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  1. Yo, interested in joining the tribe on my new character:) Any means about going about that? or is it through the riddles? if so can't wait to find them. Also im assuming you have to work through the ranks as id love to night patrol on a megolsauras! Many thanks - *New character wip*
  2. Is ZuesLair the same as your teamspeak name? As i'll be coming on shortly:)
  3. So I don't know if your still recruiting, however I'll give it a shot:P The character below is a savage by the name Zul'Drek and as you can see hes quite the odd job but suitable to be one of your phantoms! Ruthless and creative an excellent talent in tracking/trapping foes - But a much deeper and savage side from a hostile past. [align=center]Perks:[/align] [align=center]Badass mo-fo[/align] [align=center]Loyal[/align] [align=center]Hunting/tracking/trapping[/align] [align=center]In touch with Terror birds[/align] [align=center]Cool voice [/align] [align=center]Interesting to look at... I guess[/align] [align=center]Cons:[/align] [align=center]Angry outbreaks[/align] [align=center]A bit thick...[/align] [align=center]Hard to understand sometimes[/align] [align=center]Stubborn.. But loyal:)[/align] [align=center]Sticks to personal tradition[/align] Also this image was taken at your oasis when you guys were home:) Clearly doing a good job already;)
  4. Hope any of these help:)
  5. *Opens shack door to find a small primate grasping a note, bending down to grab it the thing latches to my head and is puzzled by my hair, or lack of* *Reads out loud* "Ahh Tha' Summer Hun', exellen' "
  6. Thank you very much, id call this case solved:)
  7. I've been gone for a long time, and I was wondering which map were currently on?Is it still Valhalla or are we back to the normal map? Please let me know
  8. This is my horse field tortoise Lucy:) Just casually taking a bath in the tub :3
  9. I'm sorry q.q Just one less freak in the ArkRp world.
  10. Lo'thar Drake - satanist, proud; and dead. The cause: Being a satanist was never easy for Lo'thar, even though it was never by choice, and was force into doing "the masters" bidding via the voices and corruption within his head. He could never find a way to escape. The times were tough, people as he knew it were gaining strength though technology and power leaving his satanic ways to wither - finding it harder and harder to keep his "master" pleased, therefore giving him his sanity. With the sacrifices growing slim the voices within him grew beyond his control and with fear of hurting people he cared for; He left his home in Hillsbrugh. As he left he noticed the absence of his fellow soldiers Del and James - as Lo'thar saw these as "friends" he set out to peruse their whereabouts. Once finding them after some time and having his priorities set with fighting within the Crimson Orders ranks (the name of the tribe we were in),Lo'thar ventured to find a dear friend who was a fair distance away. Miss keals. Leaving towards her base I was followed by my companions and convinced to take a detour towards the strain of infected who we're held up in Stillwater, with the promise of annihilation or control of the infected individuals. Once arriving and meeting the folk who were controlling the premises, We ventured towards the doors of the cathedral ready with our plan. Being taunted by the voices inside he kept hearing both ones he did and did not recognize, and without seeing them he could not know for sure who was their or not, but he had his suspicions. Over and over again he kept hearing the same manic and cynical laugh that he had heard before and from their he put two and two together. He ran back towards his bird, forcing it to fly at its top speed towards Miss keals and her residence. Upon arriving and shouting among the buildings his mind was only assuming the worse. "could the conversations we had be true?" he thought. "Did the blood magic.. Did she do it?". He swiftly returned to the cathedral to confront the infected inside. (enter whole infected timeline of attack on hillsbrugh here - if you were there you know what happened:) i don't want to re-write it:P but ill give you the short story) The battle of Hillsbrugh took place and put two forces head on head. And unfortunately our cause did not prevail and nor the infection or the crimson order got what they wanted out of it. but we did not leave without taking home the consequences of war... Lo'thar was impaled by pike multiple times and dragged out by the infected - For him it was the loss of his pride as a warrior and the admittance of defeat; But the start of the end. Once returned to base he decided to regain his strength by building and harvesting the raw materials from the land, to fill and occupy his time whilst his wounds healed. This alone give his tribe mates time to go out and cause trouble. Deep deep trouble. And before he knew it two out of three of his "friends" were dead. The word didn't arrive to lo'thar until days later where the absence of them was beginning to cease, however that changed. He was alone within the base he crafted for all three of them, just like how he was alone before letting people into his life - linking the two together; Life = eventual loss of life. This was the passage way towards the end. Within his time of mourning he received a letter of Miss keals, "requesting air support" "Their curing the infection". Not letting his hardship affect his one last "friend" he set off too the area she said she was to give her the help she needed. Arriving alongside her I was greeted with panic and distress as she was when I first met her, the smile I envisioned in my head towards that memory never did show but it was there. Once air lifting Keals to her desired destination we talked about how to continue and ensure her safety, as that's all I wanted, but I knew people wouldn't stop until the infection was gone, but i'd never dampen her spirits after her loss of "family". But it was also at this point that this wasnt the Miss keals he truly remembered back within the perimeter of her swamp town; It was an obsessive child like girl, that looked like her. But that one aspect of her looks was all it took to prevent Lo'thar from ending her suffering. This was deemed the end.] That same night he took his creatures, loaded them aboard a ship, and sailed towards deep waters. "To end my suffering, is to end others suffering." he muttered to himself drawing closer and closer towards the waters deepest. Pulling apart the cords that held the boat together, I sank. every physical memory of Lo'thar sank too. dwelling deeper and deeper into the depths his final thoughts were as followed. "I left my mark, but I don't want it shown." "legends live on, but I grow old." The water filled his body dousing his hellish flame... feeling weak and human again. "Keals i'm sorry, i'm the one to blame." He said his good byes, he said he would help, he said he would be back. Lo'thar never did return. Lo'thar's body was never found. Lo'thar was never known to be dead. Lo'thar is just a tale told by few - but no one never truly knew Lo'thar but for his makings and behavior.
  11. Felman is gone! I only just realized!
  12. Lo'thar hates you already:) Satan shall prevail!!
  13. I think Lo'thar would like to be there when the clean up crew comes, because due to the rp which occurred between the infected in the cathedral last night and as well as having people in there which prior to their infection he cared for; I would love to stand in with the infected - clarifying not as one as my RP would suggest it would have a no impact on Lo'thar. I'd be fighting against the extermination as Lo'thar outright said to infected last night that they "aid my cause" whether they kill the victim or make the family. - Meaning I want to help the infected out, meaning either helping it thrive within the city, or defending the hive from the extermination crew which my plan to come.
  14. I must say that this would be Lo'thar - Just going of looks and if it was Red instead of Grey and that if i had horns in game.... (please mod makers please) [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qFF2v8VsaA But for Personality I'd go along the lines off... [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hj2vU2nr5Jw
  15. Terrible! The dev's made it massive and deadly to fit its name, many things in the game don't fit true to how the actual dinos existed like how t-rexs had feathers and how spinos are bigger than Gigas, but I prefer how the admins are going to nerf them, than just creating another rex a re-skin.
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