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  1. Hello Lockstock, looking at your last two posts it seems like you're not aware that we are a whitelisted private RP community for Ark. Thus trading such as on the official servers is something we sadly do not do. If you're looking to trade for official servers, I highly advise going to the official forums! The link of which I'll provide here: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/ Best of luck on your trading endeavours! Kind regards, Kysilar ArkRP Admin team
  2. It's the less good looking admin. Lets do a gamble and try a name I haven't seen yet! Isiras!
  3. Hello everyone, First off, we would like to apologise for the time it took to process this report. Due to recent changes in the GM team, more pressing matters took the priority. We hope we can count on your understanding. But without further ado, let's disclose the verdict for this report. There were a fair few accusations being brought up in this report, so the GM team has decided to look at the evidence provided and address the ones which had concrete evidence rather than hearsay. These will be as follows: Malickay - No value for life, Bad RP Safestring - Abuse of game mechanics Zaraflowi - Powergaming, Dictating RP, Bad RP Malickay: After being knocked out, you admit to running in the water in hopes of escaping via means of swimming. Adding to your point that the bearcat Zaraflowi was sitting on wouldn’t be able to swim, so this would be the best course of action. We understand from previous escapades from your character that he is analytical, looking for openings and calculating percentages of success. When looking at the situations your character was in, your character potentially suffering from head injury, disarmed, A dangerous animal and armed fighters in close proximity and a few other factors, we fail to see how swimming away at a pace many would be able to keep up at a leisure stroll would bring a percentage that would give a tangible chance of escape. This did not convince the team handling the report that you made these decisions for your character with Value for Life being kept in mind. As for Avoiding Roleplay: Whether or not you wished to talk to the defending party as your character surfaced is no proof of. This led to the decision that as far as the staff team was aware, there is no evidence that RP was being avoided in this specific case. Safestring: The team handling this report has decided that the skin bug that was used in the events of this report was undoubtedly an abuse of game mechanics. Not only did this bug give your weapons a beyond reasonable advantage over the default skinned item, the mod page of the skins that were used even specifically stated that these skins should have no effects on the numerical values of the items on which the skin was being used. This lead us to the decision that once the knowledge of this bug came out, the right course of action would have been to warn staff about this and at the least, wait with the usage of this bug until a decision has been made whether or not it was seen as abuse of game mechanics. However, in this case we feel it should have been abundantly obvious that this was not how the mod was intended to be used. Zaraflowi: The accusations held against you have a correlation with each other, so we will address them all together. First off, we want to make clear that reporting someone for bad RP or no value for life(NVFL) does not automatically constitute dictating RP. If someone witnesses an action they perceive as bad RP or NVFL, they have every right to report this. Whether or not the accusations hold ground and are in fact offenses will be up to the discretion of the staff team handling the report. We did not perceive you to be dictating how Malickay should play his character by filing this report. Second is bad RP claiming a bearcat should not be able to swim since assumedly it is a feline creature, which should hold no love for water. However, there is absolutely no scientific proof that the Thylacoleo in any way shared traits of modern cats other than its theorized climb-jump-kill technique. It looks slightly like a cat and was nicknamed "The Marsupial Lion" for this physical resemblance. The term 'Tree Cat' is a moniker given to the Thyla by Ark players and it is in no way a cat. Therefore it is more logical to assume this beast has the tendencies of more closely related animals such as a wombat, a possum, or a kangaroo. In that they have no inherent all-species fear of water whatsoever. Plus, the Thyla in game is a good swimmer. The fact of the matter is that we cannot tell for certain how the actual Thyla would have reacted around water since it’s an extinct creature. So claiming one way or another could always be attested. Given this issue, we have decided that since the animal in the game is given the ability to swim very efficiently, how the animal acts around water is up to the discretion of the player itself. The following reasons have led the staff team to this verdict: [align=center]Malickay: [/align] [align=center]No value for life -Guilty- [/align] [align=center]Bad RP -Not Guilty-[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Safestring:[/align] [align=center]Abuse of game mechanics -Guilty-[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Zaraflowi: [/align] [align=center]Powergaming -Not Guilty- [/align] [align=center]Dictating RP -Not Guilty-[/align] [align=center]Bad RP -Not Guilty-[/align] [align=center]The following punishments shall be given:[/align] [align=center]Malickay: Minor strike[/align] [align=center]Safestring: Minor strike[/align] If you feel that this verdict was unjust or unfair, please be aware that you are allowed to make an appeal on our appeal forums. Kind regards, The ArkRP GM team
  4. @"Malickay" please refrain from any comments further from your PoV unless given permission by the team handling this report.
