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The Beast Appears

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The sky cracked opened. Through the fissure came the beast. Arcing over the world it floated, gliding upon its massive wings. It surged forward. Once. Twice. 


Letting out a tremendous roar that echoed around the planet. Satisfaction at the state of this world drifted through its mind as the echos returned and returned.


But…. was that a city… in what state was it?
Swiftly, turning its hulking body, it sped towards that bastion.
Its mind reeled as it entered the city. This place was not as empty as we thought! What are these things doing here?!

The figures on flying creatures landed upon its back. How dare they! They were beneath its notice, it would see what they where.


Then one of the filth dare fire upon it. With a violent roar its anger seethed. Veering towards the corrupted patch of the earth blood spilt by these.. These, INSECTS! Its anger grew.

I will not let this pass. We will not let you live. We will be back.. And I will not be alone…


OOC: Just a quick write-up from the mini-event Friday night

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Elated it soared into the city with a great ROAR. Calling out to set fear into the minds of those who had dared settle in their domains.


Reaching out to the minds of the corrupted Wyvern, driving them to a fury, it sent them into the city.


They will pay!


They will DIE!


It could feel the power of nearby element energy.


They would learn!


It continued to roar, Let. Them. Squirm.


Hatred rose inside it, look at the way they tried to fight back.


It focused all attention on pursuing the pests flying in front of it.


The meteor came out of nowhere, such was its focus on its prey.
Pain rushed across its back!


Spitting rage it roared again. Let them burn in Baelfire! They reap all that they have    sown!


Rushing towards the safety of the rift it blink beyond their reach and eyes.     


OOC: Quick write-up of the mini-event Saturday

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