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  1. Ingame Location: The remains of from the Ashes base Approximate time and date of the incident (UTC): 5:44AM EST 12/03/19 Daytime or Night-time Ingame: Day-time Your ingame name: Auri Names of any friends/allies involved: N/a Name/Appearance of suspect/s: From the ashes members / Dragon kin Suspects weapons/creatures: Ptera Friendly weapons/creatures involved (if any): Rockdrake Additional evidence? (video/screenshot etc): Description of the reported events: I was flying through the redwoods sheep hunting, and found a ton of claim allowed animals which i started claiming, I should have been more careful as I accidently clicked and hit something (still not sure what I hit exactly) and my rockdrake went nuts when the pteras started attacking and killed a few players and animals as seen in the screenshots, I didnt see body bags but my drake picked up a bunch of stuff which I am happy to return if wanted.
  2. I do not want either Astrid nor Rose used in any way, as I may be starting Astrid over from scratch and would rather have a clean slate if I do decide to come back after the wipe. So please do not make mention of her name or anything involving her or Riverdale (my old tribe.)
  3. Not going to lie, this rule change is a big part of whats got me pretty meh about comeing back on this server
  4. Just a note on Primitive + you cant use ANY mods with it, like at all. the second you enable a mod it disables all the stuff for Primitive+
  5. I will forever grump at you dont worry <3 And ima hold you to that I have witnesses that you said i could club you when/if i come back!
  6. I promise Ill still pop into TS when i can :heart: gotta make sure you guys arent getting up to any trouble :heart: and ill still be on steam all the time so you can message me any time
  7. [align=center]In Light of recent events and some personal reasons I'm feeling really burnt out and really have just lost my will to RP on ark right now.[/align] [align=center]The last few months on this server have been amazing, I've met great friends and had some truly amazing RP with people but sadly all good things come to a end, and for me I think this is it. I've just gotten burnt out to the point where i no longer have the motivation to play ark anymore. Over all I've had a ton of fun and am so so happy i found this server and have met the amazing friends I have made on here. Serious props to the staff and community for making this server so fun! this server got me back into ark after i took a long break from it. You guys are great <3 I might still pop onto the TS from time to time or onto the forums but for now i need a break, I don't know when or if ill be back but who knows eventually I might be back. In the end despite all the stuff going on and me leaving like this I wish you all the best <3 And ill see you guys around And to those ive been RPing with and who ive still got ongoing stories with i am really sorry im leaving like this. I just have lost my motivation right now <3 please dont be upset with me for this [/align] [align=center]Try to stay out of trouble [/align]
  8. Nooo! You can't leave! We have unfinished business dang it! Message me on steam please D:
  9. Thanks to everyone who came yesterday! it was a ton of fun
  10. Theres two versions of it, the full and the light, the full version blocks alot of stuff but the light version jsut adds items
  11. [align=center]Grand opening moved to Saturday![/align] [align=center]6PM Server time![/align]
  12. YAY! another minion! i mean friend on here now come find me in game dang you! Also welcome to the crazy theres no escapeing it now <3
  13. Im getting this error after the crash when trying to log into the server I did try to validate the files and that did not fix it this can be solved, fixed it by dleteing all my mod files and letting them reinstall
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