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  1. Hello, everyone! I wanted to pop something here to avoid any concern or people thinking I just disappeared! I stepped down from my admin position this afternoon, and I think my life is going to be going in some very good directions work-and-location wise. I'm not upset at the community or anything of the sort, so no worries! There are a couple of you who could be on much better behavior (and you know who you are; you have been talked to) but my ultimate reasons for wandering my own way boiled down to how much I absolutely adore all of you, and how much helping you all brought me joy. I just don't think I can do that to the capacity I once could, for one reason or another, whether because of changes in how the community works, or personal experiences that made the position harder. You guys are good people, try not to give the staff team too much trouble while I'm away! I'll be around here and there, so if anyone ever needs anything, even if it's just an unbiased ear to run a problem by or somebody to vent to, never hesitate to message me. <3
  2. The only Jackson ship that is approved besides JacksonxSage. JohnxDarius, because I could and it was Fan Fiction Friday.
  3. Sign me UP I am here for giving the gift of rhinos.
  4. [align=center]Colonial Traders[/align] [align=center]Connecting the Isle with Resources, One Outpost at a Time[/align] [align=left] The Colonial Traders are a loose group of merchants, breeders, collectors, and other traders come together into a small network, not only to help eachother but to more efficiently help customers find what they need. Each trader is their own individual - not just considered a Colonial, each is seen as their own expert, with their own outposts, specialties, and the like. Their actions reflect only on them, and they are in charge of their own section of trade, and wares. [align=center]( Detailed History TBA )[/align] [/align] [align=center]The Overlook https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/zVCW8_2Yd80BO3UNBU5ivJp3FJoQrFWgkM9_1vjAoSeKOIAYe6F9C1wIAeavtPkZn6H4Gw0bgbKUqBS1qS0_LMhI7epqtJwINB2uuFsuwklevclJFiiwTGW_RtRyamxC_wPr88br[/img] The Outlook was the first outpost set along the new trade route. Currently trading in general goods, animals, and certain armor and weaponry, the doors are always open to a good soul, a nice drink, or a well-worn story. E. Jackson Sage Jackson [/align] [align=center]Greystone Creek https://lh4.googleusercontent.com/9mGVxyY45kmjhpXMtp-U-C_xhVNEg8xvu8I2iejqTiV_MiMYbQEMEKQHYGKU_yzvp98vfT13i_HRTPDvERRPGMGO0lpK1iJyzz87WXuHcqympImBlccx_8pE7S9v-zApWLuQODEn[/img] Greystone Creek is a settlement overlooking the old area of the original Colonial trade settlement, Riverton. Dealing in certain animals, high-end goods such as paste and metal, and other things, these two are certainly the traders to go to when you have something in mind. Dean Marco Trader 2 (position available) The Boathouse https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/Au_J3-JE2lhBZ1xVrhC7C0TYRNJMPIW1_DLRsa8SfxGe8fnUEu1CcnkT8zP2BmV0XPqNklJMGkorDaxzmBK1VIY6EkhS-Kawt1NbqN0mSUO62rJPfcoMhoTzRcpKqzpUt_11UeK4[/img] The BoathouseThe Northernmost outpost along the trade route, the Boathouse specializes in all things oceanic, whether beasts, goods, or perhaps even experience. Lucien Trader 2 (Position Available!) [/align] [align=center]Goals[/align] [align=center] Continue to gather individual or small-group traders to expand our expertise and continue to expand our trade route. Specialize the outposts further so travelers know exactly which trader they wish to go see. Eventually advance the stories of each individual trader, giving every individual a great experience. Relations Friendly Children of the Isle Neutral Who? NOPE[/align] [align=center]N/A[/align] [align=center]DISCLAIMER 1. Thread is OOC. As such, any info, coords images, comments, etc are considered OOC and may not be used for IC advantage as per metagaming rules and guidelines.[/align] [align=center]2. This is to be treated not as a unified tribe but as a network. Each outpost/individual are accountable for their own actions. Other people will not be put down, incriminated, or burdened with an individual's own actions - you lie in the bed you make.[/align] [align=center]Trade Route[/align] [align=center][/align]
  5. I'm not entirely sure what impression you're under about the staff team ("clique?"), and I'm not entirely sure you've ever seen the inside of it, but I would like to say that I was much, much happier with the game before I became staff. And, oddly enough, it was much, much easier. Why? Mostly because I am a customer service volunteer. For a while, as the only admin ingame (since about Christmas, besides when the lovely Whitehall helped me out incredibly) I was spending full time hours on teamspeak waiting for people who needed help and desperately trying to play the game in between. 6-10 hours. Every day. Hundreds of hours of my life that I will never be able to get back, that has been unpaid. But why? Because I, like the other staff members, care about you guys. I am incredibly disappointed that I take a couple weeks off because of health issues (stress related, as well, and it's not hard to tell where a chunk of THOSE may have come from) and all of this is coming up, but it is incredibly inappropriate to blame a group of people you do not know for things like this. I, as a genuine human being who only recently has taken time away to take care of myself, have not had the luxury of having fun on a game that, unfortunately, was my primary stress relief, in a while. I have not been able to have my projects. I have not been able to play solo. I have had stressful relations with my tribe because, as Staff, I am actually HARDER on them when they break rules, because they, as my friends, should KNOW better. A definite advantage, really. I'm sad to see you go, J. The couple of times we DID get to RP were awesome. But this is such a disappointing mindset, and the reason I'm bringing it up now is that it is, unfortunately, a mindset shared by many people, and continuing to grow as people do not learn much better by talking to those involved. I wish I had the luxury of saying that this is me speaking as a human being that is genuinely disappointed my stress and at times pain have just been massively invalidated, but people tend to focus on the red. I'll sign it personally. Best of luck to you, wherever you go! - Ashley
