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  1. Excellent writing! Excited to meet the char in-game Regards, Koge
  2. I would like it added. The devs have built it in with the new command: bDisableStructurePlacementCollision=true added to game.ini. This will allow vanilla no collision. Regards, Koge
  3. Hi, Questions: Regardless of the fact you should not break faction laws.. with the new ruleset, does the original hostage rule still apply that the kidnapped person needs to be RP'ed with the entire time? (So a full 24 hours in its most extreme form?) Regards, Koge
  4. Yep, I think this is a good middle ground to the OP upgrade table of Volume II and the possibility of just blueprints/drops. No more words needed, I'm all for it! Regards, Koge
  5. With the new Volume coming up and no reactions here, I would like to bring it up to attention again. Probably on the staff agenda, but since there has been zero response here I figured we can still expand that list above and make sure everything is up to date for the next Volume. I've spoken to quite a few people before who were lost in the information available, making it hard to find their way in the world of ArkRE. So my suggestion? Please update the information and perhaps even improve the backend of it. I feel that some newcomers feel as if they are thrown in with full backpack and no signs showing the way properly or misdirected. @"November" , have you seen more subjects that were not updated for a while? Regards, Koge
  6. Access denied. Maybe Loonyrun will peek around the corner. LOONEH?! Regards, Koge
  7. "Yes" is the only word this needs. Regards, Koge
  8. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Background[/align] [align=center]//Some references seen below are explained here: Rakis Island[/align] [align=left]Rúni Biormaðr, son of Ulfr Járntænn. As it is a custom of the Fjallvættir people, right after birth they undergo an aging ritual where are aged up to childhood. Rúni learned the ways of his people from his father during this time, taught in the ways of farming, herding, hunting and martial prowess, for which the Fjallvættir are best known. Children of the Fjallvættir are constantly prepared for the Ritual of Dawn, some taking moons upon moons to be ready for and still failing, because of the harsh conditions. Rúni's "Dawning" to adulthood was no different. Armed with only a ceremonial dagger and his first wooden shield bearing the clan crest, he was sent up the frozen Dead Rise mountain, the Osberg, to visit the elders on the summit and gain his adulthood. It was a harsh snow season at that time, and Rúni was soon to discover that he would need every wit and muscle in his body to even survive the weather conditions alone, not even taking the vast amounts of dangerous animals into account. Luck was on his side. He found the freshly killed carcasses of a small pack of wolves, skin punctured by what looked like the tusks of a mammoth. He spent his first night inside one of the carcasses, skinning the others simply to stay warm. He crafted his first fur clothing the following day, as well as a simple bow and arrows and a spear to hunt and defend himself. Even after almost freezing to death on a few colder nights, cornered by territorial daeadons, chased by a pack of wolves and almost walking straight into a mountain tribe outpost.. he managed to reach the top, battered, bruised and wounded. The elders were pleased with his arrival. Only one was ever able to reach the summit in less than two weeks, and now Rúni had done so as well. His wounds were treated, the seven day ritual successfully completed and Rúni had now reached adulthood, ready to be drafted into a Fjallvættir warband and start his life of raiding and starting a family of his own. Back in Vellstadt he took over his father's farm and continued to run it for many moons, until that fateful day.. That one raid that changed his life forever.. Lyra.[/align] [align=center][video=youtube] [/align] [align=center]Prologue: The Bear and the Fox[/align] [align=center] His boots sunk into the rough sand of the Longvell riverbed, followed by those of his warband brethren as they jumped over the railing of the longboat. In the distance there were screams and signals were lit, as the people of the village of Fljótheim were very well aware of the raiding party that had just landed at their doorstep. Rúni's father, Ulfr, led the raid and drew his axe as he turned towards the men: "Cold is the steel of our sword and spear. Cold is the will of the Gods that smile upon us this day, giving us the strength to purge the weak. Cold is the air we shall breathe in from the dead and exhale with every strike they deserve. There is no glory for those who perish today, unless it is with weapon in hand. Warm will be the the meal for when the day is done! Mead will roll down into our bellies as we will live to tell the tale of today. One of blood and victory!" The men battered their weapons on their shields as they cheered from the top of their lungs. The bloodlust in their eyes yearned for only one thing: glory. Such is the highest achievable amongst the Fjallvættir people. Gunnar, Rúni's long time friend and brother in arms, could barely hold the chains keeping his hyaenodons Callum, Kirgian and Thorben in tow, their howls sounding nearly like mocking laughter. Along the hill leading up to the village, warriors were starting to line up, Ulfr's warband rushing forward like a tidal wave readying itself to hit the shores. Amongst the villagers were archers, causing the warband to stop in its tracks. "Shield wall!" Ulfr's words were enough for the warband to huddle together in an instant, creating a barrier of shields to resemble the shell of a turtle, in order to resist the volleys of arrows that were fired their way. The brethren braced themselves as the arrows hit and pierced their