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  1. //This is not an open invitation to the tribe. I still will need to hear about your character OOCly. Alternatively you can risk trying to join ICly, but I can't guarantee a spot. Your characters are welcome to have found this letter, making them aware of our tribe even if joining is not something you wish to do. Thanks! [align=center]Within a crudely built wooden cabin, covered in rusted metal, a shirtless man would be seen pouring over parchment with a quill in his right hand. His eyes hollow, his back straight, the feather flicking back and forward as his call is written onto paper. The room is dark and silent. A work bench would sit in the corner, lit by the light that peeked through the cracks. Upon the bench would be the scattered remains of failed weaponry. A dirty blade would be seen slightly hanging off the edge of the table, with blood dripping onto the swarf-ridden floor. As the sun switched position within the sky, a redness upon the man would be displayed. Skin crudely ripped open, the words "Bootlicker" spread wide across his left chest, blood dripping slowly down his stomach and to his waist. As if oblivious to his own mutilation, Jack would continue to write and pile each completed letter to his left, until all the ink was gone. Jack would stand, robotically reaching from behind and grabbing his jacket, slamming his eyes shut in pain as he guides each arm through the sleeves, ignoring the blood as it instantly stains the hide. He would grab the papers, throw them into a bag with a few handfuls of nails, and sling it over his right shoulder. As he walks to the door, he grabs the handle of his hand-cannon with his left, allowing it to hang loose as he approached the exit. The man turns, taking in his surroundings. He would glance at the blade that sat upon the workbench, he'd look at the broken glass that sat beneath the window frame, the empty bottles that littered the floor, the freshly made carvings within the wall next to his bed. He would take a deep breath, turn, and kick the door open with fury within his eyes, quickly dissipating to a neutral expression. As the firey sun bared down on him, he held his shotgun to his face to shade his eyes, before blinking a few times and taking a step out onto the beach. With the heel of his boot, Jack would move the corpse on a man who was left sitting upright, with a hatchet buried deep into his freshly rotting skull, dropping his belongings and pulling out a piece of paper from his bag. The hiss of the ocean touching the sand was interrupted by the sounds of hammer against nail, as he slammed one of his letters to the external wall of the cabin. With focus in his eyes and a certain grit with each step, he'd not take a moment before walking towards a raft that sat upon the beach, throwing his belongings onto the wooden deck. He would open a map which contained the words "Property of Philip" on the back, flipping open his compass, and release his sails to a northern wind that caused the blood-stained note on the cabin to flutter gently. [/align]
  2. I am so hyped Lyall. So glad to see you back man.
  3. I am absolutely in love with this character already! So fucking hyped Beryl x)
  4. Thankyou to all the staff team for all the hard work. Me and my pirates are rediculously excited!
  5. Has a decision regarding % caps of equipment been made yet?
  6. Sorry I think she's asleep, so a fellow Brit has come to help x) On that logic, I believe Artemis will be next. ABBEH?!
  7. I am beyond happy to see you back man Uncle Kwan sounds awesome
  8. Can't wait for the return of Flann and Cornelis. x)
  9. Yay i've been called to this hilarious thread. /s Kogetsoo, because I know how much you would love to be involved too, come and say hello. EDIT: GODDAMIT I MISSED IT BY A SECOND
  10. Sure, that is an option, but this completely negates the roleplay of your character having a particular profession (aside from everyone becoming merchants). I guess what I am saying is that this will slowly kill diversity because, following the vanilla system, there is no point to me developing a backstory in my character's profession, because now I can just roleplay obtaining the schematics for any item, and use that as an explanation to build anything of any quality. Sure, but what if you had the upgrade station and people who don't have a background in smithing are actively making better equipment and armour than you? The same thing is happening, just in a different way. I believe Blueprints avoid this if you RP-out that the BP's are like lego instruction manuals, just putting the pieces together as instructed. If there was a way to have people who have a background in smithing or are infusion-trained be the ones to write these Blueprints, I think that would play really well into your roleplay. In the OP I spoke a tiny bit more about that. Essentially whatever the case, faith in the roleplay of others is needed for it to work.
