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[Volume 4] Rule and Report Changes

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Rule and Report changes!


These are all of our rule changes and a bit of information on how the report system will be changing as we shift into Volume 4! I would like to note that in addition to these changes we will be making further rule and report changes as we shift towards future volumes and this is just an intermediary step on that path!

Rule changes:

Removals will look like this: Here is a piece of text

Additions will look like this: Here is a piece of text

Any rules being moved will look like this: Here is a piece of text

Rules that are not mentioned or touched on, remain the same.

Community Rules:

  • No Cheating/Glitching/Griefing or abusing game mechanics
    • Includes but is not limited to:
      • Hiding in rocks
      • Building in impossible areas
      • Double walls
      • Clipping through ground/structures
      • Using chairs or saddles to ender enclosed structures
      • Using hacks and or cheat tools
    • Do not abuse loopholes in the rules.
  • Be Honest
    • Whilst posting in reports you must tell the whole truth. Any lies or missing of important details on purpose will be harshly punished.This also applies to appeals, teamspeak conversations with staff regarding reports and so forth.

These community rule changes reflect our new objective behind the reports and the GM team. Moving away from forcing the "letter" of the rules and moving back to giving the GMs Judgement abilities over the rules. We have decided to remove The data clarifying cheating/glitching as we feel these should be obvious. If you are abusing a loophole or cheating in any way you should expect to be punished harshly for it that should go without saying. The same thing goes with honesty, you should expect to be punished and or warned if you are dishonest with anyone in the community or the staff team. Especially whilst dealing with reports, this again should go without saying as none of these are "acceptable" anywhere.

General PvP Rules:

  • Using Creatures In PVP
    • Creatures which attack you directly in a PvP situation may be attacked or killed until the active situation is over.
    • Creatures whose riders attack you (included mounted turrets) may be attacked or killed until the active situation is over.
    • If a creature belongs to an enemy in an active PvP area but is not being actively used it may only be tranquilized.
    • Picking up other players with flyers in any PvP situation is forbidden.
    • Creatures may be used as demands but only those which are fully matured and below level 200.
    • Pegomastax may be attacked if they steal from you. If it runs back to it’s owner and you see this happen, then you gain attack rights on the owner as well.
  • Other PVP Rules
    • Players may disguise themselves using paint, masks or armor. However doing so voids you of any attack rights you had. Other players retain their attack rights, but only after successfully identifying and informing the player first.
    • Traps may be used in two ways. The first way is by placing them within your own base, you can place any traps as you wish if they are in your base. The second way is out in the wild, you may place traps down but must stay within eyesight of them and RP with anyone caught by them. Traps must also be removed when you leave the area.
    • Sleeping(offline) players should not be stolen from, killed, injured or moved unless for their own safety. Additionally nothing can be removed from a player’s inventory, or taken as IC information without clear confirmation that it is okay from the sleeping player.
    • Obsidian Multi-tools are forbidden to be used in PVP.
    • You may not spam any items that heal you while in active combat exchange.
    • You may not change armor whilst in an RP situation.
    • The Maul, the Morning Star, the Flanged Mace, the Flamethrower and the Bodkin Arrow have all been disabled and are not allowed to be used in PvP or PvE situations.
  • Active PVP Situations
    • If a player is forcefully subdued (knocked out, disarmed etc) or voluntarily surrenders you are not allowed to attack them. However you may take them hostage.
    • Logging out (Combat logging) during roleplay or PvP is not allowed. Please note disconnections do not count as combat logging.
    • Sleeping(offline) players should not be stolen from, killed, injured or moved unless for their own safety. Additionally nothing can be removed from a player’s inventory, or taken as IC information without clear confirmation that it is okay from the sleeping player.
    • Obsidian Multi-tools are forbidden to be used in PVP.
    • During any active PvP situation, roleplay must be provided by both sides, that drives roleplay beyond that specific situation.

These are probably some of our biggest changes with the rules. This all goes back to giving the GMs the ability to make judgement calls once again rather than staying to the "letter" of the law. Just because some of these rules are being removed does NOT mean we are going to allow all these things, we are simply making changes to rules such that all of the rules that were created for SPECIFIC situations and or responses to specific situations are removed. Allow me to be blunt because I will not be repeating myself about this: If you are an asshole you should expect to get punished for it. I should not need to add a rule in for every single abusive thing that happens just because it "needs" to be in the rules. We have some awesome rules in place to make sure we all act kindly to each other, and any abuse of those ideals will be met with strikes. The entire point of the strike system is to let you know in the context of the situation that you have made a mistake, they are NOT permanent blemishes on your record, nor have they ever been. The strike system is in place with the understanding that MISTAKES HAPPEN, breaking a rule does not make you the scum of the earth, it just means you have made a mistake. The point in which you will be removed from this community is when you repeat those mistakes with an utter disregard for your fellow community members. So consider these rule changes relevant to removing specific situational rules from the rule-set to allow the GMs to make more judgement call based regulations for when someone has abused a system or abused another player. 