shields. The opposing side formed a shield wall as well and carefully moved their way down the hill. After the third volley, the villager archers drew their melee weapons. "Advance!" Grunting with each slow step in rhythmic motion, the warband advanced to the point where the groups were only fifteen steps removed from one another, where both groups came to a halt. The following silence was tense, the heavy breathing and widened eyes painting the canvas of the moment. Rúni nodded over his shoulder, Gunnar, his pack and the last row of brethren slowly advancing between the ranks to position themselves behind the shields, waiting for Rúni's signal. Shouts from the villagers, and like a herd of raging ovis ran towards the warband. Rúni gave the signal. "Now!" The front row made room for the brethren that advanced from behind and the bows were drawn, Gunnar staying low and at the ready to release his hyaenodons. The arrows were fired towards the villagers, dropping one by one towards the ground and burying themselves into the sandy edge of the hill, as the brethren braced themselves for impact. "Brace! Brace!" Like a pack of rabid direwolves the villagers threw themselves onto the warband shield wall, hacking, poking and slicing away at the armored beast before them. The ground became a canvas of blood as from both sides warriors gave their last breaths, words did not matter anymore. They were incomprehensible gusts of air in the chaos of a greater good. The brethren pushed forward once more and as most of the villagers were slain, the enemy was broken and fled back towards the village. "Archers! Finish them!" Ulfr gave the final order, the archers picking off the fleeing villagers one by one, their cries of fear ended within moments time. With a loud whistle from Gunnar, he released his pack to finish the job and drew his battleaxe to join the brethren in the final push. These men were no true warriors. The Vellhallr would only welcome the brave. There would be no place for the cowardly. Only death and no gain. To turn away from glory and face their meaningless deaths.. it was a big price to pay. But so it was that day. The brethren would gladly collect their toll. The warband deserved their victory, but the battle wasn't done. Driven by bloodlust still, they rushed towards the seemingly empty village, ransacking each house and plundering at will. Rúni set his sight on the big cottage at the end of the path. As he headed towards the cottage, he watched as his brethren killed the rest of the men and took the women and children outside. They were bound and taken towards the longships, forsaken to a life of servitude back in Vellstadt. He approached the cottage, softly pressing his ear against the door to listen. Between the cries and shrieks and hyaenodon howls behind him, he could hear soft wimpering inside. He removed his ear from the door, holstered his sword, took a deep breath and kicked the door open. Drawing his axe and having it ready to strike, he rushed in but was immediately stopped in his tracks. There they were, women, children and other helpless folk. Drops of sweat and tears glistening in the light of the torch, mounted on the wall. In front of them, a woman. A woman, arms spread like an argentavis spreads its wings to protect its young, shield in one hand and an axe in the other. "It's over, woman. Put it down and I will promise you a quick death." The woman spread out her arms even more and steadied her footing, her eyes locked on his and following his every movement. The fire of the torch reflected in her eyes, she was not intending to step aside. Rúni carefully circled towards her right. "Put it down. Nobody in this room has to die." The woman remained silent, keeping herself between Rúni and the village folk, still whimpering and huddling up to comfort eachother. The woman just shook her head slowly. Rúni extended his hand towards her axe, keeping his own behind his hip, but ready to strike. He beckoned towards her to give the axe to him. Only a few steps left.. *THUD* In the blink of an eye, the woman swung the shield in her left hand towards his hand, hitting it as hard as she could. Rúni, caught off guard, swung his axe towards her, but she managed to deflect his blow and stepped sideways, wooden beams blocking the path between them as Rúni regained himself and tried to corner her. Clenching his fist a few times, he was clearly surprised by her speed and unexpected movements. Again, they stood face to face in the middle of the room, eyes locked onto eachother and the tension cutting the moment like a hot knife through butter. Both of them mirrored their every movement, trying to gain an advantage on the other.Suddenly she lunged forward and before Rúni could fully complete his swing, she already deflected it with her shield and lunged her axe forward. Rúni however, was quick to stretch out his off hand and sent her launching towards the end of the room, her losing her axe in the process. There she lied, watching the axe near the exit and looking at the people in the corner of the room, fully consumed by fear. Rúni slowly advanced and looked at her for a moment, as she clung on to the shield with one hand and her other hidden, her eyes barely over the edge of the shield. Rúni holstered his axe and stretched out his hands as he crouched down, approaching her more closely. "Shhhh.. it's over." she tried to kick him, but her feet were held down by him, as he carefully placed himself over her, kneeling down and sitting on her to keep her down. Every time he tried reaching over the shield, she replied with a cry of desperation, pushing his hand away with her shield. He then carefully held down the shield, pressing it on top of her to keep her fully locked in place. Eventually, she calmed down. "I will remove this shield from you now. Will you promise to stay calm?" Rúni, crude as he would