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  1. Hi! long time since i played at this community server. i got the urge to start over again since i had a lot of fun last time. but when i take a look at the forums it seems like most of the uppdates is from last year if not older.. is the community dead? is the server even up annymore? how manny active players are there currently playing? will admins even see my whitelist application? i really hope the community is not dead.. Loads of love // simon
  2. I want to start with an apology for my bad grammar and misspelling as english is not my native tounge with that said i hope someone will enjoy the beginning of Catatonys journey. Separated from his band of brothers. It all happened so fast. Cotatony did all he could. He was a brave man, fighting for honor and family. Atleast that is what i tryed to convince himself of. As 2 platoons of the Aecor domi was setting up camp right across the valley from his homevillage, the war was now at their doorstep. Catatony had no choice but to fight. Even tho he was a man of peace, he came from a long line of warchiefs and knew how to handle himself, should battle occur. However, he had never seen war. He was used to defending himself from the occasional saberthooth attacking him while hunting prey, but he had never lifted his spear towards another human. Catatony grabbed his trusty armor passed down from his father who wore it before him, and his father before him and so on. it had seen better days. Armor like this is crafted to be used frequently and maintained, but since it had not seen action in over 45 years, it was now falling apart due to corrosion and decay. The belt snapped as he tryed strapping it on to his waist, leaving Cataony's hidepants hanging on his hips. He noticed a large hole at the heel of his left boot and asked his wife Macheela to patch it together. He looked at his spear and with contempt as it was dull and worn. He grabbed the dull spear, a grindstone, a waterskin filled with wyven milk and a piece of sweet vegitable cake that Macheela just finished baking. It was still warm as he bit in to it. - This might be the last time i see my family He thougt. With sorrow in his eyes he aproached the nursery, holding what was left of the cake in his hand. In the far end of the room was a crib. In the crib layed Brutus, his son. Brutus looked just like his father. Blond silky hair, strong blue eyes and a small nose. Catatony carefully wrapped his arms around Brutus and lifted him up from the crib. Brutus would have none of it and screamed from the top of his lungs as Catatony lovingly held him in his arms. He sat down on the stool behind him and started singing as he was rocking back and forth. He sang "The lullaby of the friendly Raptor". The very same lullaby as his mother sang for him when he was just a boy. Offering the crums left from the cake to young Brutus as he sang, made the child bubble with joy. - Goodbye my son" he said with lump in his throat. -Take care of your mother. You are the man of the house while i am gone." He gently layed brutus down in the crib again, kissed Macheela goodbye and walked out the door. Nightfall came, together with chaos. In a flash it had all gone so wrong. what was supposed to be a swift surprise attack became a disaster. somehow the Aecor Domi must have known they were comming. The horn for retreat sounded, telling the squad to fall back just as they came in. As they retreated, an Aecor-Bronto blocks of their escape. With one big swoop of its tail, the bronto elimates nearly half of the group sent in to the camp launching throu the air. Catatony barely escapes the tip of the tail by inches. He had to rethink. Retreat was no longer an option. A battlemammoth in full armor comes running in to the remaining group of tribesmen. the mammoth stood up on its backlegs and let its entire weight come down with a large stomp, shaking the ground underneath. knocked down by the forcewave of the stomp he stood up and lifted his spear aiming it at the group of soldiers aproching fast. from the backlines of archers comes a hail of arrows lit on fire ment for the mammoth. The fire arrows forces the enemy soldiers to fall back. Catatony realizes his chance for escape and grabs it by the hand. he runs to the backlines as fast as his legs can carry him. Abandoning his fellow brothers in arms in the midst of the battlefield he run for cover behind a fallen Direbear. As sudden realisation of what is actually happening, panic sets in, making Catatony freeze and render him useless. In shock he awaits his death. He is certain that the Aecor Demi will find him and make a quick end to his life. Darkness. He awakes to the sound of birds and the sun hitting his face. Groggy and confused he looks around to see that he is still laying behind the direbear. what happened? why am i still alive - he thougt. He stands up to witness the devastation of the battle. not a single soul was to be spotted with the exception of an argentavis feasting on the cadaver of a fallen Giga. With haste he sets of towards the village. It looks to be completely empty and no one answers his call. He runs towards the hut where he left Macheela and Brutus. They are gone. Not a trace of them. he thinks that they might have all gone to the community center. When he arrives Only sparks and charcoal remains of the village bonfire ment to be refueled every third hour. The only thing he could hear was the tweeting of birds in the treetops above him. The only thing he could se was empty huts. Other than that, silence. Catatony falls to his knees with tears running down his cheeks. What happened here? Where is my people? Where is my wife and son? why am i alive? HOW am i alive? where is the Aecor Demi? the questions kept spinning in his head. he was alive. He did not deserve to be, nevertheless he was. As the hours go by, he comes to his senses. With his mind set, he gathers up what ever resources he can manage to find. Still with the foul odour of burnt flesh lingering in his nostrils. The sounds of battlecrys and screams of agony and dispair, echoing in his head, Catatony sets out to find his people, his family and what actually happened here. He has to know what happened. He WILL know what happaned. i do not own the rights to this picture and is therefore just borrowing it.