Also pay close attention to the new roleplay driven rule added to the "Active PvP Situations" section as this should shake up conflict roleplay on the server!

Roleplay Rules:

  • OOC & IC Communication
    • If a player accidentally speaks on the radio it is to be taken as if the character had pressed the radio button by accident and taken IC by those who see/hear it.
    • There are specific IC communication rules during PVP, this is detailed in the “General PvP Section” of the rules please refer to those for more information.
    • Players should only speak OOC ingame in situations when it is the only option. This includes explaining glitches, emergency logouts, gameplay problems and such. If you can say something IC instead of OOC do so. OOC talk should be text only and marked with a // in front of it.
    • During PVP or base attack situation all communication must be IC and ingame. You are not allowed to use any external program to discuss the situation until after it is resolved.
  • New Life Rule
    • Once your character dies in game during a PVP or RP situation you may either start a new character (see permadeath rules) or respawn. When you respawn you roleplay that you have been injured and not killed. This results in the following rules taking effect:
      • You are not allowed to instigate or be the aggressor in any PVP situation for 3 hours from your respawn.
      • After respawning you may return to the location of your death, but only after any active fighting is over. You may not touch any bodies or players and are only there to roleplay your injury.
    • In the spirit of the New Life Rule, you are expected to keep track of how many times your character is injured. You must understand that your character is not immortal to damage received, and should act as such.
    • You must keep track of your character's injuries, that would lead to permanent death.

These changes are both stylistic cleanup, combined with rewording. The only change here that will impact people is the perma death change. With the new way I am enforcing the GMs powers we will be starting to TELL players that they MUST perma their character if they refuse to keep track of the damage they have taken. We were VERY disappointed with how the rule surrounding this was at times completely ignored, starting now we will be enforcing this new wording, if you refuse to keep track of how many times you die/take an injury then you will be told when your character will perma-death and you will receive a strike. I didnt want to have to do this, but it seems as though in some cases players only care to roleplay like a god, unfortunately although that is a tempting story line, we do not allow god characters and therefore will be taking a heavy stance on this.

Creature Rules:

  • Apex Creatures
    • Apex creatures are defined as the following creatures: Quetz, Mosa, Bronto, Squid, Golem, Wyvern and Giga.
    • Solo players or tribes may only have a maximum of 5 apex creatures tamed.
    • Apex creatures may not be used in any PVP or base attack situation unless specified in a war agreement. This includes direct use in fighting but also use as taxis, storage, moving platforms or any other use that affects a hostile situation.
  • Wild Creatures
    • Wild creatures cannot be "kited" or lead into other player's structures, homes or the players themselves.
    • Aggressive wild creatures cannot be picked up and dropped in or near players or their buildings.
    • Creatures left unclaimed in the wild may be claimed or killed as you see fit.
  • Summoned Creatures
    • Bosses or any other summoned creature may not be captured or trapped in order to farm materials or anything else.
    • Any bosses or summoned creatures you tame may not be used in any sort of PVP, war or base attack situation.
  • Rafts and Saddle Platforms
    • Each solo player or tribe may have a maximum of 6 rafts or saddle platforms. It is your choice how to split this between rafts or saddles.
    • Buildings on rafts or saddle platforms should be treated the same as any other structure when it comes to combat or RP.
    • Creatures with saddle platforms can be tranquilised.
    • Base(s) built on rafts or saddle platforms automatically count as an outpost. (count toward base limits, as either main base or outpost).
    • Rafts which are abandoned and do not have bases on them may be destroyed.

Again these changes reflect the "dont be an asshole" statement that I posted before, stylizing changes, and just to repeat myself for the millionth time, just because some of these rules have been removed does not mean you wont get punished for say: kiting a giga into another player's base. If you do me a favor and take a look at the community rules There is a "Be mature and Respectful" section, not to mention the fact that to compensate for all these changes we have added Griefing to the list of "Do not doooooo" as if it was necessary however we want to be thorough.

