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  1. Old Jonesy ain't a forum guy Lyall. sorry to break it to yah 3 I call forth from the deep sea and the frothy brine. Noisette, come forth!
  2. The door swings open an the grisly remains of what could only be assumed to be once a man are flung through it. The thick stench of iron wafts out the door accompanied by the sad crying wails of some very desperate people. Lined against the counter-tops are pitiful visages of human beings. Hand bound behind them, beaten and bloodied, they beg their assailant for mercy. He dusts himself off of the disobedient curs filth, now he's been disposed of via hot steel, black powder and the oaken planks of the tavern door. He talks a calm seat merely glimpsing to his sorrowful hostages. lighting a cigar which he would place between his lips. This man is caked with the entrails of man, but does not worry. Not a single drop of blood is his. He takes an interest in a note pinned to his table by a large butchers knife. He'd begin to read it, deaf to the pleas of the innocent folk. As one makes bolt for the door he swiftly rips the note from the knifes hold, keeping his eyes locked on the message. He tackles the would be escapee, drawing a squeal from the whelp as his knee plunges into the small of his back. The man let's out a low compulsive giggle to himself, eyes still reading. He would relieve his lips of the half smoked cigar and extinguish the embers against the cheek of the bound whelp prompting a scream of agony. The assailant makes no more than a chuckle as his hand now drifts towards the escapee's hand, an instant passes though to some it may feel like a pained hour. And now, resting in between the man's lips, similar to a cigar, is a finger. He cackles uncontrolled for a few seconds before looking to his hostages uttering these words. "If all you ladies and gentlemen would excuse me. I have a Harbour to visit"
  3. [video=youtube] //I'd suggest looping the mood music. I will be adding more letters to this collection as time goes on for now I hope you enjoy a brief glimpse into Reeds past. You wander through the creaking soaked underbelly of a long wrecked ship. The sounds of dilapidation echo around you as you wade knee deep in a concoction of rum, gunpowder, and the deep seas brine. A slight glimmer in the distance would draw your attention. The shine of a polished lock on an intricately crafted box. But such a lock after all these years goes rusty. A swift thud dismissing it. The contents now your for the pillaging. But this box hold no gold or gems. Only a stack of curious postcards.
  4. An increasingly less uprising Renzo instead i'm afraid. And don't think I don't see you cheating Lyall how unsportsmanlike. Let's take a chance and see if a new seadog will bear there head. Beryl?
  5. Wow someone guessed me. This hasn't happened in a while. Give it up for Chain everybody! (Assuming she's still around, it's been a while)
  6. What's with the rampant cheating these days? I summon Kogetsoo! The old fashioned way.
  7. Wrong Irishman i'm afraid. I'm sure he'll turn up though.
  8. The potato lover. Known far and wide 10/10
  9. No idea how well she's known around the server these days. But Rhona will be forever fixed in my mind as someone important to ArkRP. 10/10 I think we roleplayed 3 times at most
  10. This was enough for me to briefly stop lurking in the shadows to show my resounding support. Renzo Approved
  11. I guess not many know the face of Renzo http://i.imgur.com/LPDcmrw.jpg[/img]
  12. I'd be extremely surprised if anyone guessed I'd post here again. Anywho, ScalpelUser around still?
  13. Getruh


    You rang? Cannibal King at your service
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