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  1. No, Solus is not here, and never will be! Valharroth, perhaps?
  2. Piiaaaa~~! <3 I'm here! And I won't give up! .. SCALPELUSERR
  3. If I manage to make it, I'll try to remember to record for you.
  4. BEHOOOLDDD.. THE /ALL IN ONE/! @Solus @Leira
  5. [align=center][video=youtube] [/align] [align=center]Listen while reading![/align] [align=center] Aiken's [V3] Backstory/Journal[/align] [align=center]Burning Bridges[/align] Aiken and Harlow appear to be laying together on a small bed. Harlow being right on top of him, and Aiken covered in a layer of sweat. Eventually, his eyelids raise and he brings both hands up to begin digging his fingers underneath them.. He blinks rapidly before looking to Harlow, staring at her for a moment, then turning his head to the open window.. "Fuck, it's hot.. Forgot to install the damn AC.." Aiken thinks to himself, groaning.. "Hey, babe.. You awake?" The man whispers into her ear, gently shaking her.* The woman beside him stirred, feeling the man wake under her. Harlow sits up, feeling sticky and hot from the heat, despite the open windows. Harlow yawned, “I'm up, I'm up..” She blinked, looking out the window where the sun was reflecting off the water. “I'm sorry.. I totally forgot to install the damn air conditioners in this fucking boat.” Aiken speaks out while grumbling, lightly scratching the side of his neck before letting out a brief chuckle.* “Bleh..” Aiken wraps both hands around her and gently moves her, sitting up on his bed and slides his legs off from the mattress. He glances over at her before looking out the window, staring out into the open sea. “I wonder how far we got.. We were at it for soo fuckin' long last -.. Night? .. I don't even know how long we were sleeping.” Harlow chuckles. “That snowy Island might not be so bad after all.” She speaks out and Aiken chuckles at that, nodding. “She jumps up from the bed, not bothering to get herself dressed, walking across the boat to the fridge and grabs two cold jars of water from it. She came back to the bed and sits on the very edge of it, next to Aiken. Harlow holds out one jar to Aiken. “No idea.. “ She stretched her arms and legs out a moment, feeling her stiff muscles unlock. “Talk about a long night..” Aiken reaches over and wraps a hand around the jar she offered him, and twists the cap off of it, tossing it to the floor without a care and lifts it up to his lips, chugging it down.* “Ahh.. That's nice..” Aiken grins and sets the jar down onto the metal floor, looking up to her. “Long night indeed, didya have fun? I sure as hell did..” He purses his lips and begins to rub his fingers together. “But now I feel numb.” Harlow smirked.. “Did I have fun? Like .. four times.” She looked down, nodding. “I'm numb too.” She laughed, swinging her feet. “I blame you for that..” She opened her water, taking a long drink before crawling back onto the bed, laying down on her stomach. She looked up at Aiken with a shit-eating grin. “Are we there yet?” She asked, her expression faking innocence. “You blame me? Hey!” Aiken calls out and smirks.* “You were the one that handcuffed and went to town on me, that was totally out of my control.” He pushes himself back to lay ontop of her. “Oh no, I fell and .. I'm so sticky! I can't get back up!” He laughs, trying to push himself back up, though ends up failing and falls back down on her. “W-Well.. Sorry, I tried my best. And no, we're not there yet! .. Probably won't be for another damn few weeks.” [align=center]The couple lay in bed for another few hours before coming up with the idea of a mini-boat date.[/align] "I'm not even going to bother putting my shirt on, I don't even know where it went after last night." Aiken laughs, sitting up, sliding his legs off from the bed and rises up to his feet, bringing both arms and stretches. "Mmhhh.. Alright, let's do this." While she's looked away, Aiken slides his hand down into his pocket to ensure that the small 'object' is still in his pocket. He smirks as his fingers make contact with it, and then makes his way over to the table. "This table is light enough for me to hold in one hand, I'm sure." He blows out the candles on it, grabbing them and sets them down on the floor before grabbing one of the legs, lifting it up from the floor. "Yeah, this is light." He mutters, making his way up the ladder and sets it down in front of the bench. "I got it!" He calls out. Harlows head is inside the fridge as she's sorting through their food. "Alright, Muscles." She teases, making her final choices and closing the fridge with her foot before following him up, carrying two plates which she carefully sits on the table. "Not half bad." She says with a smirk, opening the window behind the bench before she sat down. "I'm starving..." She mused, waiting for him to sit with her. Aiken brings a leg up and steps over a bench, lowering himself down right beside her, glancing over with a wide smile across his lips, before looking down to the dishes. “What's this?” Aiken questioned, staring directly down at the plate of food. Harlow leaned over, nudging his shoulder with hers as he sat down. "I'm pretty sure it's phiomia. I made a kind of salad from the berries to go with it." She smirked, "Best part is I didn't actually have to cook. Slicing berries is easy. Add a drizzle of honey and it's done." She giggled. Aiken rubs his hands together as he looks down to his dish. "What to eat first.. Do I eat the meat first, or the salad?" He sits there in silence for a moment, before reaching over to grab his fork and knife, beginning