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Ingame Location: The remains of from the Ashes base


Approximate time and date of the incident (UTC):   5:44AM EST 12/03/19


Daytime or Night-time Ingame: Day-time



Your ingame name:  Auri



Names of any friends/allies involved: N/a



Name/Appearance of suspect/s: From the ashes members / Dragon kin



Suspects weapons/creatures: Ptera



Friendly weapons/creatures involved (if any): Rockdrake



Additional evidence? (video/screenshot etc):





Description of the reported events: I was flying through the redwoods sheep hunting, and found a ton of claim allowed animals which i started claiming, I should have been more careful as I accidently clicked and hit something (still not sure what I hit exactly) and my rockdrake went nuts when the pteras started attacking and killed a few players and animals as seen in the screenshots, I didnt see body bags but my drake picked up a bunch of stuff which I am happy to return if wanted. 

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