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  1. I will admit that I was a bit hasty in my comment, and I apologize. It's very easy to look at something like this and immediately think the worst, instead of thinking how one can rebound from this. I should also thank you for giving us this information a good week in advanced. At the same time, I believe this should have been announced with the actual wipe event, as I believe it would help to offset the "doom and gloom" look of the wipe. Anyway, hope you guys come up with something good
  2. Not sure if this is the place to discuss this, but this seems kind of silly to me. Yes, there has been less and less people on Crasite, but I don't see the benefit of wiping it early and putting everyone who still plays on the server in an uncomfortable spot where they can either build their base back up again on Aeternia just for it to be wiped yet again in a week, or they just simply stop playing until Volume 2, which, in my opinion, would be the more reasonable solution. I believe that, instead of this just suddenly being thrusted upon the community, this should have been a discussion point in the community meeting that is only 3 days away. Anyway for all those who play on Crasite as well, my sympathies.
  3. 1) Discussion about magic. Magic seemed to be something that was very rarely used, and the mods implemented to help magic users were being used by everyone, and for good reason. The upgrade bench removes the need to hunt for RNG drops, and the alchemy mod gave us some nice weight-based storage, yet people that used these often did not RP as technomancers or alchemists, so should we push magic more, or simply get rid of it? 2) Mods. Seems to me that the general thought is to remove mods, as too many mods causes issues, which I am all for. However, I also believe we need to discuss not only the mods being removed, but also the mods being kept, and whether they are for actual RP purposes, or more for quality of life. 3) One map. Again, something else the community seems to want, as the 2 servers seemed to divide the community more. However, what map would we be using? Valhalla is big enough, but too buggy and has messed up spawns. The Volcano is a nice map, but I believe it would be too small if we were using only one server. 4) Staff factions. Yes, I do believe the players should push the story forward on their own, but in times of "conflict drought" I believe the staff factions should push forward conflict. This way, there would always be some sort of conflict occurring. Should the staff factions have this sort of responsibility? 5) Primitive vs Tech. This is something else that I believe divides the community somewhat. While we did have a somewhat mix of both with the two servers this season, if we are moving to only one server, this is going to be much harder to balance. Ideally, we would have both, but it could quite possibly end up where one playstyle is "better" than the other, so most people would end up gravitating towards that playstyle. Should we have a mix of primitive and tech, or should we just stick with one? 6) Scorched Earth. I had a good feeling that this would be an issue when we were allowed to use the items and creatures from the DLC. Wyverns are obviously the biggest offender, as they are so strong with good utility, and often are not a huge issue for a good size tribe to raise. However, there are also the fire arrows and golems. While I haven't actually PVP'd on the server, fire arrows are notorious for how strong they are, doing 75% of the targets health that ignores armor (I believe I got this number right). Golems are a nuisance more than anything, as on The Volcano, they will spawn across the entire map. And while they aren't the greatest in PVP, they serve for some pretty good damage sponges. So should we continue to allow Scorched Earth engrams and creatures? 7) Restriction of fliers. I've seen this idea tossed around a little bit now. By removing fliers, land based dinos such as the Galli would become much more useful, and ocean travel could also become more viable. This was an issue with WoW, once flying had been implemented, many people stopped interacting with each other because everyone was flying around instead of walking to their objectives. At the same time, there are people that are quite fond of their birds and enjoy raising them, and despite Valhalla having such a huge mass of water, I haven't seen too much naval RP occurring. So should fliers be restricted in order to promote more land/sea travel and RP? 8) Season length. While I am eager to start fresh next season, I believe the length of the seasons should be called to question. Three months seems like an awfully short amount of time for anything to happen, as people are spending half or more of the season simply building up their bases and RP buildings. This would also make conflict seem to be more rushed, but it would be hard to tell as there as been minimal conflict this season. A longer season would simply allow more to happen, more RP, more conflict, etc. So should we extend the length of the seasons? I know I'm a bit late to this and everything I listed was most likely already said by someone, but I wanted to get my two cents in on what I feel like needs to be discussed.
  4. If we're talking IRL, I'm a "Kk" kinda guy, so I'd guess that's chaotic evil? If we're talking about our characters, I feel like Ren is an "alright" guy
  5. So I finally got the map to work for me. I ended up deleting the M_Cliff_Snowy.uasset file and validating the files again, and that seemed to do it. You can mark this as solved now.
  6. I'm sorry but I'm not the most tech savvy person, what path would I take to get to the file FileManageGeneric.ccp? Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Yes, after I deleted all my mod content, I made sure to verify the files.
  8. So, for whatever reason, when trying to join Crasite, my game stops loading at TheVolcano_A1_Area. This just happened out of nowhere and I had changed nothing between when this issue first came up and the last time the map was working for me, seeing as how it refuses to load even in singleplayer. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the map, as well as deleting all of my mod content and redownloading them, yet nothing seems to work. It also seems to choose whether it actually wants to crash or not, as sometimes I'll get a crash report, and other times I will just sit in the loading screen forever. The top of the crash report reads as follows: LowLevelFatalError [FileC:\SVN_Ark\Engine\Source\Runtime\Core\Private\HAL\FileManagerGeneric.ccp] [Line: 608] Invalid BufferCount=0 while reading ../../../ShooterGame/Content/OldAssests/Assets/Materials/M_Cliff_Snowy.uassest. Pos=1886230973, Size=454010, PrecacheSize=2147483647, PrecacheOffset=1886230973 It doesnt seem like anyone else is getting this issue, as there is no mention of it on the mod page. Based on the second line of text, it seems that theres an issue with a particular texture/object pertaining to M_Cliff_Snowy.uasset. If anyone could help me out, that would be lovely. Ill keep checking the mod page until I can get it fixed.
  9. Fantastic work Duo, Ive been loving watching as you get this place built up! Cant wait for the grand opening
  10. No worries, Libera! To be honest, I completely forgot about this thread, but thanks for answering despite how old this is. You can mark it as solved now
  11. Sounds like a good idea to me. Hopefully it gets more people chatting on the discord too
  12. Most of my tribes time has been sitting in isolation while we tame and build up our base, hopefully we'll be able to get out an rp soon
  13. Why not? I thought taming effectiveness was determined by the quality of food used, i.e. how fast the creature was tamed. Hello, my name is TreeDog, and I am an Ark noob. Not necessarily. For example, crops tame slower than mejo berries, yet provide higher taming effectiveness.
  14. Although it's a bit too early in the patch to check for sure, but based on the wiki raw mutton tames at 7.5x the speed of raw meat, while kibble is only 5x. However, even if that number is correct, I doubt that it will provide better taming effectiveness than kibble.
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