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  1. At my computer asking myself why I put up with my tribe mates. Mr Jones, get in here !
  2. Creighton strolls through the market stalls of a busy bazaar with extreme focus in his eyes, his heavy iron mask drawing looks of suspicion as he makes strides toward his goal. A harlot exclaims as he brushes her aside without a second thought. His eyes dead set on a man in a tricorn hat with a yellow feather tucked in it. One by one he began to pull the hammers of his pistols back as he got closer to his mark, simply waiting for the right moment. His grip tightened around the smooth wood handle of his pistol. "Master Creighton," a nervous voice interrupted and a hand gently tapped at his side, "Your eyes send news, we discovered something interesting." "This better be fuckin good Simon," Creighton sighed. "Ah right, you're on the job, I will skip the formalities then sir," Simon replied and extended a folded piece of parchment as his hand shook in fear. Creighton's dead stare never lifted off of Simon as he took the note from his hand. He carefully opened it up, glancing back to the man in the tricorn hat who was now negotiating prices with one of the many harlots that roamed the market place. "Moore Harbour, eh," Creighton said with curiousity, "Looks like I have a new job." Creighton turned back to the man in the tricorn hat and raised his pistol, "Oi, Yellowfeather." The man turned to greet the steely gaze of Creighton. BANG Creighton turned away and began walking with haste as the terrified screams of the market goers echoed around him. "Now who the fuck is Jack England..."
  3. Last picture I posted I had really long hair, well now that is gone here is my actual face
  4. *Comes out from under a rock and brushes the dust off himself* Not Solus, sorry to dissapoint. Hmmm, @Ordrak get in here.
  5. [align=center]The River Pirate[/align] [align=center][/align] The riverboat cruised along cutting through the murky waters as its paddles turned, rhythmically splashing. The crew was busy with their duties as a low fog began to form above the waters as morning approached. “All goods have been accounted for, Captain, things have been calm this trip,” the deckhand said with pride, “maybe this is our stroke of luck.” “Hrm,” The old man frowned, “keep watch, those damn River Vipers are bound to be lurkin about, don’t let the silence fool ya, kid.” The deckhand returned to his post to begin scanning the tall reeds that lined the bank for the telltale signs of the infamous River Vipers, a notorious group of river pirates composed of natives and outlaws. The first mate called out for a status report from the various watchmen stationed around the ship. One after another they called out in their instructed order, as it got to the deckhand he turned to call and as the words left his mouth a massive reptilian creature lunged out of the murky waters and tore into the boy. Crimson ribbons of blood flowed across the deck and the creature tore the boy open with savage murderous intent, its yellow eyes filled with blind rage. A figure raised from a prone position on its back and raised a wretched looking cutlass. “River Vipers! Take the riches, spill the blood of the privileged, leave no survivors, and let their hearts be filled with fear!” the tall masked man bellowed as a dozen more creatures lunged onto the deck of the large boat, ripping apart the crew and staining the white decks red. The captain of the riverboat cowered in the dark cargo hold as the screams of his dying crew disturbed the once peaceful early morning air. Peace began to slowly return and the captain stared at the doors with extreme paranoia. Tension rose as the eerie silence haunted the decks of the ship. The captain’s heart raced and he began to calm himself, he had survived. Suddenly the doors were kicked in by the tall masked man who had originally boarded the ship. The light from the lanterns on the ship silhouetted him as he raised a pistol. “Fucking coward,” Creighton growled as he pulled the trigger. The captain of the River Vipers came up behind Creighton and gripped his shoulder, “This is why you are my first mate, brutal force and no question when it comes to my orders. You’re a good lad,” The Captain chuckled with the smell of alcohol on his breath. The captain brushed Creighton aside and began examining the most valuable of the cargo. “You know…” Creighton said idly as his captain was in awe over the riches they had acquired, “oiling your blade with toxins has its many perks.” His captain turned with a bewildered look on his face only to be greeted with Creighton’s wretched and twisted looking blade as a thick greenish liquid oozed off it. “People tend to not hear the blade be drawn, Captain…” Creighton stared deeply into his Captain’s eyes and saw the fear and rage grow in them, “I think it’s time I get more of a cut and by that I mean I will be taking the strongbox of this ship. Otherwise you will get a quick swipe across the cheek. Even if I die, I know one thing is for certain and that is that not even the riches of this boat could pay for the antidote for this toxin. You will die with