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The Reclamation War of Dracaea

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Part 1: The Gathering Storm

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The day was hot and humid as a small orange airship touched down in a remote jungle valley and waited. The wait was short as a black and red airship landed nearby and a small squad of rifle men and royal knights spread out and secured the landing site.


A tall figure would disembark from the black airship and waits in the field between the two ships, he watched the orange ship and after a few minutes sighed, stating “He gets here first and makes us wait for him.”


A few minutes of waiting later the hatch on the orange ship opens and a large figure in shimmering orange armor disembarks and speaks to the waiting figure in red armor “Ah General Cahl, my old friend, how is my kingdom?”


“With all due respect Leonor, you are king no longer, General DuKar, I mean First Commander Dukar  saw to that.” Cahl replied.


Leonor responded sounding irritated “I am King as long as I and my people live and as long as that remains the case I shall not rest till I stand in the halls of my castle once more.”


“That is reassuring to hear that you have not forgotten us, DuKar has reopened the work camps and is picking fights with the neighbors. He's already taken our old enemy the kingdom Galland despite the peace treaty you negotiated between us and is looking to expand further. The reconstruction program has collapsed, many of the people are starving and the wild beasts have taken entire regions back.” Cahl replied.


Leonor shook his head, “That fool, does he care only for his personal glory and the pockets of those treacherous nobles of House Arnon, speaking of how have the rest of the noble houses taken all this?.”


“They can only play along, with the power of House Arnon and the military, there is nothing they can do about it” Cahl responded.


“Well than, can I count on your support to save our people? I need an-” Leonor was interrupted by a soldier running up


“General, Imperial fast attack airship inbound at top speed, ETA 1 minute.”


As the rest of the soldiers scrambled into cover Leonor remained where he was and continued “As I was saying I need an army, Can I count on your support?”


“Yes of course, but shouldn't we get to cover before the attack craft gets here?”  Cahl hastily asked as the sound of the rapidly spinning rotors quickly grew.


Leonor turned in the direction of the noise just as the forest green and white painted aircraft came into sight above the treeline. “Too late General, and now they've seen your vessel with mine, they cannot be allowed to leave.”


“And how are we supposed to do that? The armor on those won't be pierced by the weaponry on our ship nor can we keep up with that we would need artillery-” Whilst Cahl was talking Leonor summoned a fireball and held it floating above his palm for a few seconds before it turned blue, expanded to around 1 meter in diameter and shot off toward the ship.


The ship exploded.


“To even …. Make…..a …...dent…” Cahl sputtered out at the end as the burning wreckage fell into the trees.


As Cahl and his men stood around shocked Leonor started back to his ship “Why do you think I specifically asked to meet today of all days at noon, when I'm at my strongest. Good to know you’re on my side once more old friend. Have your men comb out and make sure that no other Imperial soldiers saw us and have them put out that fire and cover the wreckage. Contact me when you have news I have a festival to host.” And with that the hatch closed and the airship took off.

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