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  1. Tell Liliana her curls look a little flat today, I'll give ya some hostile RP.
  2. I've made my stance pretty clear in the past that I do not support offline raids unless they are to promote RP...since it's been clear people can't follow the simple rules of leaving notes when raiding and thus providing that RP...I vote that we turn the option off for now and see how that pans out.
  3. NoooOOOOOOOoooooo protect every single baby (except the bigfoot babies, exterminate those)
  4. When there's no damn places to LIVE anymore while everyone is still in the bumrush of excitement on the server. Every spot we looked at had houses on it, so we made a temporary camp, went to bed, and promptly had everything ripped to shreds by an alpha raptor while we slept. THANK YOU, VIDEO GAME
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  6. Them's The Sims hair right there
  7. Lil_Bit


    Liliana lives in Cornernstone high above, and she finds the controls to the floating island then starts texting while driving and crashes the entire island into the earth below, killing hundreds of innocent people and untold amounts of native wildlife because she's blonde
  8. I'd be open to the Islands or the Center map. Maybe we could do some test runs and see if those would meet people's needs while still keeping things fresh? Also Liliana will be raising hell after surviving yet ANOTHER purge and exodus.
  9. We'll just need to make a BIGGER dinosaur to kill the titano! It's EASY!
  10. What about this Center map? Would that be a nice compromise or is it still too large?
  11. Liliana coming onto any scene no matter its mood
  12. Dear Diary- I kept dreaming I had died, but then I woke up here again. How irritating! My legs were atrophied and I was terribly dehydrated and hungry, and I shan't even mention the state of my HAIR. I tried to fall back asleep again, but apparently it wasn't to be. At least this time I woke up in the same place I'd fallen asleep in. My dearest companion had taken care of me as best he could, even though I know it unnerved him. Usually the withered ones don't wake back up. But I am, as usual, a marvelous exception to the rule. So I made myself stand back up, got some food, and wobbled about like a newborn deer until I could get my strength back. Things have changed. Valec has gone even more batty in my absence. Something something, hungry gods, something something, blood of the innocents will flow, something something, mass sacrifices, I don't know, I was rather only half listening. I suppose I'll have to keep an eye on things. Perhaps that's why I'm here. AGAIN. Ugh. He showed me some sort of arena below our little house that certainly wasn't there before. Then there's a volcano that's formed within sight of the island. Parts of the larger landmasses have been destroyed and reformed. Several people I rather liked have died or been lost. I suppose there are far worse things to wake up to. This is...preferable. Still, it puts me in a rotten mood, my dear diary. I had been dreaming about nice things, like being home, or not existing, or one particularly nice bit where I was in my favorite bakery back in my last trip to Paris, and then I was petting a bunny. A bunny diary! Not a sabertooth tiger or bloodthirsty wolf, but a cute fluffy regular bunny that didn't even try to murder me. I remember bunnies. They were my favorite animals. I suppose they still are, but it's hard to say that in a place where bunnies have never existed. I'm so sullen today! I think I'll go cook myself a nice meal and try to get some embroidery done. Maybe if I'm lucky, it will rain! I do love the sound of rain. What a sorry kingdom I have inherited. The poor darlings down there who are content in the filth of this place...I do hope this can be corrected. I'm going to make an omelette. Until next time diary, love you! XOXOXO ~Liliana~
  13. You tried to go home. You wanted to go home, but you've been here so long and had so little success that your spirit is broken now and you've resigned yourself to this island being your new home for the rest of your life (Which given the flora and fauna in this place may not be that long!) Liliana is...sort of this, in that she is still yearning to go home and has never once stopped yearning to go home. She takes steps to make sure she doesn't forget home, tries to make her situation more luxurious and 'homey' as best she can, gets involved in any projects that hold promise of escape, and is literally willing to do -anything- to get out of this place. She hates the Ark and has often voiced aloud how much she would love to see it and its creators destroyed.
  14. I'm a tee-pee I'm a wigwam, I'm a tee-pee I'm a wigwam.
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