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Community Lore Meetings

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Hello ArkRE Community!


With the start of volume three just ahead of us, the loremaster team thought it would be a good idea to hold a collection of meetings to talk about… You guessed it! Lore!


We want to give members of the community an opportunity to discuss the aspects of lore that affect our everyday gameplay on the server. We want to know what you Love about the Lore, and what you would like to see in the future!


We would like to hear your thoughts about:


The Flavor of RP on the server,

Tech level,


The future of our lore.


Of course we will be opening up the meetings for any lore related topic that you, the community, wants to talk about.


The meetings are scheduled for:

Sunday,9th, 3PM EST, 7 PM UTC

Tuesday,11th, 2PM EST, 6PM UTC

Wednesday,12th, 6PM EST, 10PM UTC


While we will be allowing everyone to have talk privileges, we ask that you respect others by not interrupting, nor attacking opinions and ideas. Creativity can vary greatly from person to person, and it’s important that we respect everyone's creative ideas.


We have done our best to make sure that the meetings will provide ample opportunity for people from every timezone as best we can. If you are unable to make any of the meetings, or you would prefer to discuss the matter in private, please do not hesitate to send a PM to a member of the Loremaster team!


We are looking forward to hearing from you!






ArkRE Staff Team

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The subjects are in the main post, as for the results, we may post up something small but the meetings are primarily for individuals to ask questions, and for us, as staff members, to get a better feel for the communities desires.





*Bump Bump.* 


The final meeting begins in an hour!

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