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Self Report: Kyla vs Azer and Dag

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Last night 12/8 an errant whistle sent my Mag off into the map and she was found floating at the top of the world. Attempts to TP the pet to the ground resulted I. Said pet floating back to the map ceiling. I decided to let the animal be until rest in the hope that the bug or glitch would clear.


Today 12/8 I noticed Catachman on discord, who had noticed a mag stuck in another players barns killing a tame. Upon investigating, the player was killed and then my creature killed Azer's Ankie and Direbear. With the help of Ape, Catachman was able to retrieve his gear and the Mag was removed from the barn. There was no destruction of buildings by my Mag.


Looking back, it is likely that I whistled the pet to aggressive when trying to back out if the added emote menu and hit subtract on my number pad. At the same time, the mag was glitched by a bug and was irretrievable last night. However I take full responsibility for the activity of the aggressive dining and wish for the players affected to let me know if they request action against me, or reperation.





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