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  1. Woops, re-read the question there. Yes we will be wiping the server, and changing the admin pass before Volume 3 launches.
  2. [align=center]"The Terminal"[/align] [align=center]“-... We don’t have a choice anymore, the Trader was a necessary sacrifice. Rejoice in the fact that her death allowed for the true power of the obelisks to be realized and obtained.” [/align] *The Acolyte would speak in a hushed tone, his words flowing out of his mouth quickly. He would be leaning over a three dimensional map table of the Island, in a circular room made of obsidian stone.* [align=center]“Y-yes well.. It was not a necessary sacrifice in our eyes, I don’t know why you came here, or why you expect us to help you with anything! If it were up to me, you never would have been allowed to walk on our grounds, you would be six feet under it.”[/align] [align=center]“ You don’t have a choice.The green Obelisk, it could fall at any moment. Do you understand the dangers of this? Everyone on this Island, Dead. Potentially anyone for miles around the Island, dead. It could change the entire landscape of Sa'el for centuries to come. ” [/align] *The Acolyte would reach a hand over to grab at the three dimensional model of the Green Obelisk, he would turn it over in his hands, studying it.* [align=center]“The tower falls, and we all die, chances are anyone still on the Island would not make it far enough away to be safe.” [/align] [align=center]“If there is no hope… Why are you here?! Why are you telling me this?! Was it not your people who broke the towers in the first place? Your greed for power... or Knowledge... Or whatever you people hold dearest. Your actions have caused this." [/align] *The man would place the Green Obelisk back on the table, before flicking it with a finger, causing it to fall on it’s side. He would then reach for his brimmed hat, placing it on his head.* [align=center]“That is irrelevant it was a necessary sacrifice for the greater good. The current state of things is unfortunate, but unforseeable. The only thing left to do is fix the anomaly. There is a possibility we can save the Towers from falling... There is a terminal, hidden on the Island. I happen to know where it is. It’s possible if I access the Terminal, I can fix this.” [/align] [align=center]“Why would I trust you?” [/align] *The Acolyte would say nothing in response, he would simply push back away from the table and walk towards the stairs, he would motion a hand for the masked man to follow, leading him down a spiraling staircase, and out the base of the Traders tower. They would move swiftly throughout the cold night, dredging through the sand. The torches from around the Tower would send long shadows flickering around them. The Acolyte would stop in front of a rather weak looking Tapejara before climbing up onto the saddle, he would pat at the seat in front of him with one hand, extending the other to help the man up. Once both were securely on the bird, he would kick at the creatures sides, sending it flying up into the air with a weak cry of protest. They would spiral up into the knight sky, until the entire Island was visible. The obelisks would Illuminate much of the landscape, The Blue bathing the snow mountains in it's light, The Red bathing the southernmost parts of the Island. The green Obelisk however would be tilted dangerously to the left, it's base only a few stories from the terminal bellow, it's light flickering rapidly, sending strobe like patterns across the surrounding area. * [align=center]“You don’t have a choice anymore Trader… You either help me, or we all die. Call for the Islanders, we will need everyone that can hold a gun… Tell them to bring their fiercest creatures, and their strongest weapons... You may also want to tell them to make peace with there loved ones... Most of them wont ever be leaving this Island..." [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]//OOC: [/align] [align=center]Friday, 28th, @ 2:30PM EST 6PM UTC[/align] [align=center]It is highly recommended you bring Ghillie and Callien Soup.[/align] [align=center]We will be spawning in weapons and armor for anyone in attendance that does not have any.[/align] [align=center]Apex creatures are not permitted. [/align] [align=center]PvP is NOT permitted.[/align] [align=center]This event will be followed shortly by the start of Volume 3 on our new Dedi server![/align]
  3. It is primitive survival equipment +, it is not the Primitive + Conversion
  4. The first mini wipe event will begin in roughly 30 minutes!
  5. *Bump Bump* The first mini wipe event will begin in roughly 2 hours!
