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  1. For the Guardians of the Lost/The Keep and town of Emeridia [video=youtube] Nobility incarnate.
  2. @RED For Red [video=youtube] And for Red and Lori [video=youtube]
  3. Amphi, you truly hath brought doom upon thyself this day. And every other poor bastard reading this. After all...I may not always make sense. But at least I make twenty dollars an hour. Also, for those of you who did not ask for this, please avert your gaze now. This PUNishment is not for you. One of these days I'm going to be locked in the punitentary for these criminal quality jokes. So...a guide to playing Ark. As requested by no one in particular, but I feel it necessary to get the puns across. Be sure to be ready before you go north or into the mountains or you'll probably get T.Rekt. Also be sure to harvest from plants early on. Getting meat when all you have is a spear and the only easy prey are compies and dodos can be berry berry difficult. Apex's are mosa'ly difficult to tame, but when going after underwater predators be sure to be polite. Always say plesi and thank you. In the tundra, don't eat too fast. You know, don't wolf down your food. Yeah, no reason to be a pig. That's what Daeodons are for. Besides being MVP (Most valuable pig) and chasing one's allies around their own keep. Looking for rare tames can be a pain in the ass, but if you find an animal that's very very rare, be sure you grab it. Don't be sheepish. It's not wise to look a gift horse in the mouth. Alright guys, that's enough out of me today. @Basoon ! Get over here! I summon thee!
  4. The rain poured down from the grey cast sky. Lori brought her Iguanodon to a halt and dismounted. She then went over to the other Iguanodon and picked up her daughter, physically young and helped her off the dinosaur. Hasina looked around and then up at the red obelisk and finally at her mother. "Am I to grow up, Mother?" She asked in her typical heavy foreign accent. "Yes, darling." Lori replied calmly. Hasina knew better than to believe her mother was completely okay with this, though. She could hear the former assassin's voice tremble, could read the sadness and regret in her eyes. Lori was not at all comfortable with forcing her daughter to grow up so quickly. But Hasina knew why she had to. She understood. By the gods of earth and sky...she understood. "Then let us do it." said the girl looking up to her mother. She took her hand and squeezed and Lori looked down, smiling proudly at the little girl she knew would soon be little no longer. How she wished to spend more time with her little ones as kids. How she wished they could have a normal childhood. And that fate and destiny wasn't so hell bent and determined on ripping it away from them so soon. "May we be equal to the burden..." Lori muttered and led the way up the slopes to the pedestal beneath the red obelisk. "Step up here by the console." Lori told Hasina as she placed her own hand on the activation pad. The console lit up and so did Lori's implant. Soft, translucent displays projected from the center of the pedestal and Lori touched them in midair as if they were solid objects. She had used these "Old Machines" as her native people called them a few times before, but it hadn't been since....since she helped Alayla to age to adulthood. The memory bit deep and she shoved that out of her mind. She didn't want to think about it. This would be hard enough as it was. She selected the aging process and began the charging sequence. The obelisk shuddered slightly and beams of red light shot from various places around the central disk in an arc towards the pedestal, forming a glowing dome of energy over Hasina as Lori then stepped out of the dome and watched, holding back tears. Hasina found herself floating upwards. Further and further into the heart of the energy current flowing through the obelisk into the sky. Her body changed. She felt as if she was in the beam for a lifetime. Abruptly, the surging power ended and she fell to her knees, looking down at her hands. Hasina gasped. She was...so much larger than before. Her arms...her entire body...was different. She felt no different inside...but it was...almost like she had just put on a pair of two sizes too large shoes. She couldn't move right for a moment as she got used to her different proportions. Finally, the dark skinned girl stood and looked her mother in the eyes. She blinked and gasped again, stumbling backwards. She was nearly as tall as Lori now! "How is...how is this possible..." Hasina whispered. Lori knelt down and cupped her now grown daughter's chin in her hand. "My dearest daughter.....you are still far from ready.....but you are now capable. Do you remember what I told you when we set out for the Obelisk?" Hasina nodded and repeated the words. "From light comes darkness, and from darkness, light." "Exactly. Remember those words, my darling. And remember that I love you always. Come let's go home. Give the others a surprise." Lori pulled Hasina to her feet and gave her clothes more her size now. Hasina liked the idea of surprising the others. She grinned, and followed her mother back to the iguanodons. As they rode home, she stopped a moment to look at the setting sun. "Soon..." She muttered. "Soon..."
