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Announcement: Breeding Licences

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Breeding licenses:

Breeding Licenses allow you to apply for a license for a species of creatures and it allows you to have up to 6 additional animals of that species for the sole purpose of breeding. These animals can not be used for anything other than breeding / selling. Please understand that if there is already a large number of licenses for that species you may not be approved.

You may only have one breeding license per solo player and two Breeding Licenses per tribe.

Before adding these extra dinos to your breeding program, you must apply for the license by submitting a ticket through the pink “Get Help!” icon on the right side of your screen. Copy and Paste the following form, fill it out and hit that submit button! A staff member will be in contact with you once it’s been processed - please be patient!

A Breeder’s Page with information on your breeding program is optional but highly suggested. 

Forum Profile link:
Character Name:
Animal Species:
What  you aim to achieve with your breeding line:
Additional Comments: 

For Example: 

Forum Profile link: www.arkrp.com/......
Character Name: Pia
Tribe: The Cuddlewumps
Animal Species: Parasaurolophus 
What you aim to achieve with your breeding line: With my Parasaurs I hope to breed in a line with strong ties into Stamina, weight and health to create the perfect material-hauling beasts. 
Additional Comments:  I feel like my line will add a lot of utility to people's lives, as well as some much needed cuteness.

[Image: QIOvJrT.jpg]

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