  6. Hello! *waves* Where my sla- I mean Trainee at? Red?
  7. [align=center]{Official Mini Wipe Event #1} The Collapse[/align] [align=center]"The boy is likely dead by now, killed by the primitive people of this Island. It doesn't matter, we have done what needed to be done, the experiment was a success..." [/align] [align=center]*The Acolyte would clutch a radio tightly in a hand, his other hand would clutch at a bullet wound in his abdomen. He would speak softly into the microphone, his words would be followed by a long silence before the broken voice of a woman would respond accompanied by a chorus of static, making it difficult to make out her words.* [/align] [align=center]" Good, we are impressed with your w- *Static* Not return until your work is finished... We will *Static* [/align] [align=center]"Yes.. The job will be finished... There were however some... complication... The Obelisk... It's sort of... It looks as if it will fall out of the sky." [/align] [align=center]*His words were met with an even longer silence, before the broken voice of the strange woman would come out of the speaker again.* [/align] [align=center]"Fix it... We do not need a repeat of what happen- *Static* Kha'al... Fix... It..." [/align] [align=center]"Yes m'am." [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]*The Island would be quiet other than the chirping of unseen creatures, and the rumbling noise of the trikes in the distance grazing on grass. The sunset shimmering against the surface of the small river that cut throughout the landscape. The Red and Blue obelisk hung quietly in the sky, there light radiating down on the land below them. The Green obelisk hanging on a tilt, it's light so dim it could barely be seen. [/align] [align=center]A loud grinding noise could suddenly be heard echoing around the Island, scarring a pack of Pteras that had been flying a little to close. The light of the obelisk would flicker for a brief moment before going out all together. The Obelisk would appear to almost shudder, before it would slide a few inches towards the ground and stop, the light of the tower would suddenly flicker, before returning to it's previous state, the weak light of the great tower barely spreading the surroundings with it's presence. *[/align] [align=center]//OOC:[/align] [align=center]This event will happen Sunday, 23 @4PM-EST 8PM-UTC[/align] [align=center]Clubs will not be permitted.[/align]
  8. *Grunts.* Don't look at me! My face is not pretty right now! Uh... Uh... FELIX! Come distract everyone!
  9. *BUMP BUMP* Event starts in about 30 minutes!
  10. Welcome to the server! Look forward to running into you IG! Good luck on your whitelist!
  11. The subjects are in the main post, as for the results, we may post up something small but the meetings are primarily for individuals to ask questions, and for us, as staff members, to get a better feel for the communities desires. ALSO *Bump Bump.* The final meeting begins in an hour!
  12. Crusade?!?! I don't know what this crusade is but they are not the true gods, all those that do not believe in the true gods will be destroyed!!! A'int that right Azria?
  13. *Bump Bump* Our second lore meeting will be happening in 1 hour!
  14. [align=center]Magic Announcement[/align] Hello ArkRE Community! We know you have been waiting for a while now to see what we have planned for the new magic system. We want to give you all an update of the current changes we have made to the system. The Lore team, have been focusing on trying to rewrite the rules to assure that the system itself is easier to understand, while still allowing everyone the creative possibilities that are so important when roleplaying. We have made some major changes to the magic itself with the inclusion of a new “Magic Class”, changes to the attunement system, and outlining the roles the cosmetics can play while engaging with magic IG. We believe that the changes made will overall improve the current state of the magic system. We have done our best to listen to all of your critics of the old system, and hopes for the new one. Without further wait. [align=center]Attunement System[/align] After some debate on the way the Attunement System works, we decided as a team to make some meaningful changes. You can no longer change your attunement. Once your character is attuned to a type of magic, they cannot attune to another. All attunements are currently reset, any existing characters will have 1 opportunity to either stick with their old magic, or change to a new one when the new magic system is implemented in game. You can un-attune to your magic, but you cannot re-attune to any magic. You will be stuck without magic for the rest of your character's existence. We believe this will help create a deeper impact between characters, and these abilities. We want magic to feel important to your characters, to become a part of their story, and personality. We really want to emphasize, that magic is no ordinary item in the world of Sa'el. Attunement System Rules: Removing an attunement is not only an extremely painful process, but it would leave the individual feeling lost and confused, they are likely to experience extreme changes in personality. If you remove your attunement, you can never attune again to any magic. You cannot “Switch” Attunements. [align=center]Cosmetics[/align] Another question we often get asked