  5. Pegomastax Steals your heart and runs away with it chittering madly. Also, I am the Queen of Puns, and someday I will drive you away like the imposter you are! Or...I could always use another apprentice.
  6. Time to revive this game. I'd say.....Iguanodon. They're good at farming. <3
  7. ((The information contained in this letter is knowable ICly only by @Stormborn and may only be divulged ICly to others if he wishes it)) The letter contained within the envelope stamped with the Xelton seal also bore the Xelton insignia. "August Cooper, I have never been particularly good with expressing emotion, so bear with me. I am sorry. Sorry that I was and am not the father you deserve. I tried to give you a good life on Aeternia with me and my house....but of course that was not to last. I am away taking care of unfinished business. When I return, we will settle down again, and I will remake our life. After I tie up loose ends. For now, trust in yourself and your own strength. Trust in nothing else. For all else will fail you. I will see you soon, my son." -Tallis
  8. A Phyllis Willis For President shirt.
  9. [video=youtube] 4:30 am Crasite Ker'nadian Outpost It had been nearly three years since the destruction of Crasite's population at the urging of a Ker'nadian general. Their lone military outpost in the desert was now the only place left that supported human life. And it was barely eeking out an existance as it was. Fire, radiation, and poisonous gases filled the Crasitian air after the swarm of Alpha Wyverns. Atop a lone mesa above the outpost knelt a single figure. His garb was black with red accents and he held a mask in his hands, looking down thoughtfully at it. He remembered his life here. It was so much better than life at home. How he had met the "boy" in the desert cave just south of his position. He smiled softly at the thought. The boy had been so full of life. so playful, strong...proud. And yet...so sad...so bereft of anything resembling innocence. The man remembered coming to stay with him, and over time...growing to care for him. He looked up towards a now defoliated mesa in the distance across the burnt out swamp. He smiled again, remembering the manor. Then he looked past his mask at the outpost below and his red eyes narrowed and darkened. Then "she" has arrived. She took his son's heart. And then she took his mind. August Cooper was a broken man now...even though he practically lived inside another's mind now. The man snarled to himself and looked back at his mask. The grim tusked visage glared back at him and he turned it around, clamping it firmly to his face. All was ready. "She" was Ker'nadian. And it was "her" intervention that brought about Crasite's destruction. And his own. The war for his homeland had only just ended...but his life was gone forever. "She" had taken that from him. And now...he would take everything from her. And then...he would crush her. The man leapt from the mesa and pulled a thick, glittering red blade from its sheath and plunged it into the cliffside in a spinning turn as he fell. The blade bit deep into the rock and slowed his descent. He wrenched it out and landed with a firm thud on the sandy earth. Walking towards the outpost, he repeatedly shot at the ground with a silenced pistol. All in different areas. In different directions. Finally, after one shot...the ground trembled. The man smiled behind his mask and dropped a charge of C4 in that spot and walked up to the outpost gates. The dilapidated adobe structures were barely holding out against the toxic elements here. This would be easier than he expected. He drew his right arm back and threw all his might into a single punch aimed directly at the rusted lock. The lock shattered, aided by his crystal treated metal gauntlets and he wrenched the doors open and drew his sword. The guards within reacted immediately. "What do you want, Xelton?" Demanded the officer in command. The man remained quiet and held up a detonator. He flicked open the safety lock and pressed the button. Behind him in the desert, the charge he had dropped exploded. "Your heads." The man stated almost too calmly as the desert floor behind him erupted in a mass of brown and glowing red carapace as the hibernating Alpha Deathworm breached the surface and made a beeline right for the outpost, the target of its rage. The man let out a sinister laugh and charged forward, blade at the ready. The shimmering red, crystaline surface carved through a guard's armor and chopped him in half. Still laughing, the man threw a punch at the next soldier and dented his faceplate in. From a distance, one might see the fire in the dark. As the sun rose, blood stained the sand and the outpost had been chewed apart by the rampaging Deathworm. Amidst the flames and billowing smoke, the man stood and held the base commander's severed head high into the air. "Anna Stringwall!" Tallis bellowed into the sunrise. "I'm coming for you..."
  10. Daeodon: EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) Why: Because they're heal pigs! Pelican: Flop Why: Why not? Thylacoleo: Mittens Why: Because everyone wants a cat named mittens. Megatherium: Sonic Why: Because it's the most ironic thing ever. A sloth named Sonic.
  11. That feel when Lori had you figured out from the first "little game".
  12. Yeh. Does take quite a bit of time. Something we really do need to sort out. But in the meantime, come join us on Teamspeak! ts.arkarp.com no password
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