be normally in a situation as this, did his best to regain his temper. She first seemed to shake her head, but it fluently switched to a few nervous nods. "I will remove the shield." Rúni carefully released his weight from the shield and lifted it up to reveal her one hand which he then held tightly. He traced her other arm as he laid down the shield, but before his eyes reached the hand, she threw it up to reveal a cloud of sand and dust, screaming from the top of her lungs. “Ah!” Rúni reached for his eyes and lost his grip on her body as he moved upwards in a crouching position and the woman took the chance to use her free leg to kick him in the groin area. Rúni, blinded and unable to hear her with the ruckus outside, swung his arm left and right but the woman was not near anymore. Until the moment he could feel her shield hit the arm in front of his eyes. He was launched backwards, landed on his back and could feel the creaking of the floorboards as she neared him. It hurt, but vaguely he could see her again. She was standing in front of him, threw away her shield and held her axe above her head with both hands, ready to strike. Shouts from near the exit. She turned her head towards the exit, after which Rúni took his chance and grabbed both of her ankles and gave them a quick and powerful yank, pulling her over his body as her axe dropped towards the floor once more, digging itself into the wood. With a grunt, he grabbed her wrists as she ferociously tried to fight him off. But it was useless. She simply had no energy left in her to fight Rúni anymore. Laying on top of him with her hands locked behind her back, she looked into his eyes once more and he into hers. Several men rushed inside, only to see the people in the corner and them on the floor. "Are you quite done here?" Bloðorn, one of the veteren brethren, laughed as did all the others. Rúni could not keep his eyes off her. "This.. this one is mine." [video=youtube] Prologue: The Bear and the Boar[/align] [align=center] Rúni entered the underground of the Vellstadt arena, the portcullis closing behind him and the cheers of the crowd drowning out him catching his breath and the sound of his footsteps, as he walked down the steps. Streams of blood and sweat running along his body, but not his. The man who stood before him just then was well known amongst the "Brandr" ranks, the local warriors, glory fighters. Mostly for entertainment purposes, but also to settle disputes between clans. Torrsten "the Giant" represented Clan Sýrfólk, the people of the Daeaodon, boars as they were known locally. Rúni's father Ulfr had a land claim over them and it would be settled by battle. Honor demanded that any hostility would be dropped afterwards. A head taller than even Rúni, the odds were against him. But he made up for strength in stamina. The giant could have split Rúni in half with a single strike of his battle axe. But in the end, the sword's flexibility usually wins the day when met with such brute strength and this day was no different. Rúni lived, for he felt the Gods had other plans for him. This wasn't the day he was destined to die. Not knowing when he would strengthened him. Still, he yearned for that glorious moment then. When the Gods would put an end to this mortal life and invite him to the Vellhallr, the home of the Gods. Until then, his sword would remain sharp and bloodied in times of peril, when the fire inside him burned the most. It was the beast that guided him and only blood could tame it. Rúni had no choice but to feed the beast, for the beast could otherwise control him. He opened the doors to his chambers, tossed aside his shield and walked over to the round, concrete water fountain, carefully placing his sword against the wall, and took the cloth on the fountain's edge. Still panting from the fights, he wettened the cloth and with it washed his hands and face. The echo of a woman's voice danced around the walls of the room. "You did not die." He stopped washing his face for a few seconds, but continued after. "Everybody dies, woman. Not the fate I faced just now." over his shoulder, he saw that same look in her eyes still, unchanged from the day he took her from her village. It had been months since the raid, and she tried running away quite a few times but to no avail. He was a decent tracker and she was easily tracked. She was his possession now. Out of breath still, he didn't feel like spilling out much words. He beckoned the woman to come over. He pulled one of the benches in position, took a seat and Lyra hurried herself to take a position behind him, a bucket with hot water in one hand and a piece of cloth in the other. She placed the bucket on the cold floor carefully and dipped the cloth in the hot water, wringing out excessive water. She placed the cloth on his back and roughly washed away the blood and sweat. She hesitated a moment before she spoke. "I have seen the boars ravage the bears. The gray bear and the brown alike. One will make place for the other, but both might die. This is no place for a fox." the same vague words she had been repeating for the past few weeks, every day. Rúni grunted as she roughly washed his lower back. No cuts, but the giant's stomping feet were just as dangerous and she rubbed the big, blue-ish green bruise that was forming. "Stop your riddles, woman. Boars don't kill bears. You're ma-" his words were interrupted by loud voices down the hall. He could hear his father, and some other voices he did not recognize. Rúni's gaze went towards the fountain and observed his sword and then the door. Lyra dropped the cloth in the bucket and took a few steps backwards, hiding behind one of the concrete pillars. The voices became louder and louder. As Rúni stood up and wanted to go for his sword, the doors slammed open and inside came a group of men holding Rúni's father and lastly, Asrod, patriarch