is what kind of cosmetic based reactions can be roleplayed out while using magic? Well we have put together a small list of things we do allow on the server. We have created the list in the hopes that it will help provide direction towards roleplay, but not stifle the amazing creativity of the community. We want to make sure that you still have the opportunity to make your roleplay feel unique to you. All of these effects are temporary and are triggered by using your magic. When you stop using your magic it must either stop, or fade, immediately. Cosmetic rules: -Glowing eyes. -Changes of hair color, and eye color. -Changes of the caster's skin colour -Changes in the caster's voice. I.E Unnaturally deep -Glowing Skin/tattoos. -Glowing, flashing, or color changes with implants. -All cosmetic effects are temporary, and can only take place while “Casting” magic. -If the character is no longer casting cosmetic changes must stop or begin fading immediately. [align=center]Mysticism[/align] First off, Mysticism has remained much the same, with some small inclusions and edits that we hope will make it easier, and more enjoyable, to be a Mystic. We have included pain removal as an official option for healers, with a small catch. Whatever pain the healer takes from there injured patient, is felt by the Mystic! This is accompanied by some re-writing of the healing rules. We hope that this will help to make the process of healing with Mysticism more engaging for everyone involved. Beast bonding has had the inclusion of shared pain between the Mystic, and there creature companion. We have removed the Alpha energy drain from Mysticism entirely, as we felt the system as a whole was rather lacking and did not mesh as well as we would have liked with the other abilities. Mysticism will be staying at the Red Obelisk! Mysticism Healing: For healing to be effective time and roleplay is required. More time and detail in roleplay = better healing, you cannot simply touch a player and say they are healed. Your healing abilities go as far as healing muscle and skin tissue as well as tendon damage. You cannot remove a bullet, or other piece of invasive debris from an individual with magic. You cannot affect someone's biochemistry. All healing MUST take a large amount of energy from the healer, and the individual being healed, in accordance to the severity of the wound. If the wound is fatal, expect your character to be very weak for the next 48 hours. Failure to RP this out is punishable. Physical pain can be removed from the patient but MUST be felt by the caster in the same way. This means if the patient has a bullet wound in the abdomen, the caster would feel as if they did as well. Beast Bonding: You cannot “Speak” with your beast You cannot use your creature bond to Meta information in any way, shape, or form. You must be within close proximity of your creature to exchange emotional experiences. All shared experience must be an emotional exchange I.E Fear, joy, anger, etc… You can experience your creatures physical pain when in close proximity, and your creature can experience your physical pain. Plant Growth: With Extreme amounts of energy you can cause a plant to grow extremely quickly. Helps promote healthy plant growth. You cannot have a plant grow outside its natural bounds, this means no crazy shaped flowers, or giant tree’s. [align=center]Infusion[/align] We spent a great deal of time taking a hard look at both Alchemy, and Technomancy. In order to provide room for a new magic type to be brought in, we were looking to remove one of these two. Instead we found that both Alchemy and Technomancy were similar in many ways, as it involved the infusion of energy into a non living, or inanimate object. With this the “Magic Class” Of infusion was born. Technomancy and Alchemy have been mixed together into one, the basic concept of this Magic Class is that the user specializes in infusing energy into items to create the casters desired effects. Whether that means you are crafting the most impressive blade Sa’el has ever seen, or concocting a love potion for the one that got away, is entirely up to you! The rules for both has remained the same, however we have included that Technomancers have the ability to touch an inanimate object, like a sword, and tell what minerals were used in it’s creation. Just as an reminder, anyone who uses Infusion, cannot infuse a blade, a gun, or any item with any type of cosmetic effect not available VIA In game mechanics. Ex: A flaming blade, a frozen pike, or bullets that have a shock type of an effect. Infusion will be attached to the blue Obelisk! Infusion Rules: Alchemy: -Uses custom recipes only. -Effects, side effects, and duration must be written OOC in the description of the item. (For example - //Effect: Lets you see in the dark, Duration: 20 minutes, Side effects: May cause blindness -Person ingesting potion may choose to not have one of the effects happen, but cannot make up side effects not listed for their character to experience. -Counters to potions are allowed, but must be made to counter the potion that was given. No “Cure-all” Recipes. Technomancy: -Only works on non-living materials. -The user can use magic to help manipulate smelted metal. -Used to explain how some of the more advanced technology such as radios and turret guidance systems work. -The magic can be used to “Bolster” the