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  1. Jesse

    Expedition to the North

    A radio call would be going out throughout the day saying the following, "This is Lancelot of the EDF, I am looking for any individual experienced with dealing with these corrupted creatures. I intent to lead an expedition far north into that corrupted area. Those that are interested should meet me at the northern gate of the city facing this corrupted area".
  2. She will be with us soonish, but for now I will have to suffice. Perhaps when she sees this she will reply?
  3. Dammit seems my Tea Signal got mixed up again.... Amphi we've talked about this
  4. Just to clarify the Au Natural Mod cannot be implemented whilst we have 16 & 17 year old for legal reasons.
  5. Called back this soon? Well this is new And perhaps Amphi will turn up again, if nothing else so I can hand a Biscuit, not a cookie..
  6. Nope tis I! Got a feeling Danny will reply to this one
  7. Nope it is me. Now Chain needs to arrive so I can explain what a biscuit is
  8. But before you snack down on that biscuit, why not enjoy a freshly brewed Tea. Now Pia can enjoy the biscuits with Tea
  9. No but I'm lurking And I know Danny will be here soon as well
  10. Seems I missed my calling earlier, need to fix the Brit Signal again. But yes perhaps Klaus will arrive now?
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