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  1. Sorry. Just giving my opinion on the matter overall.
  2. I'm curious why wyverns are allowed in any capacity?
  3. Alright. Time for me to throw my two cents in because I have some questions regarding everything. I am neither for nor against magic in ARK RP. I find it a little silly, but I RP in World of Warcraft and other fantasy games, so that really is no big deal. However, with having read the OP, I must say that this seems to also rely fairly heavily on some world building. That being said: 1. Are we going to be seeing different 'base' towns for canonically existing 'colleges' for the different aspects of magic/tribes/people? By having us not just wash up on shore like the previous lore, there will need to be existing societies. Or, rather, that's what I have gleaned from the opening post. Personally I love world building and would not mind seeing it happen/helping it happen. I'm sure there are other players that feel the same. We would, perhaps, need a new subforum for it, however. I would also like to suggest creating a character approval form/suggestion spot for said world building subforum. This would not act as a way to meta-game-- but I feel it could be valuable to the community to have a "Role Call" in a sense. With a pre-established world there will be characters that have the capability of being known by more than just their tribe/faction/etc. Not only this, but it will allow for staff to keep up with important statistics such as how many masters there are of x discipline and etc. It also allows for other players to get a general idea of "x looks like this" or "Oh, cool, my character may know x from this and this gives me an opener to RP sometime." This leads into my next few questions. 2. Can we RP a master in a field of magic? 3. Is there a limit to how many masters of each discipline that can be actively roleplayed on the server? 4. If you're a mystic primarily focused on the healing discipline, will you still be able to dabble in animal bonding? Thank you for reading.
  4. Oh I see! I come back and you leave. For shame! --- But on a serious note I wish you the best. You're a fantastic RPer and a fantastic friend. Please keep in mind you can always hit me up if you ever need anything!
  5. I'm a lesbian and so is Miriel. (Ladies~) So you're definitely not alone!
  6. I don't know why my post didn't go through-- but also make sure your ARK is up to date and that you have the correct mods/mods are updated as well. It has been a month, afterall.
  7. I actually have this issue sometimes as well. I usually give it half an hour or just restart the client and it tends to pop back up for me. I've had it take up to five times of restarting ARK to make it display the server. However, I was able to join even though attempting to join through the server browser would say it's not responding. So I'd suggest giving the client a restart.
  8. You know what my chief complaint about the dinosaur limit is? It taking this long to have one. Flying past someone's base with ten brontos with buildings on their backs tends to lock my pc up to at least five minutes. Massive structures also do this. Sure, it's a failing on my PC's part. (The thing's a few years old now and I don't have the money to drop on upgrades.) but it's still something to keep in mind for other players. Flying is a pain in the rear when I try to zoom past a base I didn't know existed or a group of tamed dinosaurs stuck into one tiny spot.
  9. I actually like this idea. On one hand, it does force more RP and for players to actually put thought into what they're doing more so than just fly to x place then y place. On the other hand, it gives supremacy to tribes able to get saddles/blueprints for saddles from drops as well as make it so that players that host a home on the coast have to walk around ten to twenty minutes for decent metal spawns.
  10. Rereading my post, I might have seemed a tad hostile and I apologize for that. Perhaps, however, there is something that could be done to encourage donating that doesn't take the server into pay2win territory? A subscription could be done in that way-- offering, perhaps, slightly increased exp rates, gathering rates or taming/breeding rates for as long as you're paying. (I'm not sure if that's currently possible, however, with how the game is set up. I am simply thinking back to the Pixelmon servers I used to play on that had similar means.)
  11. So you would be willing to get rid of well written, active and positive RPers that are a boon to the server yet unable to pay the subscription fee, but keep potentially poor RPers that have the money to throw at the server? Even if someone throws a little bit of money at the server it doesn't mean they're dedicated to it. We have RPers unable to spend the money that are dedicated to the server currently and clean up where they can. Do you know how often I see people throwing money at a game just to let it rot in their libraries to never play it longer than around five minutes?
  12. Subscription based is a terrible idea. I'm fine with donating every now and then-- but I can't even afford a Final Fantasy XIV account right now, let alone spare even five dollars a week out of the paycheck I get due to bills, school, study abroad this summer as well as other financial obligations I cannot back out of. That's coming from someone who's consistently working on either school work or actual work that plays casually on the server when she has free time. Please keep things such as that nature in mind when suggesting such things.
  13. I feel Valhalla's a little too big. However, this does have merit. Our community has been growing. I don't believe it's grown to the point where we need such a large map. I rarely run into RPers on Valhalla (Save for three that moved in near me).
  14. I wouldn't mind trying the center, but I really don't want to start over from scratch on my character again. Is there any way we can preserve characters (Not dinosaurs)?
  15. A group with great RPers (In my opinion!) who don't mind stopping on a busy schedule to spend some time RPing with you. I'm glad to be in the tribe and have had nothing but good experiences so far.
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