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  1. Thank you all for testing! Server is now closed until launch!
  2. Quick update: fishing is slightly lowered, upgrade should be right for stats now, sell/buy NPC tables have had custom settings installed
  3. update: upgrade stations updated to hopefully not do the quality skip, please test!
  4. upgrade stations numbers have been tweaked, the stats given should be better now, keep me updated! im working on removing eureka moment which break the limit, as well as making the auction house work since it seems no one can buy anything
  5. For he auction house not showing other people's stuff - Did you have any friends making auctions to check? Might have just been that there werent any active auctions
  6. Hi all! So i've been working on getting the new dedi set up ready for launch and we are now in a state where I want people to hop on and stress test the server as well as various small changes before launch. You can connect at the following IP: You can also use the admin password testingpw in order to spawn things and generally speed up your play (that password won't stay obviously ) As well as the usual playing, building, taming etc the following need specific testing and feedback posting here please: Fish loot - We have enabled fish loot again, with lower quality to avoid the OP stuff of before Upgrade Station - settings have been edited to stick to our vision of lower tier items and more fun combat Auction House - you can spawn currency with the following admin code: admincheat GiveItem "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/CapitalismCurrency/GloryCoin/PrimalItemResource_GloryCoin.PrimalItemResource_GloryCoin'" 100 0 0 use it to try selling and buying items on the auction house Make sure to leave feedback here and have fun!
  8. And I helped! (Hi guys, hope it's all awesome!)
  9. We do our best to avoid any mods that effect core items or game objects as they break with patches far more often and result in bugs, crashes + more.
  10. Hey! I imagine most of you may I have noticed I am currently on break but I return quickly to make a large announcement regarding staff and the future of ArkRP. Starting now Poseidon is co-owner of ArkRP alongside myself. All this means really is that he will be helping me with my jobs and decision making process as well as filling in whilst I am on break. It also means another person you can contact if you need desperate help or need to discuss something about the server with an owner. I hope you all find it better with two of us to talk to and I will return from my break soon enough. Much love - Tam
  11. I know it doesnt help right now but i will be doing a thorough look into it next week (starting on monday, so 2 days). It would be tomorrow but I am working so cannot
  12. Apologies to Gms if this is not the place for this - yes peixe, that WAS staff work as was me hopping to check stuff because we were about to open the capital for the general public and needed to be sure everything was working. Just like when we do a normal event we are online setting things up for at least 60 minutes beforehand
  13. My POV: I logged in to get some stuff ready for the planned opening of the capital and as such went over to the town to check the stores were ready, the inn was stocked etc. Upon arriving I find piexe (i think?) and RP, I am then confronted with an ally handcuffed explaining that you had knocked him out etc etc. At this point it is clear you have broken a rule but I attempt to RP it out anyway, explaining if you unhandcuff him he could open the door, but instead you make another illegal demand. Therefore I try to AGAIN let it play out via RP and explain that you should be careful with threats but instead you make another illegal threat and then run off to carry it out. At this point I will admit I messed up and instead of not responding and simply informing you OOC that you need to stop I instead attempted to engage you and so forth. I should not have done so and should of instead known better but I got caught up in the moment. After I died I returned to the area and RPed as injured as per the rules, for the rest of the time i was in a room in the inn with fern (my servant IC) being tended to. I did not attack, nor defend anyone, neither did I take any part in anything else ingame or IC. In regards to yourselves I will quote the exact rules you repeatedly broke which are clear, and which you both agreed to fully understanding in order to play on the server. You repeatedly attempted to charge for entrance to said community hub while impersonating the Obsidian Suns. This rule clearly states that those who own and run the hub (the royal kingdom and obsidian suns on s1) have the right to remove anyone they deem are causing trouble, as the obsidian sun member attempted to do to you. You took part in combat situation, then returned to the hub directly afterwards hereby breaking this rule. (I believe from the video that some of the people on "our side" also did this.) You VERY clearly broke this VERY clear rule multiple times. You also broke this rule with the player you handcuffed. You also clearly did not even attempt to challenge anyone you had an issue with to a fistfight and instead went straight to an illegal normal initiation. You clearly had no care for adhering to the rules and instead simply broke multiple rules multiple times. I will also say, that we DID communicate OOC but it was never in regards to the combat or active situation, and only in regards to the rulebreak nature and if we should instead speak to you about it, hence pia joining you in ts. If this still counts as breaking the OOC speech rule I sincerely apologise on behalf of those involved but we simply wanted a quick end to this rule break situation and so spoke about it ooc. I accept any points for that if required.
  14. See no issue with this, will add it to the list fro when i expand them with mod items later this week
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