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  1. I have always been a lived by the saying "if it is not broke dont fix it" 1:limit tribe size 2:Community hub (somewhere to actually flesh out the currency and allow players to earn and sell their own wares) 3:What was wrong with last season's mods? (i do like the upgrade station it fits in very well for those wanting to play blacksmiths or pro crafters) 4: lower the spawn of animals on the map 5: find out how many of (Active players) enjoy the primitive play that we have now) 6: Map going to a map that is actually good (volcano has to many bugs it kinda ugly as well and Vahall looks good but has un finished features and animal spawning issues)
  2. are all the same mods going to be used becuase if not then what would be the point in saving all our points . unless we all get mindwiped
  3. Hmm my favorite color combo 8/10
  4. Holy shit I am gone for a season and come back to some salty people. I love all of you
  5. Rannva only if Jörmungandr wasn't in trouble too Jörmungandr (my bronto from the old island) For reals Rannva The 2 deadliest kids on The island Saji Hyar Yetti Marcus Tyge Myla Jose Rave......maybe The list gets shorter
  6. Stop putting love letters in Pattons mailbox...jk
  7. *Patton grabs Ranva with one arm pulls his helmet off with the other kisses Rannva and pulls her into the light with him*
  8. i was afk during the hate i have no perspective
  9. you can also build a base / ship anchored to the sea floor using the floating ceiling trick... now it may not be able to move but it would still be a ship.. and there is no limit to the items that way
  10. and i raided you sunday us central time and i was there last night there is plenty of time for you to send you folks over to threaten me that you were going to attack us and then follow through ...
  11. back was open at first to raid but the agro cats could not been pulled out that way so we opened the front so we could pull them out without killing them....sadly one of witch did die to a dire bear before we could return it safe the as for the things i took personally was your.....your chitten gun powder food 2 argi eggs (and that was only cuz the refrig broke meant to bring those back) 800 polymer about 10000 metal a few weapons no pearls a bunch of electronics ammo from turrets probably 200 shot gun round ...your base was very well fortified and many turrets on the floor lvl need to be blown up with c-4 and there was collateral damage due to that we did try to make an effort to keep from making as much collateral damage as possible but sadly as fortified as it was there was some ...as of all the mats taken all i can speak of is the things listed the goal of this raid was to capture fab for the crime committed to the people of the island or hinder his ability to continue doing so' as for the animals that we moved the rex and the 2 sabers were not passive and the 2 centipedes on turret mode were killed in self defense sadly the beaver did die there is another thread that was immediately put up when it happened and as for the wolf i never saw a wolf except for the one that was trying to kill us from the top floor...that is why we did go up there your forge fridges and the loading doc were destroyed while blowing up your many turrets you had scattered about the bottom floor you must realize that other thing will take dmg when you have them so close to your turrets I.E. why you food and 2 argi eggs were grabbed your gen were not destroyed by my knowledge your base was still actively firing at me while i was occly speaking to a tribe mate of yours that we were bring the cats back the vault that was blown raided was part of the back wall that we enter through.....i mean all your walls minus 1 is lined with vaults like an extra lining of armor what i assumed so we had to blow through one before realizing we needed to take the door off and to my knowledge none of those vaults except the 2 that got blown up in the back wall were blown into besides the center room ..... http://imgur.com/a/5NChN
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