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  1. Yes but what about different languages written into papers? Or... dare I say, sign languages? Sign languages from different countries are extremely different from each others, including different US states which is called an accent in ASL.
  2. Rhinos gather berries better than brontos, IMO but I prefer bears because they gather berries /AND/ fibers.
  3. A few weeks back, my niece, who is around ten years old, misunderstood me when I signed at her. I was talking to her about liquid cooled computers and she thought that she could make an instant liquid cooled computer with my PC by pouring a glass of water into the vent on the top-back of the desktop PC while it was still running which pretty much fried the PC pretty good. I'm out of a PC so I need to find a job (Not much luck, given not much employers would employ a deaf person). I'll check in now and then but I'm pretty much absent from the game.
  4. Spoken language /= written language. Remember that fun fact.
  5. Well, can we have a computer? Seeing that auto turrets are basically computers with guns and you can't program a gun to track a person automatically without a computer.
  6. Slip ups still happen, even outside of ArkRP. It even happens on MU* games or SL, it just happens and it cannot be stopped through natural means. People are human, after all but it can be resolved through (Oops, I didn't mean to do that. Ignore that.) It's simple like that if you politely point it out instead of raging over it.
  7. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=733089781 BABIES!
  8. So how does untamable work, exactly? Does it mean that they just can't be saddled, that's it?
  9. Going to keep playing Jason, of course.
  10. Whoever could have done that, could have done it already and from all the apex predators the only dangerous one that can be lead is a giga. ------- If apex gets removed, I would prefer Brontosaurus not to go, since they are the most accessable and biggest platform carriers around and they are not hostile. So it seems imaginable, despite their size to be tamable. They are some of the best defenses one can have in a base though. Then we'll just see bases with tons of mate boosted brontos instead as they have the longest attack range of any dino, which makes it impossible to go on foot when attacking said base. Well Brontos count as Apex too Nope, the brontos aren't apex herbivores, titanosaurs are, giganotos are apex carnivores. The word 'apex' means the top of their role so thus, rexes and other carnivores aren't apex predators, only Giganotos. The same can be said for Titanosaurs.
  11. Ehhh, I don't know about terror birds being apex. It was Sarcasm, Wuya..... hence the brackets Oh, derp. XP
  12. Ehhh, I don't know about terror birds being apex.
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