of Clan Sýrfólk entered. Dangling from his clenching fist the family Brandr amulet, worn only moments ago by Torrsten, the man Rúni had slain in the arena. Asrod threw the amulet before him. "You owe me my son!" Asrod flicked his fingers and two of the men stepped beside him, one holding Ulfr and the other drawing his sword, letting the blade touch Ulfr's throat. "It is settled, Asrod! Honor demands you let it go. The Gods demand you let it go." Ulfr’s face was red with anger. He was right. Fjallvættir law was clear on the matter of disputes and duels. Torrsten lost and with that the land claim. Rúni realised Lyra's words. The boars opposed the bears, like her waking dreams had told her and as she repeated just now. She had forseen this? He gazed over his shoulder to see Lyra peeking around the pillar, but his mind didn't linger for long as he turned back to face the group. His fists clenched, heart raced and he could feel his blood starting to boil. "Let my father go, it is done!" Asrod pointed at the Brandr amulet. "Damn honor, damn the Gods! You will pay for sending my son to the Vellhallr. A life for a life!" Asrod noticed Lyra peeking from behind the pillar and grinned. ".. or lives." he flicked his fingers and nodded upwards towards the girl. Two of his men circled around Rúni and headed towards Lyra. "She is mine, leave her!" Rúni stepped back and tried to keep an eye on the men heading for Lyra but could not focus on Lyra for long. He turned back to face the the group and his father being held by them. Behind him, he heard Lyra scurrying away and the men laughing as they chased her. Eventually they got a hold of her as she tried to squirm from their graps, spitting at the men as they took her towards the wall near the doors as well, where Rúni's father was being held in position, sword still on his throat. "You can keep the land, but you will lose your family." again Asrod flicked his fingers and like a moment lasting forever, his father dropped to the ground on his knees, grasping his throat. Rúni froze, until he saw the first stream of blood clawing its way through his father's fingers, his breathing intensifying. The men holding Lyra stepped forward almost instantly after that, holding her in position for the swordsman to slash as well. He raised his sword, but in the blink of an eye and in a haze of fury, Rúni rushed forward and extended both his arms towards the swordsman's head, smacking it into the wall and the man dropped to the floor. The men holding Lyra let her go. She fell to her knees and scurried away as the men reached to draw their swords. Without thinking straight and almost like in a berserker state, Rúni was quicker than the first, grabbing his sword hand and slashing the other with it. Afterwards he broke the man's sword arm, wrapped his hands around the man’s head and snapped his neck. His eyes widened and breath stopped as he heard another sword being drawn behind him. "Your legacy ends here, Rúni. I think your father could use a hand to reach Vellhallr." Asrod grinned, after which he raised his sword but stopped with a grunt. Rúni rushed forward, but then the tip of a blade carefully appeared through Asrod's abdomen, his sword dropping on the stone floor below. Asrod fell to his knees, revealing Lyra letting go of the sword and looking Rúni straight in the eyes. The fire in her eyes was gone and made place for something else. To him, it felt as if Rúni looked straight into her soul just then and he could feel her eyes doing the same to him, the barrier once there now gone. "You.. saved my life." Her body trembling from the adrenaline, her words nearly drowned in the silence after the storm. Rúni saw his father on the floor from the corner of his eyes, but could not take his eyes off of her. "As you did for me.." [/align]
  9. FYI, that is abusable. Make a blueprint at trader, get 1100 crafting skill, make a better item and return to the trader for an even better blueprint, endlessly. Itnis a known issue with the blueprint table of that same mod. Regards, Koge
  10. True, I feel blueprints have worked much better in my personal opinion on past iterations. Much more bulk trade, RP and blueprints being a very desirable item for the less friendly "traders". Don't know if it would work when and if classes are introduced, but now with the new crafting skill I bet that it gives a whole new perspective on things. When thinking of ways to improve RP and time consumed grinding, I think removing the upgrade table would greatly benefit the community. Regards, Koge
  11. Alright, thanks. And good luck with the final meeting. Regards, Koge
  12. This has been discussed here many times. It comes down to: Yes, it may be disrespectful to not be careful about trespassing. But in the end, staff has always said that you have the right to initiate when someone does that. Makes sense to warn someone and if they don't you force them, if you're strict about trespassing. Regards, Koge
  13. Well, I mean the [main] purpose of the event, the stress test. Regards, Koge
  14. Any chance the results can be shared? Regards, Koge
  15. Any chance we get to see the subjects and the results? Or after the last one? Regards, Koge
  16. Welcome back and a lovely read! Heard so much about "The German" to know it will be interesting to find out. Good luck! Regards, Koge
