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Hello everyone. This is a little awkward. I was apparently on the old website and didn't realize it until I joined the discord to try and get some help, that's okay though, I'm here now! I have been trying to find an ARK rp server for a few months now- I decided to try and give this one a shot. I have been roleplaying for about a decade now though most of my experience is text based (paragraph form so something like 2-4 paragraphs per post). I live in Louisiana and am 26 years old, and I enjoy playing video games as well as drawing most of the time. I am very excited to join this community and give it a shot- it's been a while since I last joined a forum or roleplayed in a group, I'm a bit shy, and the first time I think I've actively tried to join a roleplay server for a video game.

If anyone would like to contact me, my steam name is: AmberGauge and my discord is: AmberGauge#7912 so feel free to add me there or talk with me. I actually have some questions about how to make a character as well as the application process so if anyone would be free to talk about that/answer my questions please message me.

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