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  1. Just a quick note I may be being stupid but is the battery charging station engram disabled as it stops us making the incubator?
  2. I may be mistaken but would that not make it so you cant get 100% effectiveness due to it taking twice as long to ask for it or is the Percentage tied to I so you would get say 10% where as before you would only get %5 per want
  3. Unfortunately the have a habit of not on previous servers i have spawned inside peoples actual buildings and been shot down as soon as i loaded in and these where un-modded servers so not sure why it happens
  4. Oh dear I'm sorry you where caught in there are you still stuck I don't know if our animals are on passive and yea there is no way out of our place it's a shame none of us where there to help you
  5. As one of the main aggressors in this situation I've refraind from posting but thought I would maby try to clear up the events (not promising much 3am sleepy me thinks this is a good idea) going back to the original point of this post was that you felt that the Giga was a excessive show of force and unfortunately for you multiple different parties that knew Al found out about this trial and even though city-state was a natural party IC I for one did not know this as my character prior to this had had no contact with the members of the settlement. before the event IC I did not know the owner of the Giga and I was actually told when I IC told Al's sister what was happening to bring my giga not knowing that there happened to be one there but that's not in my characters nature or background to use animal's to do her fighting for her so decided just to take her trusty ptera. And even though all these people showed up to get Al out of the situation he was in for quite a few of the first people to show up had little to no Knowledge of each others relations with Al for example Giga owner did not know me or ALs sister IC to the best of my knowledge so had zero reason to trust eachother than the fact that they knew Al in one form or another. Not sure if that makes any sense but if not what I'm trying to get at is yes people showed up with what could have been as excessive force not knowing what other unknown parties to them had brought to get Al out of his situation is the way that was least likely to bring harm to Al. Ps:sorry if this makes zero sense
  6. Just from the observations of tonight the dragons are way way to common at the moment in the snow you can see maybe 3-4 in the same area fighting things and there pretty hard to kill even with long-neck rifles they don't seem to scratch it http://prntscr.com/awh07g no TY
  7. Welcome Good luck and have fun
  8. Most likely not as far as i can see the issue with people not being able to get on due to the White-List being broke is still ongoing I know i still cant get on as i am apparently not White-listed
  9. Somthing Has gone FuBar with the Whitelist alot of us cant get on
  10. Now if only i could get my account to connect with steam Edit Woot Woot Finlay managed to connect and fill out the from for whit-listing
  11. Hi my name is freya realy don't know what to put here other than i love RP and have been Rping on Mad morphs sub server but was looking to join this server to join a friend that is already on this server
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