  17. Lovely post and I wholeheartily agree! I think it comes with experience that the moment comes where you realise it isn't all about personal gratification. The best RP is made together and in the end everyone does it to further their own characters, but in the end it's not just physical conflict that makes the game. But.. for conflict you need contrast, something I too have incorporated in my character this volume. Letting go of my own ego to a certain extent and seeking out to tickle the ego of others has been great fun and has resulted to quite some risky business. I can definitely recommend it! Regarding lore.. it is no secret that I write a lot of it on the forum. Yet, I purposely write it in a very ambient way. You won't see the "life defining moments" or too much of his personality, those are kept safe within the server. I too agree that giving away too much will not be beneficial for the RP ingame. What helps for me is making a "knowledge web" of the character with all his traits, steps to help him up and the pitfalls. How he would react in certain key moments, defined by things past or fears of what's to come. But just for myself, I don't share much nor plan much. Not at all if possible. I like dynamic RP most, it is most true and honest, at least from my perspective. Like said above, it is not needed to spill such information to tell a story. I've made that mistake with my last character and whether people do it on purpose or not, mostly subconsciously.. they store that information somewhere. It can be used against you and will affect you then and with that the quality of the RP. It's so much fun for people to explore eachother's thoughts, rather than get them served on a platter and fed to you. I could definitely tell the difference between my previous character and the most recent one. Had so much more fun leaving things open to interpretation. Not saying everyone should, but it can't hurt to try. Regards, Koge
  18. Well, with it being so complex there is also a lot that could not appease to all players. In theory, there can be people who are immune to magic as they have the right to say "no" to everything. Forcing it would be powergaming. I don't know if making it more complex and attach rules that can be avoided will make it better per say. I really hope it will take off this time. I tried to promote alchemy in RP, but like Loony said.. it just doesn't feel like the right game for it. People either didn't care or didn't realise it was magic. Pity. Guess it appeals to some. Good luck to them. Regards, Koge
  19. People who hate high ping. Regards, Koge
  20. [align=center]Legacy[/align] Gabriel looked back once more from atop the equus, watching on as Aiken, Adak and Adak's companions stood over the grave Corrie was lowered in. It was a decent funeral, if any would be, he thought. He felt his insides turn inside out, out of tears but the crying never stopped on the inside. He would never see her again, nor Xendaris. It was shaping to be nothing more than a painful, distant memory, not long from now. He pulled the reins. "Hyah!" The Word Forge docks weren't that far away. With each step the equus took, his mind drifted more towards the next matter at hand: the ship back to Rakis. Not an easy choice either, especially right then. But he simply had no choice. There was nothing left for the twins on Xendaris. They left a legacy of trade, companionship, fine booze and the very best equus. They unified, broke, loved and loathed. Felt pain, dealt pain.. it was a bumpy ride, he felt. Riding along the shallow beach of what he once called his land, he did not look back. He had to let go of it all. In the distance, the sound of laughter. He closed his eyes and lifted his nose up into the air. He recognized that faint smell. Hints of sulfur and rot, a combination one would only find in the marshes south of Rakis. His lips curled and a shiver ran over his spine, as he slowly opened his eyes to see the ship. Right there, a shimmering beacon of hope in the dead of night, Abigail, Baqir and Balian loading up the last pieces of cargo. Gabriel stopped, leading his equus into the barn, gave it a final tap on the neck and smiled. "See ya soon, Hotdog.." he led the equus to one of the prepared throughs, left the barn, closing the doors behind him. "Gabriel!" They had finished. Baqir stepped down the slim ramp leading up to the ship and extended his hand to welcome him aboard. Abigail leaned against the ship's main mast, hair tied up as she always would when business were to be done, Balian by her side and observing the ship and its cargo; it was time. Gabriel took Baqir's hand, as Baqir pulled him up the ramp and lifted it afterwards, neatly placing it behind a few barrels and fastening it with a loose end of the rope. Gabriel nodded towards Abigail and Balian, his hand sliding over the railing of the ship. He doubted for a moment, halting at that very moment. His hand tightly held the railing, and couldn't resist the urge anymore. He placed his other hand on the railing as well and had one last look at the Word Forge. He thought of her. Of how she would come with them, of how it would have been if she did. She did not, nor did anyone come to say goodbye. "There's nothing left for us here." Abigail's words echoed in his mind and reminded him of its truth. There was nothing left. What was, entered the ship and set sail for Rakis. All that was left was death and the crazy. Neither of the two were good for making money. Business beckoned them over to Rakis. "That's right, business. Business and family, the bloodline I must never break." his thoughts made him realise why Abigail and himself came to Aeternia. Why they moved to Xendaris. Always business. It made them run and now it made them return. They could finally live the life they wanted and now they had the coin and "friends" needed to do so. "F**k 'em, I'm done." Gabriel turned from the railing and beckoned Baqir to help him to loosen the main sail slightly, so it would catch the wind and adjust the bow. Abigail positioned herself on the quarterdeck, right by the stairs. Baqir and Gabriel wrapped the halyard around the winch on the mast, fastening it tightly. Gabriel cranked the winch, the sail moving up slightly. The winds agreed with them, and the ship turned towards the north, albeit very slowly. Baqir moved over to the edge of the ship and held his hand on the railing, but