  6. Whole base gone. Excessive damage. 0/10, you guys owe me 10 whole rhinos. 10. Whole. Rhinos.
  7. Hey guys! I hate to come in and invalidate a lot of anger and arguments, but I've been working nice and hard on a Breeding Licence exception to the animals rule for a couple weeks now. You guys will have all the official info, rulings, and everything in the next few days. I was hoping it could be a pleasant surprise, but we had to make another push towards being server-conscious, because the poor bit of equipment is wheezing again, and no one here should promote cruelty to rented servers. They try their hardest. Remember, I and the rest of the ARKRP staff team do listen to you guys, and are constantly working on improvements for the experience here. Takes a bit more time than anyone wants (my poor flock of birds has been sitting while it was decided whether they'd be licensed or on the chopping block!) so I can understand the need to re-express opinions and arguments, but we do genuinely try to commit what you all say to memory. Anyhow, I can't give you too much information (as excited as I am to share, trust me) but it will definitely be a boon to those of you who breed or have sanctuaries or anything neat IC like that. TL DR I love you guys, and we're gonna find the nifty balance between reasonable limits and player freedom.
  8. 1/10 creepy as hell. Sorry Klaus! <3
  9. Truer words never been said. 0/10 would not pay me. To the rest of you, you guys are awesome and are definitely the reason why I love being here so much. <3
  10. You guys get the best of both worlds because I adore holidays myself, so if I didn't make sure you all did too my inner child would throw temper tantrums at me. Easter bunny will be a go!
  11. Did someone mention a spotlight? Is there a Palatheio around here somewhere?
  12. If there is a strong concern about a specific staff member's conduct, it might be better and more effective that relative accusations and information be sent to either Tamaster or Poseidon, both of who oversee the team and will be the ones investigating anyhow. It is advised that all criticism here be constructive to staff's advancement on a day-to-day basis. When you have a recording of what someone is trying to express and posting it, publicly, where people can only see the negative and/or accusatory light being shed by those posting it on a forum where the opposing party is unable to respond and/or chime in, isn't exactly constructive, and it is potentially harmful to a member of the community, which, as usual, I have to nudge away from. It leans towards the territory of public shaming instead of feedback, and for that I have to ask that, out of basic human respect, your words be reconsidered again to be legitimate criticism and your valid concerns be sent to those who oversee the staff team and their conduct. If anyone ever needs an example for future posts in this thread, here's the difference, and it's a lot easier to see when laid out: "I do not feel Lithiaris is active enough and she should focus more on taking care of the issues community members have as they come up." Is criticism. "Lithiaris is never on and I've seen her ignore people and here are some screenshots of her denying people help. I don't think she does her job well." Is slander when done in public eye, and perhaps moreso when done multiple times. Every face, every name, and every member of this community is human. If something bad has been done, let it be taken care of in the swiftest, most professional way possible, and understand that it can be corrected without callouts and related behavior. Serious offenses need to be reported to the two overseeing members of staff immediately so they CAN be taken care of. There is a place and a time, and this thread is for criticism, and was never meant to be for serious offenses, reports, or media. Thank you for your time and understanding, - Lithiaris
  13. The ARKRP staff is not liable for any damage that may or may not be done to anyone's roofing. Or dinosaurs. Or persons. *Cough*
  14. Normally, spawns come in automatically with the updates. The beavers were an exception due to their unique spawn zones, and similar creatures like anglerfish (because a deep sea zone needed to be created for them) and penguins (because a glacier needed to be created for them.) Most creatures should automatically be on the map when they're added into the game! However, if they aren't and if there's no indication that the update will be within a day or two to the map, I've checked and it is perfectly alright for myself and any other admins who would like to help this go around (I had a lot of fun with those beaver runs!) to spawn in the missing dinos. The code we use is basically identical to how the server spawns them in (at random levels and colors) so there's nothing particular or out of the normal to do so for you guys spare that they'll be done mostly when we're available. However, just like with the beavers, in case it happens again, I will try my hardest to do runs at random times throughout the day, so people in every time zone have a chance at one, even if it's just a low level one in the batch that others overlooked. Hope this helps!
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