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Volume 10 Announcement

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As you all might have noticed Amphi and I missing for the last month, you might have seen Amphi talking about it on discord but in case you didn’t. We have been moving four hours north because Amphi got a new job and because for some reason I enjoy punishing myself. 

I know you guys have been asking questions about the future but TRUST ME that the future here is bright, we have a TON of exciting projects and tasks going on to find new and interesting ways to give roleplay on Ark a new life and bring new and interesting builds into the game itself. 

While we were gone the staff team was not idle. They have been busy testing maps, overhaul mods and talking with various community members about their opinions and the pros and cons of various ideas. To that end we dont mind sharing that our objective isn’t to make Ark harder or go back to our routes. Quite the opposite actually we want to bring some of these awesome overhauls into the world of roleplay. We have heard you all, that the game of Ark is boring and getting old, so we have been working our tails off to bring our awesome community some new adventures and mechanics to enrich your roleplay, and you can expect us to continue to work as hard as we can to improve your roleplay as much as we can.

Through the testing and discussions we have decided to go back to Aberration for another short volume. Our decision comes from a lack of understanding for some of the balance issues that we might encounter, while we do strive to bring new and interesting environments for you all to roleplay in we don’t want to risk the delicate balance of game mechanics and making sure the environment we do provide is not balanced for only PvP but for realism and roleplay specific events, that cater to PvP, PvE and most importantly RP.

With that said, we would like to announce some decisions that we have made based on the feedback we have been given and the conversations we have had with community members over the past few years. First of all, Volume 11 WILL in fact be on the DLC map, when we first did Aberration we committed to everyone we would continue to make sure we made the opportunity available to roleplay on the latest Ark content, we intend on staying true to that mindset. Because the wipe date for Volume 11 depends on when the DLC comes out it means that Volume 10 is put in a bit of a situation where the wipe could change depending on when the DLC is announced. To that effect we have decided to take a bit of a different approach: First we will be moving the server back to a NON DEDICATED box; there are some people who feel our server is to blame for the lag we have seen in the past volumes to that effect we have decided to give it the old college try and see if they are right, Secondly like mentioned earlier we wanted to try going for some new and interesting content, however because of balance issues we decided that Volume 10 will be best experienced on Aberration. We intend to continue to change rules and change environmental effects (such as trying new things to en-richen roleplay) so please keep an open mind as we venture forth into Volume 10, as we intend to turn the ship upside down to find some new content for you all to enjoy for days, weeks and years to come. With that all said we will continue looking at other maps and overhaul mods for after Volume 11, which of course will be on Extinction.

We will be wiping on Saturday, October 20th to Aberration. 

Enjoy and stay tuned for more information.

~ Poseidon

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