stopped and smiled. Soon he chuckled as he turned around and placed his hands on his hips. He wasn't staying. Baqir would embrace his new home as well, heading up the stairs to stand with Abby. "That-a boy!" Gabriel laughed warmly, as he grunted, cranking the winch fiercely and the main sail rising up and catching the wind like a greedy businessman gladly taking a poor soul's coin. "Want to take the rudder, Baqir?" Gabriel walked along the deck and up the stairs, positioning himself beside Abigail, as Baqir nodded and took a firm hold of the ship's wheel, steering it towards the oncoming sunrise, lighting up the sea like a guiding lantern. Gabriel, holding on to the railing of the quarterdeck, could not smile any more brightly. Ahead was his future, behind him his past. His hand extended to his right, finding its way to Abigail's as he firmly held on to hers. "We're going home. HOME!" // That's it guys and gals! I would like to thank every single one of you who has taken the time to RP with me/us. It was a blast and I don't think I have to name every single person individually. You know who you are! Also, I would like to thank the staff for their support and dedication during this volume, and allowing us to have a shot at running a faction for the server. It has been a great learning experience. In a different form but with the same enthusiasm, we welcome you all to come RP with us further in the next volume. Onto even better RP and fun times for everybody! Enjoy this volume still and see you soon! <3 - Koge
  21. [align=center]The Body[/align] Everybody was gathered around the large table inside the Smoking Barrel tavern, enjoying the prepared foods and drinks, enjoying the company of eachother one last time before the twins would depart in a few days time. Laughter echoed through the dimly lit room, as the light of the candlelight set the mood for that night. Gabriel felt wonderful and Abby too was having a great time. A time amongst friends, Corrie staying close to Gabriel during the entire party. Even though they planned to leave for Rakis together, Gabriel felt that she too was having a hard time leaving. Corrie lifted herself from her chair and gave Gabriel that distinctive look. He knew enough, they needed some private time. Gabriel needed her more than ever at this time of celebration and farewells. He was never that good coping with such. So he stood up as well, as Corrie locked her arm around Gabe's, practically dragging him outside. "Foggy as Hell out here." She laughed. "Let's go to the water." They walked over towards the edge of the ridge, looking over the lake of Jericko. Corrie smirked and arched her brow towards Gabe. He observed the lake and glanced back at her. He knew what she was thinking. But after quite a few drinks, Gabe doubted for a moment. The last thing he'd want was a set of broken legs. But her confidence fueled him. Now more than ever. "In this condition? Woman.." still in doubt for a moment, he returned the gesture, a smirk of his own as he reached out with his hand and firmly took hers. "Ready when you are.." Taking a few steps back, in an instant, they ran towards the edge of the ridge, hand in hand and jumped into the pitch black lake below, carefully lit by a nearby torch. Corrie took off her shirt, as Gabe threw off his hat, took off his shirt and boots as they walked along the edge of the lake together. Both of them had a hard time staying in one line, but especially Corrie subtly swayed along the edge of the lake. "Excited to leave?" She locked her arm around his and tightly held on, like she did countless times that day. "Yes and no.. leavin' people behind is harder than I had thought. Just glad I'm leavin' with the people dearest to me." Gabriel rubbed her arm for a moment, as he moved in closer to her, putting his arms around her waist. She smiled up to him. "I'm truly glad that you found me that day Gabriel. Even if I could've just sat on that beach making stim forever." Gabriel remembered that moment. Abigail and he were scouring the beaches of Aeternia, noticing a person running around the beach aimlessly. Restless, as they've always known Corrie ever since. "As am I.. couldn't wish for anyone else. Guess we have Abby to thank for that. She has a keen eye for people restlessly runnin' around the beach." She let her her arm rest against Gabriel's hip. "Maybe I caught her eye. Pity I never did get that threesome. Though we had a nice little foursome at least." her hand reached up from Gabriel's hip up to the brand, subtly tracing it and looking down at it. Of course, in her own words, she was referring to the four of them together. Gabriel, Abigail, Corrie and Victorie, the moment where they branded Corrie with the Cavendish mark. A black page in both of their books. She glanced from the brand back up to Gabriel, smiling warmly. He just flashed an uncomfortable smile, he was not proud of that moment. "Do you realize how much I love you Gabe?" He softly rubbed her back and thought about that for a moment. "By leavin' everythin' behind and comin' along? I think I got a hint of it." his hands slid up her body to hold her cheeks, softly rubbing them with his thumbs, smiling at her warmly with all the love he felt for her. "So tell me. How much?" "Enough that I felt my heart race again." Her hands reached up, framing his features. "Enough that I thought I could change and enough that I thought I wanted to change." Gently she brushed her thumb over his bottom lip. "So much so that you're the first thing I thought about in the morning and the last thing at night. I love you so much I thought I didn't need anything else." Her eyes dropped down to her stim pouch and Gabriel could see her hunger, staring for a moment before she smiled. One hand retreated just long enough to delve in and pop a dose back. There was a deep breath and a chuckle as she looked Gabriel