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  1. Character name: Noel Roche Character Age: 54 General estimated activity this volume: 3-4 evenings a week average, depending on class loads. Extra: Reformed snake oil salesman, trying to stay in legitimate business.
  2. I would advise against using increased frustration/failure as a method of balancing. While it works statistically, it's generally received poorly by the users. The spamming of rolls isn't the problem, it's the amount of time/effort that goes into pressing the upgrade button. The bench is more or less a gambling tool. The more anticipation you build before each 'pull of the handle', the more satisfying the process. So harvesting materials, selecting your best weapon so far to try and upgrade, and then rolling that dice is where you get the burst of "fun". By cheapening the process...well you do just that, cheapen the process and make it less satisfying. Actual estimated value and perceived value are different things, and by increasing failure (and the cost of failure to boot) you drop the perceived value into the gutter. The solution to the less 'impactful' upgrading process I think lies in the blueprint system. Add a reward to the person who is doing the mass crafting, instead of taking away from everyone.
  3. I think this is one of the most common responses to the upgrade table situation. The tradeoff here is that it is fairly easy to roll for max weapons (as the cost for two upgrade steps usually isn't too bad). The good of this is that it means anyone could prepare themselves mechanically for pvp, as with the current upgrade situation there's a sizable wall. Not everyone 'abuses' this though, I've known pvp'ers to potentially handicap themselves to their opponent's level for the sake of things being fair and interesting. The bad is that there is less time investment into creating exceptional gear. The more work that goes into the item, the more attached the creator is to it. It's possible to say that people are too attached, too afraid to lose their things in pvp, but I don't actually have a gauge on that sentiment. By making upgrading a series of quick, low cost dice rolls you risk cheapening the 'ordeal' people go through to make them. In the end, my perfect solution would be to keep the number of upgrade steps we have now, but lower the amount of % or durability increased per step. I've been told and even seen myself that the configs for this are fucky, to say the least, and this would be more difficult to implement than changing a few values. So with that, I agree that lowering the upgrade steps to White->Green->Blue and keeping the lucky quality jumps beyond that is the best answer. There additionally was talk of characters able to bring items to the Traders to make into blueprints. This should probably be a different thread, but I think these two changes are important to pair together. I would advise people need to register as a blacksmith (like how breeding licenses are handled) to do this, but I think it would be a widely welcomed change.
  4. Technically the magic lore from the dropdown menu is outdated, but I'm giving leniency on that considering it's likely to all get revamped with the new volume lore. Otherwise I haven't noticed others, though the faction signup was fixed (forgot to keep checking). Hopefully we see at least the top section being updated, especially the 'Looking for Tribe' thread because there's a good chance a number of people are going to be looking to fit in with the new Volume.
  5. I see your points, but I'm still sort of sitting in the gray on it all. Like most things, this comes down to what is "acceptable risk". I won't deny that I'm super conservative when it comes to changes like these, really needing to be pushed by near absolute necessity. I don't think it's more likely to do harm than good, but the potential is still there. Maybe the best time to decide on this would be after the first month of the new Volume? Take a look at where we are then, and measure how this change would affect it.
  6. This one gets the big "hmmmm" out of me. There are a few potential unintended consequences that seem too probable for me to be entirely comfortable. First is character depth and history. Here more than any rp I've ever been in people have these deep, thorough histories both as backstory and events on the server. Unless that second character enables you to engage in twice the encounters (seems unlikely, but maybe not?) then one of them is going to lack the historical depth that is currently in effect. The ability to have two characters in order to partake in more events does seem like a good thing on the surface, but are "off-characters" the ones we want partaking in globally important events? I would think that the other participants would benefit more from interacting with primary characters as there is a very basic difference between the character you play the most, and the one used to partake in events your main normally couldn't. The secondary character benefits the individual, but by nature of being secondary potentially lowers the quality of engagement for others. Due to the rather compact nature of the island, another problem to possibly arise is a situation where both characters would want to show up to a situation. In two sided conflicts, this invariably means you either have to pick a side (disadvantaging one side) or be forced to abstain. Overall this seems to me like a good for the self, questionable/bad for the whole. The only place I've seen multiple characters be a thing was a game in which dual/triple/etc clienting was fairly simple to do, so this is more just extrapolation than anything concrete.
  7. Rag, while pretty, suffers from a lack of aquatic opportunity. The only official map that has put enough work into underwater interaction is The Center. Having water access through the middle of the map instead of having the entire circumference of one large island to work through makes aquatic travel interesting and viable instead of just a chore. I don't have any experience with unofficial maps though, so maybe there's something else made with that facet of the game in mind. Also the Mantis is 100% clown shoes ridiculous, would rather not have it on any map we'd play.