Building Rules:

  • Base Limitations
    • Bases should not be huge. If bases exceed reasonable boundaries based on purpose and tribe size, you may be approached by a member of the staff team about downsizing it.
    • Solo players are allowed 1 outpost in addition to their main base Tribes of 3 players or more are allowed 2 outposts in addition to their main base.This outpost must be smaller than your main base and should be actively used.
    • When claiming land for a base or outpost you must build a structure with at least 4 connected foundations, walls and roofs
    • Base(s) built on rafts or saddle platforms automatically count as an outpost. (count toward base limits, as either main base or outpost).

This doesnt really need an explanation.

Faction Rules:

  • Faction Wars
    • Factions may declare war or be declared on as specified in the “War Rules” section. When a faction enters war, this applies for all tribes and members within that faction.

Should be fairly straight forward that you can just declare war normally between two tribes and the rest of the faction can come in as allies.

Base Attack Rules:

  • Rules During Active Base Attacks
    • You may only harm creatures or turrets which are a direct threat to you (ie. Currently attacking you).
    • You should only do as much damage as needed to enter and exit the building & any rooms inside.
    • Sleeping (offline) players may be moved for their own safety but are not allowed to be killed, kidnapped, stolen from or anything other than moved for safety.
    • Any raiding player should be mindful to minimise any items unnecessarily despawning. Any intentional destruction of containers to let items despawn is forbidden.
    • Any reinforcements for either side MUST initiate with a demand to take any part in any base attack.
    • Assisting in a base attack in any form gives attack rights on you.
    • During a base attack solo players may only take items up to a total of 15 inventory slots, and a group may only take items up to a total of 30 inventory slots, regardless of the group size. In addition, you cannot come back for more once you leave.

Once again we will be removing the limit on items that you can take however you are still susceptible to being punished for taking more than you need, remember a raid is supposed to drive roleplay not fill your pockets. With the addition of the need to further roleplay rule coming into effect this should insure that any items you take are necessary to drive roleplay in a forward manner.

Miscellaneous Rules:

  • Mod and Mod Items
    • Mod items must be used responsibly - using mod items for bad RP, trolling or any other bad use will be punished harshly.
    • Similarly mod items must be used with common sense - especially those which add new structures or buildables. Walls or invincible objects are not allowed and players are encouraged to think about lag when placing Mod items.
  • Other Rules
    • When painting (bases, creatures or other) it is important to not be trolly or immature, painting warnings or such is fine, painting crude images is not.
    • Any items found, for example in alphas drops, that are above our tech limit must be destroyed. If found to be breaking this rule the punishment is severe.

Cleanup on aisle YES!

Report changes:

As aforementioned the GM team will be going back to a "judge" system, instead of simply enforcing the letter of the rule they will be making judgement calls on rules as they perceive each individual situation. This means that two reports with similar situations may not have similar outcomes, due to some factors that might change the way the report needs to be handled or viewed completely. In addition you may feel that you may get given a strike for a rule that you do not feel you broke. I empower my staff team to enforce the rules, that means interpreting them as well, if you do not agree with the interpretation of a rule I respect your opinion however the staff ruling will stand. Now with this new change the GMs obviously get more power over reports and how strikes are given, if you feel they are abusing this power or if you feel like they have made a HORRENDOUS mistake (Not: "I dont agree with their decision") then please PM me with all appropriate details and I will take a look. In addition I will be reviewing every single report either before or after the verdict is closed, and I reserve the right to turn back the GM team's calls if they were in error. Please remember at the core of our report system is the need for acceptance and willingness to learn! Strikes are not here to make you feel awful they are here as a reminder that a mistake was made, and a change is needed such that it does not get repeated. You must do many bad things to get removed permanently from the server, so dont sweat it if you accidentally break a rule, if you get a strike all you have to do is learn from it and adapt and you will be fine!

We will be removing appeals, for any strikes, you may now only appeal permanent bans, this change falls in line with supporting our GM team more, we will still allow the appeals of permanent bans as these are long standing, but we did notice that with the current appeal system almost every single report that got appealed saw a change in strikes given, not necessarily because the original call was bad but mostly because the appeal team "felt as though the user had improved their behavior" well DUHHHt this is the intention of the report system, that shouldn't mean the strike should go away early it just reinforced the idea that people could do bad things and get away with them, so we will see how removing this system works!

Well that's it for all our changes! We have more documentation to come! Rip my fingers, so stay tuned. 

As always I love you guys and thank you very much for supporting ArkRP and RoleplayEvolved as we venture into the brave new world of Volume 4!

~ Poseidon

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