in the eye again. "Enough that I lost myself and loved every minute of it." She stood on tip toes then, pressing her lips firmly against his with arms looped over the Gabe's shoulders. With a long humm, he lets one hand slide over her short hair, slightly massaging the top of her head as he goes along with her kiss. His other hand lowers towards her butt, giving it a firm squeeze. There's a little groan at the touch but Corrie pulled away just enough to speak, having to catch her breath first. "I love you enough that I'm sorry and I shouldn't be," her voice soft and soothing, like a whisper. She stared up at him, as her smile turned a little sad. "And I love myself more than that...and I hate what this has become.. enough that.." Her expression became blank right then as she stopped. Her hands twitched over his shoulders and she took a shuddering breath before coughing into her shoulder, leaving a splatter of blood. "That...n-not ready for that." She chuckled nervously. Gabriel's eyes widened as his smile disappeared in an instant. He immediately reached for her shoulder, running his finger along the blood and bringing it up to his nose, looking at her blankly for a few seconds, while wiping the blood off on his pants. "Wh- .. what is this? What are you sorry for? Wh.... what's going on?" he started rubbing her arms nervously, not understanding the sudden tone of the situation. His heart raced to a point of nearly bursting out of his chest and his hands shuddered. For a moment she stared at the smeared red before taking a deep breath and looked up to Gabriel. Her head leaned to the side somewhat, as if it was heavier than it should be. "I'm not going Gabriel." She said quietly, Gabriel trying too hard to realise what was happening to even completely hear what she said. "Not after what happened there's- ..a lot and not a lot of time. But that's the point." Her weight rested more and more onto him, her hand returned to his cheek. "Talking did us no good. I'm not going and...I'm not staying. Not after a thousand years, n-not after what we've done, will do, would have done. It's been too long and too much." Her eyes began to dilate, slowly erasing all color as her breathing went shallow. Gabriel he neurotically rubbed her cheek as he held her arm more tightly than he should. "No.. no, no no... you- we- ..." He lightly tapped her cheek a few times. "NO! Please, don't do this!" "We fucked up Gabe." Corrie smiled lightly as she said it. "You did, I did. But I had a good run...a great one, especially with you. Don't have any running left in me." Her hand drifted down to his shoulder and soon fell to her side, no strength left in it. "And I wanted to make this choice....I hadn't m-made one in a...long...long time. So thank you, for that." Her head followed suit, resting on his shoulder as her breaths came in tiny shivers and her heart slowed. "Damn...this is, scary..." She muttered to herself. As she let her head rest on his shoulder, he grabbed a hold of her tightly, kissing her all over her face and then her lips in between words. "No... no. You- you can't leave!" Gabriel tried to hold back, but the tears already found its way to the lake below them. Her body had become without energy, had no more will left in her. "Rubylips.. we were leaving together, damnit!" Gabriel let her head rest on his shoulder again, softly caressing her head as he held her body up with all his might. He softly spoke, trying to comfort her. "It'll be alright... it'll be alright."We left each o-other a long time ago..." She sounded pleased by his touch. "It'll be f-fine, it's always fine." Her voice is barely there and she seems to be struggling to get out what she can while she can. After, she's silent and even her breathing nearly inaudiable, as she pushes through a last bit, words easily eaten up by the sounds of life around them if one wasn't listening closely. "T-thanks for everything...Scorpion." Silence.. The world collapsed.. The world was not enough.. Corrie, was no more. [align=center]***[/align] It took Gabriel a moment before he realised, trying to shake her lightly at first, listening to her non-existant breathing as he still held her lifeless body. "Corrie?!" Bursting through the shallow water, he reached the sand on which he carefully laid her down. The careful taps on her cheek turned to slaps, as he leaned in to see if he could find any sign of life on her. He did not. Clumsily and his hands trembling, he reached for his radio, panic entering the moment like an uninvited bronto, stomping away. His sight was completely blurry from the neverending stream of tears as he pressed the radio button. "I NEED A F***ING DOCTOR!" Without hesitation he lifted her up from the sand and rushed towards the tavern as fast as he could, laying her on the floor and knelt beside her. The moments flashed by and everything seemed so unreal. Before he realised, there were people around him and he pushed on her chest and breathed into her mouth time after time, intensifying with every second his actions were to no avail. Tears, drool, blood.. everything pushed to its max to try and save her, until that hand made him snap back to reality. Harlow held his shoulder, held him back. Ann knelt next to Corrie's body, Tym-Tam comforting her. Aiken in a craze, unable to control himself. A woman unknown to Gabriel stood there, but Gabriel didn't care. She was truly gone, now.. it all happened so fast. As reality slowly dripped into Gabe's mind, he didn't fully experience the next few hours. The realisation that she would never return again kept stabbing him in his heart and his brain simply couldn't process that fact. It was over.. Corrie would truly not come with him. Dying in Gabe's arms was her last wish, a man she had hated and loved both at the same time. Gabriel carefully picked up her body and carried her upstairs towards her bed in Gabe's