  5. Malickay, please provide the video Sirena mentioned in the original report statement.
  6. Kysilar


    Hello everyone, Leria contacted me and let me know that this issue has already been talked about and an understanding has been reached. I'm glad to see there are no hard feelings, and that you were able to resolve it amongst yourselves! Kind regards, Kysilar
  7. Kysilar


    Leria, Malickay and Justa have been invited into this formal report. Please provide your PoV as soon as possible. Note that failing to do so will result in a warning issued by the staff team handling this situation.
  8. Everybody mentioned has been invited into the formal report. please provide your PoV as soon as possible, failing to do so before the GM team decides on a verdict will result in a warning.
  9. Gilligan's happy to have made a new friend. Really enjoyed the roleplay! It was nice having such a big group of people to RP with!
  10. Hello MexiMan, Thank you for reaching out to us on this matter. For the matter of your first attempt and your comment on this: would you mind providing us with the account of this friend so I can look into these claims? That way I can take a look at how these separate whitelists were handled and verify what you claimed. Your second attempt has been received well and will be handled soon. The grading process of a whitelist can take between 24 and 72 hours. If you haven't already, I highly advise looking into our lore and tribe threads to catch up on what is happening in our wonderful community and who'd you potentially like to join up with for some RP! Kind regards, Kysilar ArkRP Admin team
  11. Hello SweNyl, Thank you for reaching out to us. The reason your whitelist has as of now not been updated is because you are still under review for having the same registration IP as another user. As I'm sure you are aware, this is against the forum rules and thus we need to make sure that both accounts belong to two different people. Once this has been taken care of, your whitelist will be updated as soon as possible. This can be done by reaching out to any non-trainee staff member when both you and the owner of the other account are online on our Teamspeak server. The link to the other account can be found HERE Kind regards, Kysilar ArkRP Admin team
  12. I'd like to remind anyone posting on this thread that you can now Submit a ticket of any base you feel is excessive.
  13. Hello everyone, This message is mainly aimed towards our new players who have been trying to sign up for our community. So first off: Welcome! I'm sure each and every single one of you will make a fine addition to ArkRP and I cannot wait to hear more from you! Unfortunately, this sign-up process has been facing some issues in recent days. Due to a corruption in our database, the most recent whitelist applications have not been received by the admin team, causing for unnecessarily long wait times. I'm happy to say that this issue has now been resolved, and the whitelists are fully operational again! Though the corrupted data was not able to be recovered. This means that any player who has submitted a whitelist from the 5th of April and has not yet received a response is kindly asked to resubmit their whitelist attempt. As head of the admin team, I will ensure that I and the rest of the team will work around the clock to make sure that any whitelist submitted is handled before the next volume is out. Making sure that you will be able to start playing and meeting new people when we launch the server. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and hope to be receiving your whitelists soon! Kind regards, Kysilar ArkRP Admin team
  14. Hello Hamiler, There seems to have indeed gone something wrong with the response sent to you after the whitelist was denied. I have updated this message so you should now be able to see the reason for the denial of your application. If not, please contact me and I'll get it sorted as soon as possible! Regards, Kysilar ArkRP Admin team
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