  3. Dear Mods. as i have been whitelisted and played with this community several times before i was going to enjoy the company of you happy bunch again. however, when i was to accept the terms and conditions of the new lore and rules as linked from the homepage, i get this error message: "Due to inputting an age below our limit or exceeding the maximum amount of whitelist attempts your account has been blocked from our whitelist system. Please contact an admin if you believe this is a mistake." this is clearly a misstake, since i am soon to be 27/yo and have not tryed to accept the agreement more than this one time. i hope that someone can help me solve this issue so that i can enjoy the jolly fun on this RP-server again. yours truly. SavantPixxie
  4. Welcome Friend! : Im sure that you are going to have a ton of fun on this server! ;
  5. Still having FPS problems even after Reinstalling the game.....So... Bump
  6. I find it extremely weird since i have a monster for a PC that should be able to handle this on maximum graphics without anny problems at all. so i do not think it has something to do with my pc. every other game is running just fine as it did before but ark is almost unplayable if i do not pull my resolution bar to the bottom and have everything on low. if there is anyone who has a pro-tip on how to fix this, PLEASE help me! FeelsBadMan KappaClaus
  7. As the title reads i'm having big problems with my FPS. since the snow patch ive dropped from around 45 fps to Between 13-20 and it's anoying the crap out of me. i've tryed fixing it as far as ingame video settings go, but it will not go back to normal. anyone else having theese problems? does anyone know what the problem might be? as i said, it is really anoying and i want my old FPS back! plizah! Much love and merry Xmas to y'all!
  8. Server crashed just now? seems like it happens every night/early morning :
  9. yeap... :< happened around the same time yesterday aswell Looks like its up again!
  10. thank you for informing me about the story regarding my trike! this gives me even further reasons to come and thank u in person for saving my precious Swetlana. however if the owner of "Thank u Allan" wishes me to compensate you, or if you feel the need for it, i will be happy to do whatever i can. i will definitly come by to say hello and discuss the recruitment.
  11. Ingame Location: right outside Stillwater Hunters gates, around 35/75 Approximate time and date of the incident (GMT): 13/12-15 aprox 02:30 Daytime or Night-time: daytime Your in game name: Troston Names of any friends involved: none Name/Appearance of suspect/s: Myself Suspects weapons/creatures: my trice Friendly weapons/creatures involved (if any): Lvl 41 trice Additional evidence? (video/screenshot etc): i have none Description of the reported events: i was going to thank "Henry" from the tribe "StillWater Hunters" for leaving such a considerate note regarding my trice. as i wanted to thank him in person i was right outside, what i beleave to be their main gate. i found noone home and was heading back to where i am located. when i turned around i saw a Dodo standing right in front of me and did not think twice about hitting it, thinking it was a wild Dodo. it was not. his name was "thank you Allan" and i do beleave that it belonged to the Stillwater Hunters. he died in one hit. i made a storage crate and wrote a note telling the Stillwater that i was terribly sorry for accidentaly killing their Dodo and to come find me upstream so i can compensate the Tribe for the incident. I an very sorry for killing "Thank you Allan". it is my desire to compensate the loss of "thank you Allan" the lvl 14 Dodo, to the best of my abilitys.
  12. please tell us when the server is online and stabile again :heart: :heart: :heart: :D
  13. Hey everyone! i have zero experience of rp'ing but i adore the concept of it! I have around 500 hours of ARK played and i really like the game but the official pvp servers are extremely toxic and the PVE servers are very booring to play at since everyone keeps to themselfs and is not really looking to talk to anyone. so i thought why not give a real RP comunity a chance? so a little bit about me: my name is Simon and im a 24Y/o guy from the far north in europe, Sweden. i work a fulltime job as a cook and play videogames on my sparetime. i see myself as social and fun (most of the time ) im very new at RP'ing over all but i hope/think i will fit right in. Much love //simon Aka Pixxie/Savant/Dr.Derp
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