room. He closed her eyes and one by one the people present peeked inside to try and wrap themselves around the situation. They felt helpless, as did Aiken and Gabriel. Aiken told him that she instructed him to take her to Adak. Gabe could do nothing but honor her request, he trusted Aiken. He knew she meant so much to him after all they had been through. Gabriel stood by the bed, caressed her forehead and softly kissed her. "Goodbye, my love.." Realisation made place for anger. Gabriel went downstairs to the brewery to clear his mind, but could not control himself anymore. He practically wrecked the brewery. Cabinets, glass jars, storage.. his wrath was untamable. In a way he blamed himself, for what he had done to her. Not alone, but he approved of it then. For Corrie being Corrie, something she simpy couldn't help be. When he calmed down and rested against a wall, he could hear Aiken do the same, slamming on the floor and in tears uncontrollably. After a while, Gabriel went back upstairs and conferred with Aiken. Though Gabriel agreed that she would have to be taken to Adak, he was leaving in a few days but wanted to say goodbye properly. He wanted Corrie's body out before.. but now he just wanted to be with her, if only for a day. Aiken agreed, as Gabriel walked towards the bed she rested on, Aiken and Ann leaving him to it, Ann softly closing the door. Seeing her like that, so still and cold, choked his very soul. A woman once so full of fire, laughing at life in its face and enjoying every moment she shared with loved ones. It was just a fragment of her left, a piece of Corrie. Her spirit was passing on. He had to care for her one last time. [align=center]***[/align] From his cabinet, he took a few cloth sheets and some cotton wrappings. He rinsed his hands thrice, up to his elbow twice and his feet up to his ankle thrice, after which he filled a large bowl with warm water. He took the sheets and wrapping towards the bed and lay them beside her. He put the bowl on the side table and carefully dipped a piece of the cloth in it, leaving the cloth on the edge of the bowl. Carefully he removed her clothes and covered her more private parts with a few of the wrappings, took the damp cloth and started softly rubbing her body clean. It was a Rakian custom to clean the body thrice in a row in order to retain purity. A body must enter the afterlife clean and pure in order to be allowed there, to not be lost in the void between life and death. Gabriel chuckled softly as his tears wettened the floor and the sheet beneath Corrie below him. "Corrie would say she would be so dirty, no cloth would be able to purify her.." he thought to himself, smiling somewhat as he remembered her. After the third rinsing, he wringed out the cloth into the bowl and looked down at her, hands on her right hand as he spoke the words of the Order: "O Ka, if she was a doer of good, then increase her good deeds, and if she was a wrongdoer, then overlook her bad deeds. O Ka, forgive her and give her the steadiness to say the right thing." He then proceeded to remove the wrappings, and took the cloth sheet that lay beside her and covered her whole. He lifted the shroud upwards, but stopped before covering her face. "I know you can hear me still.. I love you Corrie.. I will see you when the moment comes." frozen in time, he could not move for a moment, fixated on her body, glistering in the torch light from the water he washed her with. But after a short time, he lifted the shroud to cover her whole. He bent over her head and gave her a long, soft kiss on the forehead. "It is time, my love. You must go." [align=center]***[/align] He lifted her up, shroud and all and walked down the stairs. Outside, the morning had broken, as Gabriel greeted the sun with pursed lips. The shroud over Corrie's body lit up like stars in the night, drops of water reflecting all the colors in the world, her red hair and red painted lips shining through the shroud like a crimson flower in bloom. He walked to the side of the tavern, towards the grave he dug into the ground. Beside the grave, a large bag of tangerine coloured sand. Rakis sand. Standing beside the grave, he dropped down with her tighly held against him, and put her body down to rest in the grave. He climbed back up, grabbed the bag of sand and positioned his legs on the sides of the grave ledges, over her body. He held the bag open in one hand, took a handfull of sand from his homeland and let it slip through his fingers onto the shroud. "O Ka, forgive our living and our dead, those who are present among us and those who are absent, our young and our old, our males and our females." He took another handfull of sand and repeated the gesture. "O Ka, do not deprive us of the reward and do not cause us to go astray after this. Forgive her and have mercy on her, keep her safe and sound and forgive her, honor her rest and ease her entrance; wash her with water and snow and hail, and cleanse her of sin as a white garment is cleansed of dirt." He took another handfull of the sand and let it slip through his fingers again, but this time letting it touch the entire shroud. "O Ka, admit her to Paradise and protect her from the torment of the grave and the torment of the fires; make her grave spacious and fill it with light." Gabriel tossed away the bag of sand, violently dropping to the soil below. He kissed his hand and held it towards her direction. "Sleep well, my love. Time to go home.."
  22. @"ScalpelUser" , @"Noisette" , @"Felix" , @"ApeChild" and whoever plays Athena. Thank you for that heartbreaking RP. I second Felix, it was a tearjerker. Regards, Koge
  23. Sounds like a fun and useful idea! Is it also an idea to go back to vanilla ini settings as well? Maybe half of the day? The settings may have influence on it as well. Regards, Koge
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