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Greetings everyone,

I am happy to share with you that we have come to an understanding after a lot of thinking and testing on our newest addition to the ways we like to (role)play.

This is about the changes we have made in favor of what some of you like to call the “Blacksmith class”.
A new addition to the many roles ARK: Survival Evolved has to offer on our server.

Alright, let’s cut the chase, y'all wanna hear numbers, and I get that, but before I tell you the new limits, let me explain to you the how and the why, and some more miscellaneous information that might be of importance to you in this situation. 

Crafting skill:

At this moment, as you might know of own experience, we’re working with an 11x multiplier on the crafting skill, this means that in comparison, you require a lot less skill points put into the skill to get an immediate effect.

With the multiplier set to 11 times the math looks like this: (Basic information from the wiki)

1 point into crafting skill translate roughly to an .3% increase on weapons.
11x makes this 3.3% increase on weapons per level put into it.

We believe the hard cap set by the ark developers on the crafting skill is 80 points.

80 x 3.3% = 264% 

The only value taken into account with the crafting skill is the number over the base value, so on a longneck, a 130 weapon damage BP yields the value of 30. So...

2.64 (or 264%) * 30 = 79.2 EXTRA DAMAGE on top of the 130 BP.

This would come to a total of: 209.2% weapon damage.

For armor however, it works very differently, we do not have a basic number to go off of and we have tested it a lot, with a lot of different outcomes.

We have tested on several blueprints varying between 120 and 130 armor and the really good ones with some RNG luck came out well over 250.

So to compensate for these changes made to our system on your end we are going to increase the maximum armor and weapon damage allowed.

The new maximum armor will be 300 and the new maximum weapon damage will be 200%.

Please keep in mind that with all 80 points put into the crafting skill it’ll be easier to get closer to that 300 armor (And really good durability as well! We’ve seen over 700!) but the downside is that it will also be more likely to get over the 200% weapon damage.

So why did you guys choose 200% weapon damage if you know that we’ll still go over the limit? 

Well, to be frank, we have increased the limit to allow more room to play with, thus making it so that you’ll make more weapons that ARE within the limit, but are also still balanced with the other settings we’re playing with, as well as the armor you can make.


Setting for Crafting skill: 11x the normal rate.

New limits:

Weapon damage: 200%
Armor on your own gear: 300
Armor on saddles: 75

We have put a lot of time into testing everything and think this is the best solution. 


The ArkRP GM Team.

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