  8. [align=center] //WIP The Old World[/align] [align=center]Act 1[/align] [align=center]In the forest, where trumpets sing[/align] [align=center]With trees of rich and lovely wood[/align] [align=center]Recklessly my axe would swing[/align] [align=center]Biting hearts wherever it could.[/align] [align=center]This was the love I understood,[/align] [align=center]One cut was all I needed[/align] [align=center]But thrust into new lands, in the plains I stood[/align] [align=center]And my first true love was seeded.[/align] [align=center]It was a sturdy oak, who's voice repeated:[/align] [align=center]"No axe shall ever rake my bough"[/align] [align=center]And quickly her wit had stuck me low, I was kneeling there defeated[/align] [align=center]But with a smile she took my hand, and still she holds it now.[/align] [align=center]Abigail, you're my better in every way And with each breath I thank my luck that I'm with you every day. [align=left] Shame that last part didn't pan out. I was always just good enough at poetry to make it presentable, but just awful enough that it seemed honest instead of rehearsed. She always liked it anyhow, didn't much matter what anyone else thought. As the allure of hermit life wore off, I had started venturing into a few rural towns. Enough time had passed that I was no longer the top gossip around, the royal court made sure to drum up some other drama right away to pivot off of a prince's exile. [/align] [/align]
  9. [align=center] (Somewhere on the island exists a physical "copy" of this manuscript. Should it be taken, please let me know so that I can progress the writing correctly) Prelude[/align] Aristocracy, a pair of silken gloves that never quite fit these earth-worn hands. While my brother practiced politicking and tablemanners, I stole away to mix mortar and stretch hides. Not to say mother and father ever approved, but barring my escape was an impossible venture. It wasn't too much of a problem until things started disappearing. The neighbors' vase, a shopkeep's till, all the way up to the King's buggy ending up 'misplaced'. It was that last one that really did me in, after all it was only ever possible as an inside job. Thankfully dear ol' dad didn't quite have the stomach to take an axe to my wrists, and so I was left a man exiled from civil society. The arrangement suited me just fine, to be honest. It didn't take long to rub off the polish of sophistication in favour of a much more suitable veneer. I lived that life for a number of years I never bothered to count, self sufficiency a quickly acquired skill in the face of absolute necessity. As my mind matured though, a second vice was awakened. The relative serenity of my life and of my nation began to itch at me like a spreading, purulent rash. The spirits of competition, conflict, and danger took a firm grasp of the hands of a man oblivious to their influence up until this point. My purpose, beyond the fancies of larceny and masonry, was realised. That, my dear reader, is unfortunately not a story quite ripe for the telling. First, I must paint for you an image of myself not as a contemptuous crook, but rather the roguish antihero that is true to my nature. And for that we must, of course, look towards love.
  10. Any time. It takes me about three hours per hour of recording (given I can work that long uninterrupted/undistracted). Anything else like this that gets uploaded (meetings, etc), I'll probably end up doing it again.
  11. Coming in as a new player (registered a while ago, but never got dug in to the rp), there is a lot of information that is out of date/mistitled. I'll do my best to scoop together what I've found (hyperlinks are provided for all entries). In need of updated title/new thread "Looking For Tribe - Volume I Edition" "ARK Voume I - Order & Anarchy: Lost and Found" "Character and Tribe Permission/Denial Volume I" In need of updated information "Faction Information [sign Up Form Included]" (Section titled "How to become a starting faction" no longer relevant) "How To: Make Your Character Fit the New Lore" (References Volume I, possibly in need to updating/tweaking of information) -The guide section in general- (Even though there is good information there, a lot of it is out of date considering the shift in server lore. Older guides should either be archived, given a disclaimer to say that they may not reflect current lore, or edited by their OP/passed to someone else to update) Misc. Issues "Important Lore Info and Event Recap" (Not stickied despite seeming like important information that conflicts with the current rules provided via the dropdown pages. This should be stickied if relevant (or the lore rules temporarily changed) or marked so that it is clear that it no longer applies.) -------------------------- There is still a lot of the forums I haven't combed through, and will add into the post (will also check periodically to see if the ones I've listed are fixed to strike them off) unless the staff would prefer another method. I hope this helps.
  12. Well by my understanding there isn't a "Volume II" edition anywhere, this thread is still stickied, and is linked in the lore rules. If there's a more appropriate alternative, let us know.
  13. Could technomancy be expanded to lend itself more towards archeological pursuits? It does not seem unreasonable to me that technomancy as it was presented could also be used to magically learn the age of specific objects, reverse engineer, or perhaps even grant insight into who created or used the item. It's not uncommon in magics that involve artifice to also allow the user to access an item's "memory" to give a peek into how it was used and when. I think this sort of expansion would be interesting to open up RP research around the ruined structures, though it would likely require the publication of some server canon regarding it. The success of being able to learn an item's history could easily be variable based on the permission of whoever originally wielded/crafted it. If everyone is playing above board in terms of honest RP, it would be interesting as a method to possibly identify stolen items. Edit: I just found the Acolyte Event thread about technomancy after writing this, but I guess it still stands fine as a suggestion/question to the lore team.
  14. Not going to say what I imagine CJ stands for when someone throws out an inside joke. Still I see the sincerity behind a bad joke, so thanks. Having been someone who processed exemptions for two people wanting to play from the same IP address, usually forty or so in a wave, I've great sympathy for whoever is doing the whitelisting. I'd have been impressed if it was indeed processed already, but I definitely won't be disappointed if it takes another day. I have browsed the forums quite a bit, and I'm glad to see that this place doesn't lack the drama nearly every other large RP group experiences. If people don't have misunderstandings, then it usually means nothing is really happening or everyone is doing the same thing. The only real problem I've seen is deciding on offline raiding, but once I get acclimated to the server I think I have a suggestion that would work. Either way, appreciate the welcome. My birthday is in February, but the name is derived from the phonetic alphabet. (You probably don't care but I'm telling the story anyways) It came from the name NH64M which actually had no significance, but I got tired of people trying to pronounce it like I word. It became NovemberHotel64Mike, to NovemberHotel, to now just November. Ew, sea dogs.
  15. Holy hell there are a lot of introduction posts being made. Even if they represent every new applicant, the volume of whitelist requests is ridiculous. I won't be holding out hope to get accepted in the next few days, so I figured I needed to try and be active on the forums in the meanwhile to maintain my interest. I've definitely been impressed by what I've seen so far, especially from the admins/moderation team. I've done volunteer CSR for an MMO before, so I have a deep appreciation for those who do (often rather draining work) to ensure the health of the server. Brown-nosing the staff aside, I am looking forward to set off on the island with the rest of ya'll. I like to give people an actual reason to respond to these posts outside of polite greetings, so...I guess I'd like to ask what people think are the current flaws in the server?
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