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  • Chapter 1:Thana 


    Through the combined efforts of a team of Scholars and Engineers a new continent has been discovered, new islands have been mapped and the new continent is ripe for settling. The Scholars prepare a settlement mission with the help of the Engineers and set out for the new world in a mighty airship.



  • The World of Zaharia


    History of the World



    Zaharia is inhabited by diverse wildlife. There are pure creatures in this world, but also magic-infused beasts that evolved after being experimented on by the Scholars. These creatures are classified with two different names; Classical for the non-magical creatures and Infused for magic-based creatures. There are similarities with some beasts to natural wildlife as not all beasts were experimented on. Some were allowed to continue their natural existence while a separate species was developed via magical means. Aside from the wildlife, Zaharia is also home to magic-infused lands. It is very common in this world to see floating islands, active volcanoes, frozen mountains, and expansive jungles all within a very short distance of each other. The diverse terrain is a product of extensive magical use over the years. Each domain was morphed by magic and molded into its own ecosystem for the wildlife.  



    Magic did not always exist in the world of Zaharia, it was a skill that was reserved for the nonhuman occupants of the world until several hundred years ago a group known as the Scholars figured out how to harness this energy source for themselves. The Scholars travelled throughout Zaharia teaching others how to use magic. They decided to open a school naming it the University so that all who wanted to learn magic could. This allowed the students to learn together and meet people from all over the world. The opening of the school started the magical revolution, causing the greatest advancements in magic since humans were able to use it.  The Scholars only kept their strongest and most complicated magic to themselves, those who learnt them are sworn to secrecy unless they request permission from the Council of Elders. Upon graduating each new class of Scholars is granted a spellbook proving their worth.




    While the Scholars have their University, the Engineers have the Factory. The Factory is the foil of the University. Everything you could learn at the University you would learn the Engineer equivalent at the Factory. Engineers were created when a small group of people decided they did not want to become Scholars. At first, their leaders were in an uproar about the decision, but one woman, Amelia Westley, came forward and explained why the group did not want to learn the mystic arts. She explained to the elders that while they had no ill will toward the Scholars, just that not everyone wanted to be a Scholar. It was then that she introduced the inventions that sparked their technological revolution; the steam engine and the lightbulb. Together with the help of some Scholars, Westley would go on to found the Factory creating a second option for citizens to devote their lives to. Since the inception of the Factory, Zaharia has become balanced by both magical and technological advancement.



    The Obelisks 

    Massive structures are known as Obelisks hang in the sky around almost every island. They serve no visible purpose, their original function is long since forgotten.




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