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The Wreck

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The Wreck



It began with a simple transmission “This is a general distress call from the airship Protheron. Science officer Elisabeth broadcasting on all frequencies. There has been an explosion of unknown causes on our ship and we have fallen out of the sky over the sea, I don't know how long we still have. Our coordinates are as follows 82 lat 11.5 long"

Upon the arrival of the rescue party they find a ship infested with nameless and fight their way through the horde. Along the way they find logs of a Dr. Elizabeth detailing the days leading up to the crash. It all started when they found an unusual egg on a unmarked island and picked up a new passenger. Over the next few days a few of the crew fell sick, with several reporting to have lost time and waking up with headaches. The final log is simple "Pain" before she triggers the distress call during an attempt the flee the sunken ship. The team finds her body in the cargo ship with the torso ripped open. The group run into a Reaper Queen that breaks out of the side of the ship, flooding it nearly killing the rescuers while it flees... 
Now a rogue queen stalks the topside and a flooded ship brimming with loot sits at the bottom of the sea leaving only one question..... How did Elizabeth get infected with a Reaper queen in the first place?"


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