to cut off a slice of the meat. "Meat it is." He mutters, digging the fork into the center of it. "This looks good, I thought you were bad at cooking." He snickers, bringing the meat up to his mouth, then bites down onto the fork, chewing it. Harlow watched him take a bite, grinning widely. "Sorry, I'm in shock. I've only ever seen my pets eat my cooking." She shrugged, "Slicing berries and burning meat, pretty hard to mess up." She chuckled. "I'm glad you like it. Might not be as bad as I think." She stuck a couple of berries onto the end of her fork, chewing them and humming happily before she cut into her meat. After Aiken chews the slice of meat for a bit, he swallows it down, humming to himself. "Hey, it's .. Not that bad! It's much better then what I could do. Like, have you seen what I've been eating? My meat ends up charred and disgusting." He nods, cutting off another slice and digs his fork into it again. "How are you enjoying your own salad? You like it?" He asks, biting into the meat again. She grimaced, looking over at him, silently. "Honestly? I think this is the first time I've seen you actually eat anything." She chuckled, nodding. "It's pretty good. But I mean, you could put honey on a leaf and that would probably still be good, so." She took another bite of her meat, "It is pretty good though." She said happily. "Yeah, we didn't even have a chance to eat those burgers and that cake back at our date." He chuckles, then nodding at her comment about honey on leafs. "True that, honey goes good with pretty much anything." He begins to cut into the meat, then pausing and thinking to himself. "You know.. Do you think honey would be good with meat? I'm kinda tempted to try, honestly." She nodded, giggling. "Didn't have a chance to do anything much, after that wine..." She looked over at his plate, "Well, Adak had me try a piece of Salmon with honey and citronal. It was amazing. Try it." She said, shrugging and cutting off a piece of her own to try with honey. "That reminds me, you remembered to pack the wine, right?" He asks, bringing the piece of meat up to lightly dab it against the salad and honey. "Also, Adak did? When was this?" He asks, bringing the meat up to his mouth.. "Here goes." He shuts his eyes and bites into it, slowly chewing it. "Mm.. Not bad." He mutters, chewing it down. "Alright, that's pretty good." She smirked, "Of course I did! I wish I'd asked him how it's made, it's half gone after the sendoff for the Twins. The thing with Adak was at that oasis party. There was a whole platter of it, you didn't try any?" She popped her fork into her mouth, and her eyes closed. "That's really, really good." Aiken shakes his head.. "That party was cut short because of me, remember? All I remember was me catching a fish with my bare hands, then Corrie hugging and comforting me. Then us chatting away in that house. I don't remember seeing any food." He shrugs, switching to the salad. "Glad you're enjoying the food." Harlow frowned, "Oh that's right... What was I doing then? I remember fishing, then the three of us talking." She started giggling, "Maybe I was drinking." She sighed, "Well, next salmon I see, I'll try to make it for you." She smiled, finishing off her meal and sitting back, satisfied. "You were in your underwear and fishing quietly. You weren't really speaking much, dunno if you were drinking or not. And thanks, I look forward to eating your salmon." He snickers, setting the knife and fork down, glancing to her before looking out the window, staring off into the distance. "Hey, look at that. The sun is going down. Looks so damn pretty from here, huh?" He yawns, turning his head to hers. If I was anywhere, quietly, I was probably drinking." She snickered, giving him a look at his fish joke. "Good one." She shook her head, then turned to look out of the window. The sun was a hot orange ball, hovering just over the horizon and reflected in the water. She sighed happily, "How beautiful. Even the sun set's differently out here.." [align=center][/align] [align=center]http://i.imgur.com/nbjtTec.jpg[/img][/align] Beautiful indeed.." He says in a hushed tone, twiddling his fingers nervously before pushing himself up to his feet, looking down to her. "Y'know, I'm .. Pretty damn bad at this." He sighs and his smile fades away.. He reaches down and grabs her hand. "My father and I went over this once.. Even practiced doing it with my mother. May come off as a loser for saying that, but oh well." He chuckles slightly, shakily lowering himself down on one knee infront of her. "Harlow. After losing my family and friends decades ago, I've been living the rest of my life alone up until I met you. - Sure, Corrie was with me as a friend, but her being there to talk to me didn't really help with my loneliness. - Up until I met you, of course. When I first laid my eyes on you, I secretly hoped that I could grow closer to you. I secretly hoped that you and I could become something more then friends." He squeezes her hand and his eyes well up with tears, before he blinks it away. After the first date, when we had sex and we were laying in bed.. From there I wished that I could spend the rest of my life with you, despite us just finishing up with our first date and how early it was.. I had a strong feeling about you, and I was right this entire time." He looks out the window for a moment, eyeing the sunset before looking back to her. "Harlow, I don't know if you think it's too early or not, but I .. I can't wait anymore." He brings his left hand up and grabs her hand, bringing his right hand down to slide into his