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Old Lore Character Announcement

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Old Lore Character Announcement


We are happy to announce some changes to the lore regarding Old Lore Characters. After hearing your requests, reviewing the past lore, and having a lengthy discussion with the rest of the staff team we believe we’ve reached a fair compromise - and are happy to announce you’ll now be able to bring in your previous Old Lore Characters from Earth! 


Here’s how it works:

During the final Old Lore wipe event, characters that had intended to return to Earth will have been pulled by the Observers just moments after stepping through the portal. They will not have returned to Earth, Sa’el, nor any previous islands they may have wished to revisit. Instead, they will have been stuck in a time loop until they were eventually flung backwards into in the “Inbetween.” 

These characters would know they have been traveling for a very long time, and have some sense of missing time. They’ll also retain any crucial survival skills they may have learned during their trials on these other islands. (Such as how to build a fire, smelt metal, and the proper way to tame a Rex). However, in order to help make for a smooth transition into the New Lore, there will be a few restrictions on what these characters will remember from their time spent on these other islands.



Due to the trauma of being looped through time and space, Old Lore Characters that appear inside the “Inbetween” will suffer from a heavy and permanent amnesia which will wipe away large swaths of their memories regarding their time spent on previous islands. This means they will no longer remember any specific details about other islands they may have visited or events which may have transpired while they were there.  Nor will they be able to recall any specific past events in any detail other than perhaps a very vague sense of deja vu.

What they will remember are the names and faces of any close family or friends they may have made on these other islands.  They may also recall specifics about those relationships, including their feelings towards that person, or even some intimate details - even if they have forgotten exactly how or where they met them.  This would also include any of their favorite prehistoric beast they may have tamed.

We understand these restrictions for previous Old Lore Characters may not seem ideal, but we believe it will still allow you to keep the basic and most important aspects of your characters without having a negative impact on existing players/characters’ stories. If you have any questions, feel free to ping the Lore Team and we can answer them, or help you brainstorm on how you can transition your character into our new lore.


What will I remember?


  • Names and Faces of family members and close personal friends (eg: spouse, children, best friend. You will have no knowledge of prior groups in the past lore as well.)
  • Feelings and a general ‘sense’ of relationships they’d built on previous islands
  • Crucial survival skills and knowledge of prehistoric flora and fauna
  • Have a sense of missing time and that they’ve been traveling for a long while


  • Events on previous islands
  • Details of previous islands (eg: location names/tribes or factions)
  • Their lives on Earth 

Is the amnesia permanent?


Will my characters from Sa’el have amnesia?

No. This is change is specifically tailored to characters that left for Earth before the lore wipe & want to return with the reintroduction of Earth characters. Any characters from Sa’El (or new to this version) are all part of the current lore story and won’t be affected.

I made a new version of my Old Lore character to fit into Sa’el - can I retcon and have them come straight to the “Inbetween” instead?

No. Your character’s experiences on Sa’el are part of other players’ stories, so wiping out that history would impact more than just your character.

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