me if you so much as sneeze.” The Captain scowled and stepped aside with a scowl on his face. Creighton titled his head and tracked his movements with the tip of his blade. “Creighton, I expected better from you,” the Captain uttered, “I raised you from a young boy and this is how you repay me.” “I guess you could say I learned from the best,” He added with a sinister tone as he grabbed the strongbox and motioned for the captain to head for the deck, “you best tell them to let us pass.” The crew stood in shock as their Captain was escorted out with a blade to his back. Creighton guided him toward his personal mount and slowly circled around the captain to get ahead of him, keeping the blade trained on him every step of the way. Creighton mounted up with his sword still extended. “Pleasure doin business with ya,” Creighton said with a wicked smile and dove off the deck and vanished into the fog. The Captain glared with rage as he watched his apprentice vanish with his score, hatred brewing inside him and vengeance on his mind. [align=center][video=youtube] [/align] EDIT: I forgot to mention, this is for volume III
  6. [align=center]CALL @arithease PAPITHEASE FROM NOW ON![/align]
  7. It is connected, yet not the only thing to blame, in the fact that wording of the rules draws a line between PvP and RP to begin with. Referring to it as "conflict RP" is already leagues and bounds better, it encourages a better outlook on the RP itself. Also the seven questions I proposed allow for harassment to be clearly defined on a situation by situation basis. Other communities do not use this initiation system and in those communities conflict is much more well received in most cases than here. Ultimately the extent of the conflict is entirely controlled by the RP. As it stands now initiation is not a very well layered form of RP, it is repetitive, and I imagine if different ways of conflict starting were allowed it would be more enjoyable simply because of a large variety in conflict. No situation would be the same and it would be really fun. I by no means wish to see the server change over night but I do expect to see more community input being accepted and instead of everything being "behind close doors" there should be polls and threads any time it is possible. The list of questions would be listed under a new conflict RP rule, this is to act as a guideline rather than a set path with restrictions that takes you toward, after answering all of them, what is situationally appropriate. When a report discussion comes around this list of questions and their answers can be given as evidence to support your IC actions, which then after review from staff can be deemed valid or non valid. This not only makes the rules less restrictive but makes it so rules are character by character based rather than broad which can lead to some major holes.
  8. As a disclaimer I have yet to read anything other than the initial post, I want to get my opinion down while it is fresh in my mind. Also please do not assume this is entirely based off of recent events. I have felt this way since before volume one began. I do not appreciate the assumptions that were made on a previous post of mine. - How do I feel about the current state of the server? I feel a massive stigma has been formed and even supported to an extent, intentionally or unintentionally is hard to say, that people who conflict RP are just here to PvP or make others suffer. There have been a massive amount of people who tell me they hate it and I have even heard some say they hate those who do conflict RP. As it stands now I feel this could be prevented by a massive rule rework as they restrict the nature of conflict RP and support the avoidance of it. This innately creates a stigma and creates a lot of unnecessary drama and OoC hate. This is honestly the first community where I have had people scream at me for the way I play even when I have been nothing but kind OoC. - What can be improved and how would you suggest to improve it? Rewrite the rules entirely, start from scratch. These are a few changes I would make if I was in a position where I could: When it comes to the punishment of "BadRP" the backstory of a character should be examined and considered. The history of a character can change how they handle situations immensely and I feel that the term "BadRP" is used far too loosely and can be rather hurtful to someone who has put their heart and soul into their RP. Initiation.... this needs to be gone. It DOES NOT promote RP by any means. It promotes a quick and brief way of handling conflict so the victim can easily get out and practically avoid the RP and it allows for an easy route to PvP. Here is the current initiation rule: Initiating PVP Actions In order to initiate PVP actions on another player or players you must do the following: You must roleplay with the other player(s) before, during, and after any PVP situation. This is a roleplay server, you must roleplay with those you interact with beyond just in game pvp mechanics. You must state a clear demand that is reasonable for them to meet and would not be overly detrimental to their gameplay experience. This