pockets, pulling out the ring from it and clutches it, his eyes still glued to hers. "Harlow, I'm trying my best here, so bear with me.." He nervously laughs, and his hands begin to shake. "I'm not sure how this stuff really works, but I'm just doing what my father had taught me to do if I ever met the love of my life.. Which is you. - I want to spend the rest of my damn, shitty life with you." He opens his hand, pressing his fingers against the sides of the ring and holds it out to her. "I know you love me as much as I love you, so.." A bead of sweat rolls down his forehead and his eyes well up again, though this time, he's unable to blink it away. Tears stream down his right eyelid, maintaining eye contact with the woman before muttering.. "W-Will you marry me, Harlow? .. God, I hope this isn't just what our family does, and you understand what I'm doing here!" [align=center]The ring is a metal band with a bright, large tangerine-ish crystal embedded in the center. [/align] Harlow looked away from the view, her brow raised in confusion as she turned to face him, "Bad at what?" She asked him as he took her hand. "Wh-" she cut off, hearing about his parents though her expression was still puzzled until he went down on one knee. She immediately understood what was going on. She gasped and sat up, immediately tearing up but she stopped, putting a hand to her mouth to listen to him speak. She laughed nervously, her mind spinning. "Aiken what in the world...." When he was finished, she nodded quickly, tears rolling down her face, and pulled her hand down from her mouth. "Yes!" She laughed again, "Yes I'll marry you, you nervous wreck!" She took her rag from the table, wiping his face before she leaned down to kiss him passionately. "Of course I'll marry you." She said pulling away and sticking her left hand out for him to slip the ring on. "It's beautiful." She choked out before she teared up, smiling. He shakily slides the ring on her finger, looking up to her and smiling widely, then begins to laugh. "Y-You can't blame me! This is so hard!" A light shade of red grows over his face as she starts to kiss him, immediately shooting up from his knee wrapping both arms around her, lifting her up from the ground. - He spins her around before pressing her back against the wall, kicking the bench over with his foot. [align=center][/align] [align=center]The couple went from Island to Island, small or large, the two were very picky with the Islands they came across. Aiken and Harlow spent the next few months sailing the seas with a motorboat, in hopes to find an Island that they could spend the rest of their lives on.[/align] [align=center]But, this meant that Aiken had to burn the bridges that he had built. The promise that he had made to his father, to retrieve each and every artifact. And bring them to the obelisks so that he could slay the dragon. The man was basically retiring from fighting.[/align] [align=center]For him, this was much more worth it. Dropping and leaving everything behind him was what path he decided to take.[/align] [align=center][video=youtube] [/align]
  6. That totally doesn't look like Ragnarok or anything. ;P
  8. Yes, it is me. I'm sitting here dying of starvation in real life, but I managed to crawl my way to this thread. ScalpelUserrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. Okay, so I'm going to go over my issues regarding not being able to play two characters. A few weeks ago my character Aiken, left the Island in order to keep his partner from being kidnapped by a certain hostile group. *cougharicough*. And to live a more peaceful life without the conflict in Xendaris. Doing so, I had to completely drop my character and have nothing to do for the rest of the volume. You may tell me that you would be able to have the option to just create a new character, but at the same time; creating a character this close to the wipe is somewhat pointless when it comes to grinding and all that. What I'm getting at is, all throughout the volume I have been planning out this character with a good friend of mine, but what kept me from actually playing the character until Volume 4, is the fact that we are unable to play second characters. At that time if we were able to, I would have been playing this server much more often and getting twice as much roleplay as I do now. Because having two characters opens up for a /lot/ more roleplay. Now at this moment, I'm having a lot of fun playing my new character, Cyrus, but I am expected to play my main character, Aiken, in the upcoming volume. At the same time, I /really/ want to continue playing Cyrus, but I can't until volume 4. Which really sucks because I love these two characters so much, and it's really shitty having to drop one of your characters just to play a different one. At this point I might sound like a broken record, but I hope y'all understand. x)
  10. Yes, please. Allow us to where we're able to play separate characters using different steam accounts again. This opens up to a LOT more and gives us much more to do on this server. For example, I'm roleplaying Aiken and I eventually get extremely bored playing him. If I want to try out a different character for a time, I have to completely erase and drop him. Which of course doesn't make any sense. Having to drop and erase a character just to try out something new is lame.
  11. I have twenty thousand, my friend. - It is not Ordrak, but only me! .. Sorry to dissapoint. How 'bout ScalpelUser?
  12. No Chain for you, Amphi. STOOORRMMMBBOOOOOORRRRRRRNN?!
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