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  1. This occurs with everyone that I am aware of. Seems the game doesn't take into consideration that you can be on multiple servers. There is a way I think would work, but it is lengthy and thats reinstalling Ark. other than that, not sure.
  2. I have edited my current time frame, and advised the staff that there is maybe a 2% chance that this will be pushed back again. Farewell everyone!
  3. I mean there is a possible IC thing that could occur. An Alliance based "Wyvern" hatchery? Where there is someone always around as if running shifts. Incase people want to raise Wyverns. Other than that I can't really make suggestions, as this is a glitch and nothing caused on our end as far as I am aware.
  4. There is no limit on tools, if it is not mentioned in the current rule set. <3 As for GPS, they are not craftable, however do appear in drops
  5. From what I have been told, this hasn't been confirmed or anything. However leaving the Wyverns render range will cause them to take damage/eat faster.
  6. I am able to assist as well, could you take a screenshot of your screen and PM me it. I will take a look. @"Farelle"
  7. This issue was resolved, please re do the agreement, and make sure to enter your age.
  8. Issue resolved, resubmit the agreement. Please read carefully for the age request. <3
  9. So taking a look into your whitelist issue, it was resolved in our end, however you did need to re-do the agreement with your age filled in. As of right now, we have no whitelist from you.
  10. Hello Everyone, I do wish my first PSA during the new Volume was better than this. However we do deem this to be important enough to warn people about. A bug has been identified that occurs during Transferring between servers. I recently discovered the cause, and advised Tam on the issue. The cause will be resolved tomorrow. The bug is the following; When you have learned on Crasite/Aeternia, where the other server has it disabled (Set to 9999 Engram points). The moment you level, on the server that has the 9999 engram points. It recognizes that you have that engram, and charges you said Points. This being said, it is advised that travel between the servers be halted until Tamaster can resolve the issue tomorrow Morning. (Yes even Panda's need sleep)
  11. Alright guys~! Seeing as that I am back fully. I plan on doing a set of whitelists when I wake up in the morning/afternoon so long as nothing comes up. Please be patient as we get back in the roll of things, including working on Season Two.
  12. In addition to Tamaster's post >Here<. I thought it was prudent to also advise that due to the Christmas Holiday's whitelisting may take longer than the 72 hours limit we normally get them done by. The reason that this is happening is because the Admin team, as well as the staff. Will have other commitments with their families to participate in. We thank you all for your understanding, I will notify here when this should be resolved. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, ArkRP Staff Team
  13. We have an update regarding the status of the server being down part of the day yesterday as well as all of today thus far. The issue we are facing is the following; There is another Gaming Server that is sharing our host server at Uhost. That is experiencing a Memory Leak which is causing all the memory to be eaten up thus causing a crash. ETA at the moment is unknown. Still being looked into. Regards, ArkRP Staff Team
  14. Hey Naz, I'll just answer your questions real quick. The whitelist is just a 'questionnaire' where it asks questions regarding our rules. There are three attempts at passing said whitelist, when passed, the whitelist screen will also update with how to connect to our server. Other than that there isn't really much to it.
  15. Hello! First off I want to mention the fact, as to why I am still red. The reason I was heading off, was postponed to some time in the New Year (Probably January). Thus I have decided to remain, and keep my role of Admin until such time arrives. Also if you have not realized, or noticed yet. I have been finally now speaking on Teamspeak, if you have yet to hear me speak and want to. I've been occasionally hanging out in some open TS rooms. Now! Onto the topic of this post. We are currently aware that the Whitelists are behind far more than 72hours. For this we apologize, and want to advise the ones that are waiting to be whitelisted the reasoning behind this is American Thanksgiving that occurred on Thursday, November 24th. During this last 5-6 days the majority of the admin team were away up until now being with family and 'recovering'. By the end of today, we plan on having a big chunk, if not all the whitelists done. Once again I do want to apologize for the length of time it has taken. Regards, ArkRP Admin Team
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