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Turret Rule PSA

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Hello everybody

With Volume 7 right around the corner the staff team thought it would be beneficial to release a short PSA about turret rules, as we have received a lot of feedback about them.  A lot of people this volume have been concerned with the fact that the low range setting on turrets did not allow them to adequately aid in base defence during an attack.  We have also received a lot of questions indicating that there may be some confusion as the line of sight rule for turrets that are left on higher ranges/lower warnings all the time.

1. Current Turret rules.
Currently, it is in the rules that turrets that are outside and powered on must be on the lowest range setting, and the longest warning setting.  This rule does not count for turrets that are inside without line of sight to the outside.  There has been some confusion here about turrets behind doors.  Turrets that are left always on high range or no warning, must have no line of site to the outdoors, even when all doors are open.  This is to prevent random travelers from possibly being killed, even if you forget to close your workshop door, or whatever door turrets happen to be behind.  Remember that sometimes modded walls can be shot through by turrets, and sometimes things may have line of sight even when they look like they shouldn’t.  In the end, it is the tribes responsibility to make sure that nobody outside can be shot by your turrets. It's a good idea to temporarily leave your own tribe, open the doors and run around to make sure you cannot accidently be shot by them.

2. Long range turrets.
It has come to our attention that a lot of the community may not be aware that long range/no warning turrets can be used outdoors in certain circumstances. If your base is under attack and you receive permission from a staff member, you can temporarily change your turrets to long range/no warning outside.  To do this, you must be under active attack, you must receive permission from a staff member, and you must wait for that staff member to send a broadcast out over the server.  You will then be given a window of time before your turrest MUST be back within the normal restrictions.

3. Just a reminder that there is a 100 turret limit per tribe, that includes all combined bases and outposts. 

This option helps turrets be useful during base attacks, but not lead to a lot of accidental deaths the rest of the time they are up.

If anybody has any questions feel free to reach out to me or any other staff member here on the forums or in discord!

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