  11. @"keronor" Yes I would also like to hear more thoughts too With regards to your comment about searching high and low for blueprints, I completely understand where you are coming from. However you are not forced to do this, people have blueprints and then sell the created product via trade, it's the right you earn from searching for the blueprint. You can still obtain it, but you will have to RP it out to set up that arrangement, or pay even more and buy the blueprint yourself.
  12. @"Basoon" whilst that does address the issue with overpowered gear, I still think it doesn't mitigate the grind that comes along with it. A tribe doesn't need to have a full set of flak blueprints to have good flak. A single tribe could find it in their favour to accumilate flak via trade to put theirselves in a great position with regards to trade. They can have access to fantastic equipment blueprints, and they could have simply traded it with another tribe for a well-bred dino. OR, they could have worked their arse off under the water whilst drop-hunting for a few weeks, and they are set for the rest of the season. Not another true grind needs to be undertaken for the rest of the season where their armour is concerned. Picture a tribe leader who has a great set of weapon blueprints but has no armour blueprints. He realises that he needs to protect his tribe from the beasties and bad guys that litter the island. He understands through whispers that the only tribe that have the armour blueprints he needs is a tribe that they are not on the best grounds with. That tribe leader is forced to make a decision - "Do I allow my group to be equipped with poor equipment, or do I swallow my pride and go and talk with this other group?" Now what happens next? Who knows. Good roleplay I expect? But with an upgrade station, no roleplay would be had at all. It would be the tribe mining for hours to get the materials to try their luck on an upgrade station. On the point of trades, the blueprints really held alot of value. I remember characters like Ted Flint and his This is an example of trade that can be opened up. Cheers
  13. Hey! I've been talking to a few people and I wanted to spark another discussion about the upgrade station. My personal opinnion is that the intent was pure but in practical terms it has not improved anything. I believe that we should bring blueprints back. Originally it was put in game (I believe) for the technomancers, where they could forge brilliant weapons and armour using the magic they have practised. Unfortunately it was not respected as such and everyone was grinding and grinding to get that 600% shotgun and 800 armour chestpiece. I'm going to break this post down into different sections as to why I believe it should be removed: Grinding For those who have gone through the grind of relentlessly trying to get that mastercraft item, they will tell you about the endless resources they have flooded through to construct this perfect game-ending item. Yes, before we had to go to different underwater drops to hopefully get a good blueprint, but some people (me included) found this to be rather enjoyable. Regardless, that time obtaining that blueprint was about as much time as I'd spend mining metal, and at least this time around I got some RP out of it. A nastier tribe found out I had these items, and bullied me into submission and forced me to trade with them in exchange for protection and collection of owed goods and payment. When you got the blueprint, you can make as much as you like of that object. Where as with the upgrade station, you are selfishly creating weapons and armour for yourself and will need to repeat that over and over again until you find yourself lucky enough to make something similar again. Lore If blueprints return, I personally believe the lore should be something like this - Magical individuals trained in the arts of Infusion had once practised on the island, and had left schematics for other young Infusion-apprentices to take their learnings and improve upon them. I don't know how you would explain them falling out of the sky or appearing within the water, but that will keep the theme of magic alive. Now with Alchemy and Technomancy being merged together, the risk of cutting the feet off of technomancy-based RPers is reduced. PVP 2 seasons ago, mid-season, staff made a controversial decision to cap weapon damage and armour levels for all gear. Alot of the work that had been done throughout the season was lost, alot of people were upset about it. With time, the frustraition disappeared and we were left with a very very fair system. 180% weapon damage for weapons, 250% weapon damage for tools, and 180armour per armour piece. You knew that when you were fighting you were fighting on level ground. Now, there are people with 400% + clubs and weapons which take people down in a single stroke. There is no skill, there is no enoyable fight, just a quick swing and it's all over. I personally believe that regardless of what decision is made for next season regarding the upgrade station, we should make it a rule to have the club primitive-only. For someone to be able to win a 6v1 using just a club, whilst being shot by rifles and shotguns, is a bit unimmersive. That's just my input I have left a poll here too just to see what the general feel is of others. Please keep it friendly and, by all means, rip me to shreds for having such a stupid idea. Thanks! Jack
  14. Solus asked me to tell you that he was busy boiling some potatoes, I have arrived instead. Danny, Nunny?!
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