demand must also include a consequence, even if it only "or else". You must allow them a minimum of 10 seconds to respond to your demand. Responding includes both complying and not complying. If you are initiating PVP as part of a group it is important to note that only those directly involved are allowed to respond to the initiation. Directly taking part means you can see and/or hear the initiation itself. If a player or group of players chooses to not comply to your demand, you gain rights to attack them for 1 hour. Please note that we encourage you to not outright kill players who do not comply if possible, instead subduing them or taking them hostage could result in far better RP and enjoyment for all involved. Any demands given must be done face to face in person. Demands are not allowed to be given via the radio, teamspeak, discord or even via note unless you are physically present as they read it. During a PVP situation RP should always come first. Roleplay and story should be the focus and goal of any PVP encounter on our server. Examples of starting PVP - "Alright! Give me your damn armour right now or else!" or "Put your hands up! Drop any weapons you have and turn to face me... slowly or I will shoot!" Now I would like all the various pvp rules to be condensed down to something far more simple that promotes conflict RP rather than PvP or the avoidance of PvP. This is how I would word the new PvP rules that would encompass everything to do with conflict including base attacks. Instead of a set path of how to go about "initiating conflict." I would like to propose a series of questions and individual should ask themselves before following through with any form of conflict. This rule category would simply be titled with "Conflict RP." 1.) Why is there a conflict between you and the victim? This is very basic but it makes sure to maintain the idea of RP first, if the answer is something along the lines of "they killed my wife and unborn child" you damn well have every right to be after them with cold blood but if it is "I heard they have a shiny fishing rod" a few other questions should be answered. 2.) What is your character's nature, what is his past? Certain things will effect certain characters drastically different. If a character has PTSD due to previous battles or a traumatizing childhood they are more likely to avoid conflict. While a savage cannibal will due anything to put down the person who crossed him. A greedy or power hungry character is more likely to go after someone for their riches/equipment than someone who simply has a grudge against that individual. Is your character the forgiving type? 3.) What is your history(interactions recently and in the past) with the victim? Do you have valid reason to be immediately hostile or would it make sense for there to be mercy involved? This could in response to a betrayal and your character could be reluctant to harm a person they once called a close friend or it could be a life long rival you just want dead. Are they taunting you constantly over the radio? Are they seeking forgiveness? 4.) What is the nature of the victim? Is your victim resonable? Are they well respected or have lots of allies? Then maybe less hostile actions should be taken and dealt with via duel or verbal confrontation. Are they a barbaric savage or are they a calculated murderer? Then maybe mercy should not be shown. 5.) How far would your CHARACTER, not you, go to get revenge/serve justice/complete this conflict? Would your character target the individual, their group, their allies? Would you confront the individual themselves or assault their base to get to them? Would your character be the one to send a message and do when they are present or when they are out and about?(this of course would allow for unannounced base attacks and also allow for offline raids IF it made sense in RP) 6.) How far would the victim's character, not the victim in the sense of who plays the character, go to solve the conflict or how far would they go to defend themselves? This question is here to really nail down what makes sense to happen in RP and also to make sure your character shows value for life in his actions. 7.)Does your Character have the ability to take on such a task? This once again is here to help define BadRP properly and help define value for life. These seven questions, while seven is a lot, promotes RP rather than restricting it and focuses on the conflict RP rather than the PvP. These questions allow for a similar "initiation" of someone coming to you and being hostile verbally and slowly build up to an actual fight whether it is nonlethal or lethal. It also makes it so the rules don't innately allow for avoidance of RP. If someone can answer those questions and come to the conclusion that they can come after you with all of their might and bloodthirsty intent then YOU and YOUR CHARACTER failed to make amends and should have to face the consequences you brought on. Community Hub rules about no pvp zones should be done away with. A hub should not need rules to prove its strength, man power and IC methods should prevent conflict from occurring. Using rules to make yourself