok <3 I would really like to see this map used next season
  13. I couldn't stop reading it. I agree with Pia...it's heartbreaking. *wants to hug the knight*
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