strength and resistance of metal during creation. -No effects that are not available via in-game mechanics. No sword that are on fire or armour that is invincible, etc. -Any new inventions must be approved by loremasters before RPing ingame. If you wish to invent something send them a PM! -A Technomancer is capable of sensing the raw materials used in the creation of an object through physical touch. [align=center]Peculation[/align] With a lot of analyzing, and debate around the magic system, as well as communicating with you, the community. We felt that the magic system did not properly offer roleplay opportunities for some types of roleplayers. For this reason, we wanted to take a look at providing a class of magic that offers an opportunity for more aggressive, or “dark” roleplayers to participate in. With this thought, Peculation was born. We took the “Taboo” or “dark side” of Mysticism, the sacrificing of animals and draining of their energy, and expanded on the concept. Peculation is all about weakening your enemies, and giving you an edge.. Draining energy from wild creatures, tamed pets, or even other players to RP boost your stamina, stay awake for inhuman periods of time, or even reduce pain before a battle! Of course, if you find yourself in a position, where you need to put the pressure on another player, you can engage in a concept called Pain Transference. This involves tricking the pain receptors in a victim's body to shoot off signals to the brain. This can obviously be useful if one of your hostages is giving you trouble. Pain reduction is a useful tool for those who choose to dabble in the art of Peculation. The process involves the sacrificing of a large animal tamed creature, so the caster cain drain their life energy as it leaves their body. For the next 24 hours. (In game time.) They experience a greatly numbed sense of pain. Even with a numbed sense of pain, it’s still easy to take a devastating wound in battle that could knock you out of the fight for days. Injury Transference allows the caster the ability to transfer that injury to another player, healing there own in the process. This allows the caster to get back into the fight faster. We have worked closely with the GM team, to create a set of rules that will assure this magic class does not provide to much of an edge when it comes to PvP. Pain reduction only lasts for one day IG time, and does not mean you can fight through death. If you die, you are still to take it is an injury that knocks you out of the fight, regardless if you do not feel that injury as much. Injury Transference has strict rules about how it can be used. The injury must be transferred to another online player, that player must then roleplay out having that injury. The process of transferring an injury takes a great deal of energy from the caster and transferring a serious injury (One that you receive after an PvP/PvE death) can only be done once every 24 hours. Refusal to Roleplay this out is subject to harsh punishment. Peculation will be attached to the green obelisk! Peculation rules: -You can only drain energy from another player with OOC permission. -Increase in stamina still comes with the limitations of the human body, for example, you still cannot swim across the oceans of Sa’el to another Island. -Increased stamina DOES NOT mean increased strength. You can physically exert yourself for longer, it does not change the way you exert yourself. Pain Removal: -Tamed creature are required to be sacrificed through IG mechanics for Pain resistance to take effect. -The creature must be larger than a Thylo. -Pain is greatly reduced, but not completely removed. - The pain reduction can last for a total of One in game day cycle per creature. -Sacrifices can not be stacked on top of eachother. Pain Transference: -Physical contact with the victim is required at all times. -The Caster can manipulate the victim by sending signals from any pain receptors in the body, to the brain. -Pain Transference does not require OOC permission. -Side Effect: A victim of Pain Transference has the ability to build up a resistance over the course of a 24 hour period. (1 in game day.) Potentially the attempt could backfire on the caster, causing them to experience the pain instead, they would also feel the effect of the pain even more since the cast failed. Injury Transference: -Physical contact with the victim is required at all times. -The wound from the caster, is healed after being transferred to the victim. -Injury Transference drains the casters energy for the next 24 hours, failure to RP this out is subject to punishment. - Transferring fatal injuries. (I.E injuries you get after dying in combat.) Can only be done once every day. Abuse of this is subject to harsh punishment. -Injuries that are considered “Fatal” must be agreed upon OOC by the victim. We understand that there may be some questions about the magic system, we encourage you to contact a member of the Loremaster team with any of your questions. We will also be taking questions on this topic at our Community Lore meeting Sunday,9th, 3PM EST, 7 PM UTC! As well as our other two Community Meetings happening on Tuesday,11th, 2PM EST, 6PM UTC and Wednesday,12th, 6PM EST, 10PM UTC The magic system is planned to be implemented in game next weekend! The ArkRE Loremaster Team
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