strong is borderline powergaming and is not roleplay but entirely ruleplay. The issue with this rule is it creates a safespace for people to AVOID RP. They are at no risk of conflict RP and I have heard a staff member literally say it is a "safespace." This is perpetuating the stigma that has formed around conflict RP and is further dividing the community plain and simple. No one should depend on RULES to become strong, if you want a kingdom with no crime and you want it to be safe then do it by IC means with proper law enforcement. If you cannot be active enough to do so or you are not "good enough" to do so, either role with the fact it is unsafe and your forces are weak OR find a different role to play. Rules should never be used a crutch to make a group stronger, it is flat out powergaming. It does not promote RP it restricts it, and it promotes the divide we have in this community. The community needs to work together to end that. - What do you really like about the the current iteration and how can it become even better? I would say 80% of this community is absolutely amazing but the other 20% aren't bad people they are just stubborn in their ways, which is not a bad thing until it starts to cause stress and/or hurt for other members. The community as a whole needs to be more open to step outside their comfort zone and be more accepting of others. I still love every single person in this community but I feel certain behavior needs to be addressed and handled far more seriously. Also the divide between "PvEers" and "PvPers" needs to stop, we are all "RPers" it would be nice if it was adressed that way and all forms of RP were promoted(as long as they aren't grossly offensive or borderline against the law obviously) rather than restricted.
  9. I am very thankful you voiced your opinion but I think I failed a little in what I meant so I just want to clear that up. When it comes to the factions, they seem to get along well. The conflict that occurs is mostly from the islanders and not between the factions themselves. When I said Black and White, I was referring to player interactions mainly. I can see certain distinctions in the factions that separate them but the conflict between those opposing views is lacking immensely. On the topic of population vs activity, I understand Conan just released but I was looking at the server history as a whole. From the island to the center to now it has definitely decreased. Maybe not significantly in population alone BUT interaction, activity, and RP has definitely become more scarce. Two maps has not helped with this and it disappointed me greatly when there was a thread recently about what you spend the most time doing and RP wasn't the most common answer. When I am in game I do as much as I can to get as much RP as possible, save a few days here and there for gathering supplies. We are over a third of the way through this volume IIRC and I have yet to really get any real sense of a story forming on the island. The factions are far to inactive to make the island feel "alive." At Tristan's bar opening the Sons and the Vanguard had NO QUARRELS between each other. I have rarely seen ANY conflict between them over the radio. 95% of the conflict I have seen over the radio are from various islanders who dislike the Obsidian Sons. Right now things between the factions are very bland. Ultimately, no matter how many people are on the server it will not feel active unless people are actually RPing and not staying in their own little bubbles. There is far too much drama surrounding conflict RP and this stigma that has come to surround "PvPers" needs to stop. I was not here to PvP I was here to create interesting story lines and create turmoil/conflict. There is a divide that needs to be stopped and not handled gently. I will be going into further detail about this opinion on Kogetsoo's most recent thread because I do not plan on leaving this community without at least trying to make it more enjoyable for those to come.
  10. I feel like recent events have blown this argument up unfairly. The whole Role Play vs. Rule Play. Role Play is still the main focus, but rules must exist to balance it out. Role Play with little to no rules is chaos. Rules with no Role Play is just normal Ark. There's no real priority of putting one over the other, they need to co-exist, and I've yet to see anything in the rules that hampers the other or is unclear. We all were told to read them before we had our whitelist reaccepted again. Having all the rules redone a month into a season is excessive work for the staff and will not benefit everyone enough to really justify it. Thing is I have been saying this since before volume 1 started. I will go into detail about that in another post though. I can assure you that recent events have influenced my opinion BUT they are not the reason I feel the way I do.
  11. Before I could give any answer I feel that the rules as a whole need to be entirely reworked and made from scratch with RP in mind at their core. Right now, RP isn't the main focus but I will explain why I feel that way on Koge's post.
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