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  1. It's only going to cause trouble and I do not recommend doing it what so ever.
  2. Oh Bryan. If you want any advice or the like do ask, I was around for the first Ironside group made by Tomeran and we lasted for a few months and had a blast, definitely a fun playstyle if done correctly Best of luck with this.
  3. Holy shit Libera that looks amazing, also jelly as fuck of your graphics, please do upload more
  4. Wow I actually know someone from Umeå despite being Danish Welcome
  5. Hello Chaos I miss you too and you'll see me soon enough IG again. Yes carrying 15 weapons is unrealistic but so is carrying 9000 metal and riding around on Apex predators like they were golden retrievers, which is why i'm confused as to why removing some of them seemed like a good idea. As for taming as a group, yes it does make it easier however having played a lot of singleplayer lately due to my slow connection I can say that taming on your own is far from impossible but a lot more challenging, I have my settings on the highest difficulty and even then I have been able to succesfully tame some of the harder predators such as groups of Allosauruses, Rexes and the list goes on with some failed attempts too of course due to them being able to 2-3 shot me. And yes I know since I am playing alone there isn't the threat of being robbed by other players but that doesn't stop people from being able to escort their new anky home as I have rarely if ever seen people being robbed off of their animal(s) All taming requires is planning, bring a strong predator with you and he'll easily be able to clear the way for you like a rex or a spino should do we the trick. My sole point is that solo players shouldn't be able to carry the same as what 40 people used to be able to carry alone. Both.
  6. Hello everyone. I've recently made a return and talked to a few people over the past few days and received a lot of information that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Getting straight to the point I have been told Bronto's, Quetz's & Giga's aren't tameable anymore due to their size and being Apex predators (at leas two of them) and that it would be unrealistic and immersion breaking having people flying/riding around on them which I honestly find ridiculous, if we were to "disable" dinosaurs because it would be unrealistic to have them tamed we might as well remove them all except the Dodo's. Now, trail mix is apparently the solution to not having these heavy weight creatures, so my question is, if say a bronto is too unrealistic then why is't being able to carry 9000 metal being deemed unrealistic? I find it demotivating personally because it ruins the purpose of having a group, you don't need friends to help you nor do you need dino's all though it helps with the travelling part. I'd also stress that it ruins trading in some ways, before numbers in groups meant something, the more members the more resources obviously and having been a solo player for the most of my time here on ArkRP I enjoyed going to bigger groups to trade for materials I would have a hard time gathering on my own like metal for example, where as a big group used to be able to exhaust an entire mountain of metal and working together for it you can now do that alone all by yourself. This is of course my personal opinion and I don't expect people to agree but please do discuss.
  7. P Oh god yeah, Dragonsoul was such a joke for an endgame raid, they used an old zone, fair enough it was the dragon prospects temple, but they could at leadt have re-designed it seeing it was the endgame raid for Cata, not only was the raid extremely easy for whatever reason except for 2 fights because they were stupidly overtuned and deemed impossible until the first nerf. Firelands however I liked, challenging as all hell especially on 25M HC. I still have nightmares of Raggy and his silly leg Edit: also for the horde, u smell combat u are a ally scum fantastic person, also majestic alliance master-race 10/10 choice Fixed ^ Edit2: How dare you abuse me you just wait till I get home!!
  8. I just cant go back to retail, i know its an old argument but its simply become too casual for me, Ive recently played a little on a TBC private server and im having a ton of fun experiencing the old days, I know its a mix of nostalgia too of course but the fact that quest mobs can eat your face with ease if youre not careful appeals to me and I love the feeling of being in danger in a game, especially an MMORpg, the fact that you nowadays as a level one without heirlooms can kill a lvl 9+ boar as level 1 because the regeneration is sky high is just plain stupid imo and makes no sense, of course the game shouldnt be dark souls but if i am going to invest a lot of time in a game i want there to be challenges too. Also fuck garrisons. Sorry for the rant combat but it was too tempting
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