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Jack Gallow

Creighton Beckett, The River Pirate

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[align=center]The River Pirate[/align]




The riverboat cruised along cutting through the murky waters as its paddles turned, rhythmically splashing. The crew was busy with their duties as a low fog began to form above the waters as morning approached.


“All goods have been accounted for, Captain, things have been calm this trip,” the deckhand said with pride, “maybe this is our stroke of luck.”


“Hrm,” The old man frowned, “keep watch, those damn River Vipers are bound to be lurkin about, don’t let the silence fool ya, kid.”


The deckhand returned to his post to begin scanning the tall reeds that lined the bank for the telltale signs of the infamous River Vipers, a notorious group of river pirates composed of natives and outlaws. The first mate called out for a status report from the various watchmen stationed around the ship. One after another they called out in their instructed order, as it got to the deckhand he turned to call and as the words left his mouth a massive reptilian creature lunged out of the murky waters and tore into the boy. Crimson ribbons of blood flowed across the deck and the creature tore the boy open with savage murderous intent, its yellow eyes filled with blind rage. A figure raised from a prone position on its back and raised a wretched looking cutlass.


“River Vipers! Take the riches, spill the blood of the privileged, leave no survivors, and let their hearts be filled with fear!” the tall masked man bellowed as a dozen more creatures lunged onto the deck of the large boat, ripping apart the crew and staining the white decks red.


The captain of the riverboat cowered in the dark cargo hold as the screams of his dying crew disturbed the once peaceful early morning air. Peace began to slowly return and the captain stared at the doors with extreme paranoia. Tension rose as the eerie silence haunted the decks of the ship. The captain’s heart raced and he began to calm himself, he had survived. Suddenly the doors were kicked in by the tall masked man who had originally boarded the ship. The light from the lanterns on the ship silhouetted him as he raised a pistol.


“Fucking coward,” Creighton growled as he pulled the trigger.


The captain of the River Vipers came up behind Creighton and gripped his shoulder, “This is why you are my first mate, brutal force and no question when it comes to my orders. You’re a good lad,” The Captain chuckled with the smell of alcohol on his breath. The captain brushed Creighton aside and began examining the most valuable of the cargo.


“You know…” Creighton said idly as his captain was in awe over the riches they had acquired, “oiling your blade with toxins has its many perks.”


His captain turned with a bewildered look on his face only to be greeted with Creighton’s wretched and twisted looking blade as a thick greenish liquid oozed off it.


“People tend to not hear the blade be drawn, Captain…” Creighton stared deeply into his Captain’s eyes and saw the fear and rage grow in them, “I think it’s time I get more of a cut and by that I mean I will be taking the strongbox of this ship. Otherwise you will get a quick swipe across the cheek. Even if I die, I know one thing is for certain and that is that not even the riches of this boat could pay for the antidote for this toxin. You will die with me if you so much as sneeze.”


The Captain scowled and stepped aside with a scowl on his face. Creighton titled his head and tracked his movements with the tip of his blade.


“Creighton, I expected better from you,” the Captain uttered, “I raised you from a young boy and this is how you repay me.”


“I guess you could say I learned from the best,” He added with a sinister tone as he grabbed the strongbox and motioned for the captain to head for the deck, “you best tell them to let us pass.”


The crew stood in shock as their Captain was escorted out with a blade to his back. Creighton guided him toward his personal mount and slowly circled around the captain to get ahead of him, keeping the blade trained on him every step of the way. Creighton mounted up with his sword still extended.


“Pleasure doin business with ya,” Creighton said with a wicked smile and dove off the deck and vanished into the fog.


The Captain glared with rage as he watched his apprentice vanish with his score, hatred brewing inside him and vengeance on his mind.






EDIT: I forgot to mention, this is for volume III :D

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